Before I get too far into my very first article on here (I do hope you enjoy it), I would like to briefly provide some information about myself.

My name is Jacinta and I have been crossdressing for less than 12 months, not long before joining this great community.  I am very new to the scene, so last year I did what any new person to the community does – shop like there is no tomorrow!  Unfortunately, in my shopping spree, I ordered some items that were too small for me – this includes dresses, bras and panties (I underestimated my true measurements!).

2022 was not a great year for me as it was stressful and terrible, which put a toll on me both physically and mentally, and led to not sleeping well, not eating right and putting on weight; I was at the heaviest I have ever been!  At the end of last year, I decided that I am going to change my outlook on life, in particular with regards to my body.  For about 10 years, I have been insecure about my body/look.  Whilst I am not obese, I am slightly overweight.  I wanted to have a body that shows I am fit and healthy, which will boost my confidence.  I have tried this in previous years, but have failed very quickly; however this year is very different!

One of the few highlights in 2022 was embracing my feminine side and starting to crossdress.  I don’t get to do it enough as no one close to me knows (as I only dress in private), however, when I get the chance to dress up – I feel so happy and feminine.

Herbal_breast_enlargement_naturedaycom (1)

As I still have the items I bought last year that were too small for me, crossdressing has given me the extra boost to continue to work hard to get that perfect body!  Whilst my male persona wants to have a chilled six pack, Jacinta wants to go for a more feminine look with skinny legs, an hour glass figure and of course a nice looking backside!  As Jacinta is now part of my life, I am following her direction.  This includes lots of cardio, squats and lunges at the gym.

It has been about one month since I have started to look after my body (going to the gym, eating better etc), and I am just starting to see the weight slowly coming off!  While it may be only a couple of kilos (or pounds depending in what the part of the world you are located), I feel like I am starting to get over the hump, and I feel it comes down to wanting to crossdress and be more in touch with my feminine side.  I am hoping to reach my target weight goal and hopefully that will not only allow me to finally be able to wear those clothes that have encouraged me to lose the weight, but it will hopefully give me the confidence to venture out into the world as Jacinta.

Hopefully there will a part 2 to this article as part of my life in 2023!  I appreciate you taking the time to read it and I would love to get your thoughts and opinions on this.

I hope this year is a perfect year for you all!

Lots of Love,
Jacinta xoxo


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    Kirra W
    10 months ago

    Well done Jacinta. It’s cool to have some objectives and to achieve them!

    If you are looking for fitness exercises to do at home (while wearing woman sportswear ), you can check on the website:
    She is providing a lot of content to target specific part of the body. The content can be challenging for beginners , but as usual you’re not going to change your body on the first day, as this is a long term goal!

    Hope this may help someone to start

    Fiona-Ann Moss
    Active Member
    10 months ago

    First of all, well done! Jacinta. I can definately vouch that Cross dressing makes you look after yourself and gives you motivation to do it. For most of us, if we have a good reason to do something, then we will do it!! With exercise there is no quick fix and the true victors are those which keep at it, whatever your form of exercise may be whether its cycling, Running, Weight training or whatever, you must stick at it. Diet is also a huge factor here, too much fat or sugar is a bad thing because we dont want… Read more »

    Tiffany Rose
    9 months ago

    I find it extremely motivating. I try to eat light, lots of greens. The endorphins from the workouts help to keep my mind at ease. I do worry about my muscular look, though. Training for an exclusive look is paramount.

    9 months ago

    Hi Jacinta I am so proud of you .Your doing the right thing Taking pounds slowly. I am 66 I take care of myself In vitamins Organic makeup I exercise But remember it’s not all looks It’s what you feel in your heart maders more then you feel outside Keep up with being you That’s trumps everything you Are Want to become .God bless And let Angel’s Rap there arms around you too Accomplish your journey

    9 months ago
    Reply to  Jacinta Jones

    Bless you Jacinta

    Elaine A
    Elaine A
    9 months ago

    Thank you , I love this article .

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