Crossdressing in pursuit of the perfect feminine figure

It’s happened to all of us. We finally pluck up the courage to purchase an outfit of our very own and spend many days or weeks admiring our new femininity in the privacy of our home. The feelings of elation seem to touch to the core of our soul as we see the woman inside us come to life. Yet after a few weeks something happens.

We observe that the dress doesn’t hang right. The sexy blouse seems to gape in an unattractive way. Even in the dim light of evening we struggle to describe our hourglass form as such. The elation of those first tentative steps are replaced with a low grade despondency a frustration at how far our form is from the perfect feminine figure.

Enter Crossdresser Body Shapers

With some guidance from fellow crossdressers, or a few keystroke search over the Internet we find the answer to our feminine figure frustrations – body shapers. The most obvious starting place is, of course, breast forms. Of all the things missing from our bodies breasts are the first and most obvious we notice. Breast forms do the obvious – creating the appearance of real breasts, especially when carefully concealed behind a blouse or dress that masks their artificial nature. There are many places to purchase breast forms – in fact you’ll find a link to the Breastform store at the bottom of this page – but your figure firm ups don’t need to stop there.

As you know woman tend to have larger hips and curvier bottom than men. The balance between larger hips and smaller shoulders gives woman the desirable hourglass figure. As long as you don’t make the mistake of wearing a top with shoulder pads or copious gathers around your shoulders you’ve done about all you can do for your shoulder size. Your bottom half, however, presents an opportunity to further your feminine image. Hip pads and bottom pads are body shapers that many crossdressers use to balance out their wider shoulders, and give the appearance of a curvier, hourglass figure.

To take the illusion to the next level you can wear a corset, which makes your waist smaller through the painful application of a smothering force around your torso. Oftentimes you can take 2-4 inches off your waistline with a corset. Just be careful not to tie it too tight – it’s no good looking fabulous if you’re passed out on the floor!

Vanessa’s Body Shaping Routine

I must admit that I’ve found over time that I prefer fewer enhancements than more. Perhaps it’s just my desire to feel comfortable, or maybe I’m just fleeing from the struggle to keep those breast forms attached and happy. When I’m out with jeans and a tshirt or blouse I’ve found the lack of breast forms doesn’t make much difference as to whether I’m read or not. I’ve had less success going breastformless with dresses, or certain blouses that hung uncomfortably empty without them.

I generally don’t use hip or butt shapers – though if done right they can look fabulous. I haven’t worn a corset for a few years – for now I’m focusing on slimming my waist through diet and exercise. Once I’ve taken that as far as I can I’ll give the corset another try.

What about you? What’s your crossdresser body shaping routine?

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  1. Tahlyia 3 months ago

    Hello Ms V, thank you for making me a part of the family. It Feels good to know that there are others out there that feel as I do. Dressing in female clothing makes me feel more of myself than anything else. Right now as I am texting you, I have on a night langere that I keep wash and wear every makes me feel not only sexy but, very happy.

  2. Holly ann 4 months ago

    Vanessa, I have a question to ask I enjoy dressing as a woman but the thing is why is it against the law for a man to wear a womans baithing suit even if it covers everything, I do not understand…………

  3. dwight Richardso 4 months ago

    Hello and thanks for all the advice it is helping me with my transition tomorrow im going to try the flat2fem program, i want to try to grow breasts the natural way . The breast forms are nice too and the shopping tips on your site are helpful. One day i will shed this man body and be a natural c cup lovely fingers crossed

  4. Profile photo of Jessi
    Jessi 7 months ago

    I am lucky – privileged – in that my body has always leaned more toward the feminine side. This is helpful in that women’s clothing and shoes fit well for me. I wear juniors and often am complimented on my ‘style.’ That being said, as it is for GG’s, I have to work on maintenance and enhancement of what I have been blessed with (now that I can see it as a blessing).
    First is what and, importantly, how I eat. Slowly…. slowly….I eat slowly. This cuts down on the propensity to overeat. I use lots of flavor in my food. For me, the flavor helps to satiate. I enjoy soups and salads with lots of greens. None of that iceberg stuff; rather, good wholesome mixed greens. I use lighter meats, like chicken and fish with lots of veggies included. All of it washed down with copious amounts of water and green tea.
    Second is working out. This has actually become a fun part of my day. I take long walks, power walks, light jogs. Anything to keep the metabolism up without and muscle bulk. Yoga helps me to stay flexible and lengthen muscle lines. The majority of my muscle building time is spent on hip exercises. You would be amazed how much glute work you can do flexing hip muscles on the daily commute.
    Posture is everything. Luckily, I have a natural hip swing (that was $#&& in man mode days) and posture helps that to come through when you need it to. It took work and conscious effort, but now comes naturally to maintain a tight core while walking. The tight core pulls the tummy in and adds a subtle shift to my hip position which is more like a GG pelvic position.
    The key is to find the secrets that work for your body.

