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Maxine Bonavita

Full time pre-op m to f trans. Have been living 8 months full time as Maxine. Lost everything i have worked for all my life but have never been happier than I am today. Sure it has been tough but my strength has come from the amazing support and love of my friends and family. I am only at the start of my trans journey taking a day at a time. It just feels so natural to be Maxine, it also feels like a natural progression even though I have not started hormone therapy. I have an appointment with my doctor in a couple of days to discuss hormone therapy which I feel is what my body and mind craves, it`s a wonderfully warm feeling as I feel the inner woman rising inside me all she needs now is the hormones to compliment the femininity she desires. I will update as my journey progresses, yes I know there will be lots of ups and downs but that is life, I have no illusions of everything being rosy and an easy ride as life as a trans-gendered person is far more difficult than most. I have lost my wife, house and job in a space of 18 months but this only served to me make me stronger in my life, the strength i will need to guide me on my journey. Thanks for taking the time to read my short bio. Maxine xxxx
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  1. Profile photo of
    Gina Tosca 10 months ago

    There’s girls and then there’s Gurls…you’ve got it going on Maxine! Love the look.
    Luv Gina

  2. Profile photo of Becca
    Becca 10 months ago

    WOW you look fantastic babe love the boots

  3. Profile photo of chloe
    chloe 10 months ago

    very sexy girl

  4. Profile photo of Susan Beach
    Susan Beach 10 months ago

    Now that’s the way to get coffee!

  5. Profile photo of Tiffany Scott
    Tiffany Scott 10 months ago

    Love the boots.

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