How are you with going naked? I am referring to your legs girls! Yes, going naked with your legs while wearing a skirt or dress. It can be a challenging decision to make for many of us. It depends on where you live for sure. I don’t think many girls living in the southern states would even consider covering their tanned smooth gorgeous legs with even sheer nylons. But for the rest of us who must negotiate through the seasons, when and where you expose those bare legs, is not an easy decision.

I know once spring arrives where I live on the west coast, north of Seattle, I can’t wait to get out and try to get some color back on my cool tone white legs. But until I see a darker shade on my leg’s, no, I will not expose these lily white legs to people without the modifying effects of select nylons which provide a cosmetic cover. Let the sun do it’s thing first on my legs but not on my face please, I want to keep the sun damage to a minimum. If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that most CD’s legs need covering. We don’t have the hair or skin texture and depth of adipose tissue that produces the softness of a woman’s legs unless you are on hormones or lucky enough to have feminine shapely legs.

I try to achieve soft and smooth legs by using a skin scrub lotion 3x a week, shave them every other day with a 5 blade woman’s razor, then apply a moisturizing skin lotion after every shower. But still, they are nowhere near as soft and smooth as my partner’s. I find until my legs have some color, I am wearing stockings or pantyhose, no if’s ands or butts! Nylons create an illusion of smoothness and contour resulting in a more feminine leg. I am of Scottish decent and certainly seeing men in a kilt is acceptable and encouraged. But I’ve never seen a man in a kilt with shaved legs or wearing tights for that matter. No men in tights while wearing a kilt, I want to admire their strong muscular legs; yes, I’ll admit, I like strong muscular men.

In my early days of dressing I would wear skin tone dance tights and a sheer hose over them to hide my hairy legs. I was fortunate because the hair on my legs is rather fair and  blonde. For CD’s if you don’t shave your legs try the double and sometimes triple nylons if required or you can always wear jeans, a jumpsuit or long skirts and dresses. But make sure you still cover them with a higher denier count above 20 while in a dress. Back to baring those long legs. I am 5 feet 7 inches tall and only wish I had the gams of my CDing friends who are tall. Those legs need to be seen!

En Femme Style

But I digress, so back to baring my legs. I have pulled out of my closet a bodycon dress to enjoy sashaying around the house in during the winter months. Yes, I would love to take it for a walk to a wine bar one evening; that will come later. After I slip, slide and wiggle into my bodycon, pull the hem into position, pop on some stilettos and appear before the mirror bare legs and all. Yikes! My legs just don’t look like they did during the summer. With the tan gone, the skin colour has paled and they simply don’t compliment the dress. Clearly, my legs would still attract the attention I’d want and expect in this dress but not in a positive way. They need help; they need to be encapsulated in a loving complimenting shade of nylon.

I’m sure many of you have experimented with buying various shades of nylons from tan, dore, bronze and beige. The names change depending on the company’s product you might purchase and to be clear I am not discussing nylons with color but shades of  “natural” at this point. My legs definitely aren’t ready for showtime. Stored away in the top drawer of my dresser is a selection of pantyhose. I have them bagged in 10, 15, 20 denier in different shades so it’s easy to pick out a package. I begin with a 10 denier natural shade Elegance made by Girardi, I slip them on and check in the mirror. Not quite, if it was the middle of summer they would be perfect but these nylons aren’t giving my legs the coverage they need. I’ll double up on the denier to 20, shade camoscio Elen by Girardi. Back to mirror, they look fine but don’t blend with my bodycon. Let’s back down to 15 denier desert shade, Brigitte by Girardi, they have a little shine to them as well. I step in front of the mirror, turn side to side, yes these will do the trick.

These pantyhose provide a shade that blends well with my skin and dress. They give a smooth appearance to my legs; gone are any blemishes I was concerned about. They aren’t equal to my summer skin shade but that’s not the intention. I want the nylons to blend with my present skin colour and give them a cosmetic look of smooth legs and soften the muscles of my legs. Girl, now you can sashay around the house. Choosing a shade of nylon is a frustrating endeavor. Over the years I have spent way too much money at Winners and TJMax on nylons. I eventually found my favorites at As you can tell I am a fan of Girardi nylons; they fit well, last for a reasonable time and can be found on sale! Besides they have several shades and denier to choose from.

So no, I won’t bare my legs until the sun has done its magic. But once that has occurred,  I love sashaying around in a mini, midi or maxi naked! The breeze on your legs can be breathtaking. For the rest of the year I am a stocking or pantyhose girl, besides trying on a pair of pantyhose when I was just a young boy began my love of Crossdressing! I will always cherish that day. I believe, they shade was beige, and the brand Hanes, and they were my mother’s. Girls don’t stick with the same of nylons shade or denier all year. Your leg’s skin color changes and therefore your nylon shade needs to change to give you the best smooth, feminine, shapely legs possible. Until summers come when you can dare to bare your legs naked!



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Gail Bingyi
Active Member
1 month ago

I quite regularly have bare legs especially in the warmer months. Open toed sandals or heels dont really match well with stockings or pantyhose. Having said that I have been blessed with very fine and light coloured hair on my legs so even if I haven’t shaved for a day or so my legs still look smooth and feminine. Lucky me!

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