The season has changed, fall is here, we can see it all around us. Like the leaves changing colour, our clothing also begins to transition, and it brings a change in fashion. Gone are the tube tops, light and breezy blouses paired with capris or denim skinny jeans in various colours. I am going to miss the flowing midi dresses that seem to float on a warm breeze as you sweep across the lawn at a summer gathering.

I am going to miss all the florals, a maxi dress, and a pair of sandals – you can’t beat that for some summer fun and beauty. So, what to consider this fall? Can you take any of your summer clothes into the next season to avoid spending a few dollars? Look into your closet and see what can make the cut for the fall fashion season. I would suggest you consider a darker floral blouse or a top in hues of deep coral, burgundy or purple. These colours can carry over easily into fall. Adding colour can keep you feeling that summer hasn’t quite come to an end. My personal transition to start the fall transition is a floral top and a black leather skirt at least 3 inches above the knee, shorter if you like!

I love opening a new package of pantyhose, stockings, or tights. For the fall pick up a pair of hose or tights that will compliment your blouse and you are on your way to a fall fashion statement. I often hold a blouse and skirt together in the mirror over my body to see if the colours work. Are you a shoe lover?  What CD isn’t?  You should pull out at least three pairs and depending on where you are going, imagine which heel would work best. Black is a “go to” but why not consider a shoe with some colour complimenting your blouse. Try a block heel as they are easier to walk in or consider a short ankle bootie, lace-up would be fun! Personally, I always try on a stiletto every time I dress up. I know they do not always work for every outfit, but this is about CD fun, tease your feet and pop them on for at least a few minutes. Go back to the block heel, check the mirror, slip on the bootie, compare and contrast, it is important that you are pleased with the look, this is your fashion moment.

Once you have your outerwear you can now turn your attention to your undergarments. Just as your clothing colours and style change for fall so should your pretty personal items. Choose the strongest highlight colour from your blouse, and use this as the base for your lingerie selection. I am a “lacy is racy” CD so I always love to see lace trim somewhere on my panties and this often matches with the lace on my bra, nothing is sweeter as a CD knowing your pretty underthings compliment your outerwear.

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Why is it so difficult to decide on colours? It is important for you to know if you are a warmer or cooler colour and all his all depends on your eyes, hair colour and skin tone. I am sure many of you have purchased a blouse online only to find when you slip it on, the colour looks washed out or doesn’t highlight your hair or clashes with your skin tone. This is a topic for another article: how to find the colours that will complement you and your dressing. After the outfit selection, it is time to choose Fall colours for your makeup. With less sunlight, it is important to make a few changes. Add a little more eyeliner, rosy cheeks are a must, and maintain a bronzy complexion. Do add a darker shade to your lip.

Don’t be afraid to emphasize and highlight the right parts of your face to create and enhance a feminine look. With your face complete, your makeup done, it is time to see how well your choices have come together. Hold the blouse and skirt in front of a mirror, do the colours work?  If so, start dressing. I know you know how to do that part. After each layer is added, ask yourself if the colours work. I tend to put on my pantyhose or tights before my skirt and blouse, then hold my skirt and blouse near the hose to see how the colours blend. If I am happy, on goes the blouse then the skirt. Another layer, check in the mirror, the outfit is coming together. Now is the time to accessorize!

Choose layered necklaces, statement belts, chain bags, and earrings that say, here I am. Nothing ties things better than a nice scarf. For me, a scarf is always a go-to if you’re concerned about having a prominent Adam’s apple. With your wig all prepared slip it on, now is the time you’ll know if you have succeeded in attaining a perfect fall outfit. With another layer added, check in the mirror, if you smile back at yourself, well done. The heels are a simple choice, the block heel, closed toe work perfectly. You are almost there except for a jacket. My go-to is often a black cropped jacket which accentuates the hips a little bit more. My other two favourites are a black jacquard sweater or a purple cape-style sweater. Don’t forget to redo your lipstick before you go out the door! It is the icing on the cake, pucker up and apply your favourite shade, just a little darker for fall.



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Julie Day
Julie Day
6 months ago

LovedMelissa. the essay, great fashion advice

Megan Kelly
Trusted Member
6 months ago

Thanks for the information. I knew femme fashion was complicated but you’ve knocked it down a few levels for me.

Kelly Ann Marie Hutchinson
Active Member
Reply to  Megan Kelly

No kidding fashion always makes me feel confused

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