If you are new to Crossdresser Heaven, you may have questions about accepting friendship requests. This help article explains how to do this.

Steps to accept a friend request

  1. Know you have a friend request by seeing the notification in the top menu bar
  2. Hover over Notifications, then select Pending Friendship Requests
  3. Click Accept to accept a friend request

If you are logged in, you can also go directly to a page listing all your pending friendship requests.

How to Accept Friend Requests

  • A magenta ball with a number in the upper right next to your screen name will indicate you have messages and/or other notifications.

Crossdresser Notifications

  • To act on the request, hover on the Notifications in the upper right.
  • You may have more than one type of notification. Scroll down until you see the pending friendship requests notification and click that item.

Crossdresser Friend Request


  • On the friendship requests page click Accept underneath the friendship request you would like to accept.

Crossdresser Accept Friend Request

  • Choose Accept or Reject. If you accept, you will see the Accept button change to an Accepted notification.

Crossdresser Accepted Friend Request

That’s it! You’re making friends in the community. Remember to send a message to your new friend thanking them for their friendship. You can send a message by clicking on their profile and then selecting Private Message underneath their profile photo

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  1. Racheal Allie 4 years ago

    I’m having trouble accepting friend requests. Can you please help me girls? Thank you sooo much.love you all.

  2. Roxanne Korgi 3 years ago

    Hi Ladies
    I have puzzled of the links etc for tech support for more than 45min…
    I hope this is the correct place or if someone can direct me further…
    I accepted a friendship request weeks ago the Lady is a friend yet the request just stays there – I have accepted others that go off the screen after a few seconds… yet this one stays and with the pop up that effectively says we having a problem with the request….

    So the question is… how do I remove a request that has been processed yet does not disappear in a few seconds…

    (Ps The reject button responds in the same way!…)

    Regards Roxie.

  3. Sarah Michelle 2 years ago

    Hi, I cannot seem to get the Accept button to work, it says there in an error. Thanks!

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