Almost caught crossdressing

Just reading these two words conjures a rapid montage of all the times I nearly got caught crossdressing when I was still living in the secret comfort of the closet. My mind had created many narratives of being caught wearing just panties and bras, and very few had a happy ending. Thankfully, I never was.

I remember the closest I ever came and even now looking back, I know the outcome would have been the end of a relationship. A relationship that ended anyway. What I feared I would lose, was never permanent in the first place.

She had just left the house, and upstairs waiting for me to try on was a black lingerie set that I had bought and not yet worn. I laid the fabric out on the bed and admired the intricate design of the lacing. Felt the smooth texture of silk and nylon. Imagined how fantastic it would look. Just as I began to undress, I heard the door.


30 seconds! Adrenaline rushes. Stomach knots. Temperature rises 20 degrees in nanoseconds. And the breathing. Every single inhaled breath pierces your core. Act natural. Breathe. Time.

Clothes stashed under the bed cover.
Hand slightly trembles.
Check nothing left out in the open.
Short irregular breaths.
Quick glance around. Am I safe now?
Shaking…is it fear or is it relief?
Shout from downstairs…something about forgotten keys.
Did my voice falter?
Act normal……..door bangs shut.
It is over.
10 years on…..fear of what?
Had I been caught, it would have been a blessing in disguise. It would have meant no purges. No shame. No judgement. No lies. No adrenaline. No fear.
Embrace who we are. Love what we are. Be whatever you are. Be beautiful.
Life is too short.

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When I'm not busy teaching, kick boxing, or looking after a household full of offspring, I enjoy exploring my feminine side with a new degree of freedom since coming out. I crossdress whenever possible with no desire to transition.

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  1. karley delaware 7 months ago

    Not caught, but have had a few close calls. I keep my stash in a box behind a stack of heavier boxes in the basement. Using furniture pads makes it easy to pull them away to get to the stash. Panic sets in when I cannot account for something. Once I left a pair of silky panties on a side table but found them after back tracking in my mind what I was doing. Another time I had to quickly change and tossed my skirt , blouse and panties under the sofa. The dog found them and scattered them around the house. I was soo stressed, but found them before she did. I like to keep my guy clothes close by or carry them in a shoulder bag if I move to another location.

  2. Megan 2 years ago

    I relate to you all. In one way or another. I was cought by my first and second wives. In addition to several girlfriends. It was an adrenaline rush.
    It is the past, my current partner, female, accepts me but only if I remain under her scrutiny, really??
    To prevent drama I’ll go with her program but, I am more free to change when ever I want. Now, she walks right into our room when I am adjusting my male parts in between my legs and doesn’t say a word. It used to be mind bugling but it has change.
    Now I dress up with out annoying comments from her. At times, she even mentions we are lesbians.

  3. KerryMichelle 2 years ago

    I too am tired of the stress of hiding my femme side from my wife. I would like to tell her but, among other issues, I’m sure she would be furious with me for keeping such a huge secret from her for so long. If I keep dressing, odds are that sooner or later I’ll get caught. Then the proverbial s–t will hit the fan. I guess a lot of us girls are in this situation. All I can say is good luck to you and I hope your situation ends well.

  4. kayla 2 years ago

    I’m a married crossdresser but my wife doesn’t approve of this. I own a lot of clothes and shoes. Never been out in public as Kayla. I do wear panties, stockings, and a camisole under my boy clothes every day. I wish that my wife would understand. But I know that it will never happen.

  5. quietgreyone 2 years ago

    I NEED to get caught wearing panties even though I openly told my wife I am going to purchase panties to Wear an she laughs and pits MY panties back on the shelf.. I’m wearing YELLOW PANTIES I snuck in a week ago

  6. quietgreyone 2 years ago

    I need to be caught an the suspension of serecy.. Is over even though I have openly told my wife im going to purchase a package of panties an she put them back on the shelf. I’m wearing my yellow panties. Now that I snuck in a week ago

  7. nancy 2 years ago

    When ever i am alone at home i feel boring and my best way to pass the time by dressing in my wifes dresses or my own dress one day my wife and my son went to market for shoping i did not go with them purposely i thought of availing the chance of trying the new dress of my wife i knew they are not to come back before three hours no sooner they left i went to the bathroom did shaving and came back to living room i did my make up and put on the dress it was suiting well to me i looked in the mirror i eas in heaven i was lost in my day dreams by the time i heard knock at the door i eas horriefied my son was shouting to open the door and i daw he was peeping from the curtain of the window i was in shit pot i removed the clothes opened the door my wife was yelling on me what the hell you eere doing i knew for this reason you did not acompney us i was unable to answer i was in awkward position

  8. Christina 2 years ago

    I have been caught by my dad wearing my mom bikini top I was young back then like 10 years ago. We was all on vacation and I when to the bathroom and I saw it so I put it on it felt so good .Then my dad walks in on me I thought had the door locked . So you talk about taking it off fast but it was to late done. Got caught so for a very long time my dad call me a sissy everywhere we when he be like come here sissy boy.

