Thank you for reading/listening to side one.  I hope you find this side to your licking as well.

Songs seven, eight, and nine are dedicated to all of the trailblazers that came before me or us.  Ladies that have been out and about for decades.  Those who have felt the effects of coming out of the closet in times that were not nearly as friendly or as easy to connect with the community.  You all made your own kind of music, didn’t give a damn about your reputation, and because you expressed yourselves. We can now follow our own paths.  Thank You.

7) Mama Cass: Make Your Own Kind of Music

8) Joan Jett: Reputation

Join Our Community-cdh

9) Charles Wright: Express Yourself

Song Ten is one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs.  I cannot count how many times I’ve repeated the chorus “I will get by, I will survive” in my life.  It has gotten me through some rough times.  Something I think you all can understand.  But that is only part of the reason it made the list.  As I was driving the turnpike home reveling in what I just experienced.  This song starts playing on the radio.  I immediately crank it to eleven and start belting out the tune.  Sometimes a song will come into your life at the exact time you need it.  This one is one of those for me.  It confirmed that what I experienced was the right path for me and that all of the doubts I’d had over the years were no longer a barrier to my inner peace.

10) Grateful Dead: Touch of Grey

Songs eleven and twelve were last-minute entries as I have truly never heard them before.  As more articles became published about experiences at Keystone I too wanted to contribute.  My first attempt at an article fizzled out and I was brainstorming ideas on what to write next, with little success.  In chat, the conversation turned to music once again.  And Melanie Elizabeth introduced the following two songs to me.  Eleven speaks to those times when we see a beautiful woman in a beautiful outfit and just long to be her in that outfit.  We all know how that feels and this song taps into that feeling like few other songs can.  Twelve is a beautiful song that Melanie described as one that reminds her of all the good times and people at Keystone.  After listening to it for the first time I couldn’t agree more.  It will bring a tear to your eye.  That is when the idea clicked.  I needed to encapsulate my experience in songs.  So that’s what I did, and this is the result.

11) Little Big Town: Girl Crush

12) Adele: When We Were Young

Bonus Tracks:

Remember how I said sometimes songs come into your life just when you need them?  Well, I got two on this trip.  Thirteen has no deep meaning to my crossdressing experience.  This one is pure timing.  As I was leaving on Sunday, like others, I was deep in the pink fog.  But as I approached my car a feeling of unease started to creep in. Would I ever be back, what next, and oh no the post-party blues are kicking in. Bags in the trunk and with a deep breath I start the car for the final leg of this weekend’s excursion.  And what do I hear to my surprise?  The lyrics will give everyone in Steelers Nation goosebumps.  I was being called home.  This solidified my experience.  I now have a community. I have met and made friends. I have pushed myself further than I ever imagined I would go.  So, thank you to everyone in this community.  Without you all I would have never been able to make this happen.  Please enjoy this at your leisure.  I hope some of it speaks to you too.

13) Styx: Renegade

Fourteen is just fun and well, from my pics you should know why.

14) Go Gol Bordello: Start Wearing Purple


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Sherri Remington
Active Member
10 months ago

Erika, I enjoy both sides 1 and 2 thank you for writing them. Now to collect them and put them on a play list to enjoy on a road trip I have coming up. Sherri

Trusted Member
10 months ago

Cool list. And I feel like a renegade sometimes when I’m dressed! Lol

Trish Lamore
Active Member
10 months ago

Gogol Bordello gets a shout out at CDH, the times they are a’chagin. Great job!

Catharine Connall
Active Member
9 months ago

Thank you for this! I love the list, especially #10. I like to play that one on my birthday.

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