Well, finally, Becca has gone out in public! This is the story from the very beginning.

Over the years, I’ve often thought about what it must be like to be a woman. Occasionally, at home, I have put some female items on and strutted about in them, in private, and no one knew. In truth, it was more of a sexual thing and the clothing was fetish in nature.

That was several years ago, and having become much older, sexual gratification is not a priority anymore, but I retained my interest in women’s clothing. Last September (2023), my wife went to India on a solo holiday (we don’t like the same things, so we go separately.) While she was away, I saw a boho skirt for sale on Amazon that looked rather comfortable and thought, “Why not?” It arrived the following day, and I wore it every day at home for seven days straight. When my wife returned from her holiday, I stopped, but it kept calling to me. So, I told her, and she said to go put it on then.

It made me a little self-conscious initially, but I persevered and started feeling comfortable. Now, one thing led to another, and I became more interested in wearing other female garments. Mentioning it to my wife started the ball rolling. There were a couple of months when I had a cancer scare that it fell on the back-burner (the results came through OK) and it was back on the table again.

Nature Day 3

I wore more and more feminine stuff, ordered more from the internet, and even went shopping for items in person. I purchased several dresses, skirts, tops, underwear, and wigs. I bought breast forms, hip pads, and makeup. I dressed in the house and my wife helped me with my makeup, and it was all very satisfying…up to a point. It was all very well wandering around our small cottage, but I couldn’t ignore the fact I wanted to go out and about! Then, I did!!!

I planned it over a few days. I was going to get dressed, and we would head for a relatively remote part of Looe in Cornwall called Hannifore Point. People go there and watch the seabirds and take the sea air. I thought it would be ideal.

Unfortunately, I woke up that morning and Becca had gone from my head, I lay in bed wondering what the hell I was doing with myself, dressing in women’s clothing and prancing around in public, how bloody daft was that. On rising from the bed, things started to change and I was up for it again — I thought.

I asked the wife if she was still ready to go with me and she kinda said she was, but I sensed trepidation. I showered, shaved, and put makeup and everything else on, I sneaked into the car (parked on the street) and off we went.

Now it may have been serendipity but as we approached Looe, there was a sign saying the road was closed and we would have had to go a long way round to get to our required spot. I had second thoughts about going to a mostly deserted part of the town, I mean what would be the point, it wouldn’t prove anything, no, I had to go where there were people. I diverted again and went to a small out-of-town shopping area. It was very quiet, and no one paid the blindest bit of notice; I was impressed with myself. We didn’t stay long. On the way back to the car, I suggested we go somewhere else. That’s when the wife’s reservations came through and she said she’d rather give it up for the day as she was apprehensive about what might happen. We went home, but while parked outside, I stated that I still wanted to go out. She said, “Go for it.”

Join Our Community-cdh

I thought in for a penny in for a pound and headed to Plymouth, the biggest city around here. I parked in the multi-story and stepped out in public armed only with a determined attitude. The pedestrian exit from the car park put me in the public eye right at the top of the vast atrium. I watched people to see if they were watching me. I really didn’t see any untoward glances, most people didn’t take notice of me over anyone else.

I went in shops, looked at women’s clothing, window-shopped jewelry, and sniffed some perfumes. I stopped for a coffee and watched all the other people. Sitting there, I realised there were the odd second glances at me but again, nothing worrying. I’d ordered my coffee in my own voice as there was no point trying to disguise it, however, the server either didn’t notice or didn’t care.

After my coffee, I browsed in a bookshop, and it was there I had my first genuine interaction with someone who wasn’t behind a counter. I picked up a book to read the back cover and suddenly a woman, a shop assistant, appeared in front of me. She pointed at a nearby customer and said, (and at this point, I thought bad things were going to be said here, someone had taken offense at my mode of dress) “The lady over there just told me that she had gotten three-quarters of the way through that book you’re holding and can hardly put it down, it was that good.”

En Femme Style

Relief washed over me. We had a conversation about the book, and I duly took it to the counter to purchase. The assistant at the counter asked me if I wanted a bag then said that I had bought two “books of the month” and was entitled to free coffee in their shop. I told her I’d just had one so she noted it on the receipt and said I could have the coffee any time during February. She then asked, “Shall I give you a receipt for each book so you can have two coffees at different times, or shall I put two coffees on one receipt?” She added, “I thought I’d ask as I didn’t want to make any assumptions.”

I presume the assumption was between me being a lone cross-dresser who would be back on my own or that there was someone else. I told her two on one receipt would be fine as I would probably come in with my wife later in the month. I headed back to the car, my heels noisy on the wooden floors. I hardly noticed, my mind relishing that Becca had gone out in public; Becca had finally done it.

My confidence was such that next time, I would probably wear a dress rather than trousers. What I’d hoped for came true. I have far more confidence with people as Rebecca than I do with my real persona.

If you have doubts about going out, dispel them. Try to emulate a woman as far as you can but unless you are very feminine, you will be seen as male but, as I found out today, it probably won’t matter.

Becca can’t wait for next time!




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    Stevie Johnson
    Active Member
    1 month ago

    @Rebecca (Becca) Baxter I love your story, I totally remember the first few times I dressed up and went out in public with my late wife, It was exhilarating.

    Helene van der Tee
    Active Member
    1 month ago

    Fabulous, enjoy that moment in your head over and over because it never happens twice. The feeling of elation, fright and achievement never comes back, it becomes normal. I grew up in Plymouth, Plymstock actually but have lived in the Netherlands for 30 years or more. I used to go to Looe and Polperro regularly. I understand that there is quite a support scene in Plymouth now. I’ll try and find out where I saw it. They have nights out, usually partners are welcome with this sort of evenings as well. Whatever happens keep getting out there and doing what… Read more »

    Last edited 1 month ago by Helene van der Tee
    Catharine Connall
    Active Member
    1 month ago

    Yay Becca, good for you!

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