    • Author
      redsonja 2 years ago

      I’m sorry to hear this. As a parent of two sons, even if they were caught crossdressing, it would never occur to me to verbally abuse them nor surpress their confidence.

  9. Charlotte 2 years ago

    I got caught when I was younger, I had some of my Mum’s clothes on the floor of my room. I went back to her room to get something else. My sister came in and saw the clothes and asked what I was doing with them “I just replied that I didn’t know” she told me to put them back. I have nearly been caught by my Mum a couple of times wearing my own girly clothes. I do want to be caught as I think it may make it a little easier and she may talk to me about it more? I have nearly had my Step Dad walk in on me a couple of times too.

  10. Dianne Baldwin 2 years ago

    Your story touchs home and know I want to get caught but can’t seem to come out and tell my spouse have started a couple times but chickened out. She knows I wear panties all the time . I know I would be much happier out of closet

  11. Jennifergordon 2 years ago

    I probably need to be caught! Tired of hiding for sure.

  12. Karyn Lobelia 2 years ago

    Kisses and hugs . I know about the adrenaline rush and the rising body temperature . My wife suggested I wear or dress in femme , and after a glass or two I wine I would go out dressed partially in femme at first . Once in public and it was to late to change , I was overwhelmed by what people might think , especially , if they knew me . At first , I would only go to restaurants or late night movies where I did not expect to meet anyone I knew . As experienced my first times out I was afraid to directly look anyone in the face . My body temperature would rise and I feel so humiliated to wear what I totally felt comfortable with at home . Then , I learned it was all about breathing and feeling love . I learn to slowly watch my breath and following my breath mentally , I could not think or tune into WHAT OTHERS MGHT THINK ! Making a decision to love everyone , be polite , be nice always , and never ever feed negative people gave me peace of mind . I do not know if I was not attractive enough to easily pass for a demure lady , if things would have been different . I went from being scared that I was Doing something wrong , to realizing I was finding my feminine personality was totally natural to my personality .

  13. Sara Thomas 2 years ago

    I really believe that deep down I do want to get caught. I have been out several times dressed so far nothing negative. Salat times in morning I just throw on a t-shirt and jeans go to the store

  14. skippy1965(Cynthia) 2 years ago

    Renelle-girl have I been there done that! multiple times!. I’ve been sitting in the living room and had to dive under a blanket when my sister or my son would show up unexpectedly!(some people have zero sense of privacy!).
    Your last point is best though! Life Is INDEED too short to not live as your heart tells you tar you should!

    • karley delaware 7 months ago

      Hi. Just want to Thank You for welcoming me to the site last week. Sorry it took awhile, just not all that familiar with this computer stuff. So far , I have not been caught, but have had a few close calls. I have a stash of outfits in a box behind a stack of heavy boxes in the basement. It’s not a problem to get to because I use these “moving men” pads to easily get them out of the way. Panic sets in when I cannot account for something in my stash. Where is it and will she find it lying around somewhere? Once I left my silky panties lying on the side table and found them before she did and stuffed them in my pocket. Another time, I had to quickly change and tossed my skirt under the sofa. I later found the dog with it and was dragging it around the house. Scary for me but so far so good.

    • karley delaware 7 months ago

      Hi, just like to Thank You for welcoming me to this site.

  15. Rosaliy Lynne 2 years ago

    I actually got caught twice.
    The first time I was in high school. My father headed off to PA to visit relatives. It was a weekend so I looked forward to several days alone. At the time we shared a single room with a common bath and fridge. I had brought some things up from the cellar and was dressed in my girl pj’s. During the night I go up to use the head and found his suitcase outside the door. I checked out the window and his car was not there so I brought the suitcase in and went back to bed. Sometime later he came back and woke me by knocking on the door. there I was in my pj’s – first purge.
    Didn’t last though – in short order I had more clothes to wear in secret.

    Later I was married. Could not sleep so I go up so as not to disturb the wife. Went to the computer room and as long as I was up, I put on a long black nightie. Later, she got up and missed me in bed and came looking for me. oops.

    The marriage later failed and I am sure (now) that my dressing was part of it.

    • Priscilla65 2 years ago

      These things (getting caught dressed) happen for a reason. My first time getting caught was by my own mother. She was cool about it, and our relationship got better over time because of my being a CD. The stress of “hiding” and living a double life is staggering. In finding a supportive figure (ie: a wife) is a life saver!

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