Shades of Mona is my own journey to the beautiful world of being happy and a “Crossdresser”

My story is not unusual from many other Crossdressers. I can relate to other CDs who are very happy being a crossdresser married to an understanding wife who have no plans to go full time. What may set me apart would be my keen interest in fashion and makeup. I am also a shopaholic when it comes to women’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

I started full female dressing when I was about 24. Prior to that it was only about random clothing, bra or panty or stockings and shoes that I would wear and then return back to being the boy I was known as. I was working full time and living alone in my one bedroom apartment when I first attempted a full female makeover. I spent a good amount of my paycheck to buy bras, panties, skirts, tops, pantyhose and sandals. I also bought basic makeup items like foundation and lipstick as well.

Makeup Magic

I can say that I looked myself in the mirror and I was so thrilled to see a new person in front of me who reflected someone I would love to be. This was the 90’s era when social networking was limited to some chat forums and digital cameras were yet to be invented. I did have a PC and I used to chat on Yahoo using my webcam. That was my first ever female exposure to outside world. A new person was born and it will hence be known as “Monika” or “Mona” for short…


Mona gradually grew from there to have long hair, more clothes to wear, better fitting shoes and lingerie and better makeup. With every new attempt I was encouraged to keep going.  Then came the Internet explosion and YouTube and digital cameras and off course more money to support my passion. I would download and read loads of fashion articles, makeup tutorials, interacted with more TGs around the world to get better at being Mona. All these years Mona stayed restricted to one bedroom suite and the virtual world called the Internet. Mona would wake up from a long day sleeping every evening and go to bed wearing soft silky nighties and pajamas.


After 4 years, I fell in love with a beautiful woman and Mona took a back seat as I did not see how Mona would fit among us. There was simply no room for a 3rd person in our relationship. So Mona got sacrificed and all things belonging to Mona were securely disposed off wiping her out of the existence. Time went on and one thing that remained lingering was I wanted to see my wife wearing those beautiful clothes, lingerie and makeup and look how I liked Mona to look like. A sexy elegant beautiful woman who is full of feminist and style. It was very challenging and unfair to expect her to change to be Mona and then the big move came and we moved to US. US open free culture, shopping opportunities, frankness, self service culture allowed me to peek more freely at women’s things without being frowned upon or being questioned. I would pick up an article of clothing or two and ask my wife to wear it for me. But it never came close to the experience of being Mona.

Next on… “Few Shades Less Prettier..”

  1. Deanna 3 years ago

    I love your story it’s sweet like you. Sweet Hart you go girlfriend.

  2. Jennifergordon 3 years ago

    I am working very hard everyday to get comfortable in the clothing. I wear panties all the time. I discarded all my male undies and I love it. Going to bed now in my nylons and garter belt. Also a pretty black cami.

    • Author
      Monika Sweet 3 years ago

      I always love to go to bed in satin silky soft nighties… but when kids are around… its not an option.

      • Selena 3 years ago

        I understand this too well, My son is home from college for a couple months so Im living in the dark again. Dont get me wrong, im glad he is home but i love being me also

  3. Kimberley 3 years ago

    Mona you are lovely

  4. rebecca 3 years ago

    hi my name is rebecca and i love all of this wonderful sharing of lifes stories . mine is very similar i have been married for 20 yrs and still have not told my wife im wanting to tell her very soon asim taking hormones now any want to get breast implants which i think she might notice lol .i love being a woman as often as possable it is such a euphoric feeling .like no other sometimes i tremble just thinking about being dressed as a beautiful woman .i believe that its not an addiction but the true woman in me wanting to be exsposed . now i go out and take risks in public and the responses i get are 100 percent possitive and people have been very understanding especially other women . its been a fantastic journey im just very scared to take it to the next level and tell my wife .she is my love and is very understanding im just not sure she will understand that its my total desire to be a woman full time i believe the world is what you accept and make of it just scary at times to make certain choices im glad i found all you wonderful girls to relate to . all the best on your ventures girls . rebecca lost and found

  5. Janine 3 years ago

    Good for you Mona
    I only dream of the day that I can dress as a female and not have to worry about someone finding out about it.
    I occasionally dress up when I’m out of town alone but it’s always on my mind that someone will out me and my world will crumble if I was to be found out about.
    Good luck with your dressing up.

  6. Atef Anwar 3 years ago

    Hi Mona
    l feel a was an inside me and when I was alone in home I dresses sedan up lady dresses and full makeup . I love dresses with Peter pan collar or fitted collar dresses because when I was young my mom dresses me a school uniform with Peter pan collar like a girl.Now I prefer to wear this style of dresses to make me younger than now otherwise my neck is thin and tall this give a chance to put some accessories around my neck. When go bed I wear peter pan collar nightgown dresses with back button or zipper.

  7. naziya crossy 3 years ago

    muje cd karna accha lagta he me partime cd hu

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