  5. Profile photo of
    Georgia Davis 1 year ago

    I have a typical guy figure I guess but I am also lucky to not be 6′ tall. I am only 5’7″. This is an immediate advantage when trying to pass.
    If I want to wear jeans I always wear some padded knickers which also help keep my bits tucked away. They go along way to giving me a girly bum, especially with a pair of shoes with a medium heel. Say 2-2.5″.
    I then add a waist clincher. Depending on what top I intend to wear I will either just add a slightly padded bra to make me an A cup, or add boobs to take me to a B or C.
    I do own a couple of good quality corsets which are great if I want to wear a dress which requires a small waist. I can easily take 3-4″ off my waist and it helps to push up my small boobs too.

  6. Profile photo of Danielle Marie 'Dani' or 'Cricket'

    I look in the mirror everyday, like Dorothy looking into the Crystal Ball for answers. And I weigh myself every day, looking for the magic number that I have set as my goal to achieve the body shape I was born with. I work hard to get there, and have still a few pounds to go, like 10 or 15. I run on the treadmill or hike on it really steep, to burn those calories, every day. 400 to 1000 calories. Then I lift weights or do other floor exercises to enhance my buttocks (glutes) or Hips. I am trying to minimize my arms and back, by lifting light weights. I eat a relatively clean diet of whole foods only. Very little processed foods enter this body.

    I am seeing results. Shortcuts, such as corsets and shapers, often leave undesirable bulges at the periphery and those are even more difficult to hide. I have learned to purchase clothing that enhances my femininity without bringing attention to my deficits. In this way, I can feel sexy or pretty, and rock it, without working so hard to hide it.

    Soon enough, by working hard as a woman does to keep her weight in managed control by dieting and exercise, I will be just like every other woman that has a handle on strict control of her body. Many runway models are as tall as we are (im 6’1″) and do not have oversized breasts or huge hips. So the notion that there is ONE female figure is silly. We all can have somewhat female figures by using proper gesture, balance, posture, and poise. Those go a long way. The manner in which your gait is delivered, or how you hold your hands and arms while walking, and so many other things. How expressive are you with your hands and facial features. How do you stand when still, how do you carry your handbag? These go a long way to feminize and create the illusion of being a woman. Lets face it, if you could dress like your favorite hot female starlet, but walked like a troll, would it matter what you were wearing?

    So, Practice practice practice. Observe Cisgender women. Observe their hands and gestures, postures and poise. Watch what they do and how they do it, like sitting into a chair, or even better into a car. Do you keep your knees together? Do you lower your body with your legs? Are you feminine? How do you brush your hair from your face, with your hand, or with a two finger stroke? Do you OVER DO IT? These are the things that will make you.

    Back to the topic. Women in general seem to have issues with weight, more so than do men. From my male perspective, I was ok with a little weight. It helped me lift heavier, and helped me be stronger. I fit into most things and well, looked like a man. I did not wear fitted clothing… like most men, so it was not a real big deal. But, now as a woman, I do want to wear that tailored dress, and sexy skirt with a blouse. I do want my legs to scream sex appeal. Yes I do. I love that I do too. Because now I truly understand some of the pressures that our cisgender sisters faced everyday.

    I grew up with the notion of DIET. But there was always some new fad going around. The truth be told, Jack La Lane had it right all along. I used to watch him on Television when I was a kid. He started the fitness revolution as far back as the 40s. Diet without exercise is futile and unhealthy. Exercise without diet is futile and unhealthy. It is about a balance of both. Aging is a particular problem for many of us, and the changes in our needs are enormously overlooked quite often until it is too late and we face needing to shed 40 or 50 pounds all of a sudden because it crept up on us. What a horrible thing to have happen when you are trying to look as feminine as possible and your hourglass desire just turned into a pumpkin reality.

    And, please, I do not wish to offend anyone here. We come in all shapes and sizes. This thread was about that ideal, the female figure. The ideal one. But lets face it, we are women on the inside, and we want to present as one on the outside. It does not have to be about perfection as imposed by the ideal. It can be perfection designed to fit who we are today. And if we do not so much like that right now, we can find ways to change it over time, while currently enjoying and loving who we are today.

    I look forward to that loss of 15 pounds. Smaller arms, sexier legs. Yes I do. But that is my personal thing. I am willing to work hard to achieve it. I cant wait to fit into that little black dress too. But, I dont let that get n the way of how I feel today. I dont say to myself, hey I cant pass because I dont have a perfect body. I go out and get clothing that any woman without a perfect body would wear, and make it work for me now. But I remember not to leave my mannerisms and posture and poise and gestures, and my handbag replenish with lipstick and foundation, powder and all the other goodies, in the back room. They are the most important part, the essence, of being a woman. Without those, you are just a man in a dress.


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