Hi everyone! I wanted to share something that happened to me a couple of months ago. First, let me briefly give you some history.

I began thinking about crossdressing around the age of 13. I noticed that women had so many products made for them to look pretty, look sexy, smell good, and age with beauty and grace. Then I looked at what men had. There was not really much that I could think of to help men in these areas. Sure there was cologne and nice clothes but I didn’t like suits.  Most of the colognes I had tried, in my opinion, did not smell very good on me. Also, men were just supposed to age and do the best they could.

Due to society and being raised in the church, I put the thoughts of crossdressing out of my mind for several years, until I was about 23. I was at home alone and decided to dress in some of my wife’s clothes and put on some makeup. I didn’t look too bad for my first attempt. I thought to myself what a pretty girl I would have been.

Fast forward to my current wife. She sends me mixed signals. She may bring home some clothes or makeup for me that she picked up while she was out and be, for all appearances, very supportive and accepting.  At last!  Then, not a week later, she tells me that I look like an old used up barfly trying to look young. This is very hurtful and discouraging.

So, on the occasions that I do get to go to the grocery store or run some public errands en femme, I have to muster up my self-confidence, hope that I look good enough, and appear natural enough.

It is such a huge confidence booster when a cashier or somebody will use “ma’am” when addressing me. I feel like I have achieved what I wanted to, and I feel good about myself.

However, until a couple of months ago, I had never experienced what I did that night or perhaps I just didn’t notice.

It was one of the nights that I was feeling confident (with me, that feeling of confidence has its own ebb and flow). I was wearing a black, somewhat see-through top with a black top underneath, a pair of blue skinny jeans, and 3 1/2 inch heels. I thought I looked like one of the women I see at the store and think, “She is a trophy wife”. We needed some items from the store, so out I went. As I was in the checkout line at the grocery store, a man who was in line behind me (he appeared to have had a rough life) started to chat with me. The small talk started to lengthen until he was asking how long I have lived here, etc. I soon realized he was flirting with me!! OMG!!! Talk about a confidence booster! I felt I was ready to conquer the world at that point and it felt great, weird, and awkward all at the same time! As I was going out to the car, I wondered what the other people around us were thinking. Did anybody “out” me to him (if any of them even knew)? I put my items in the car and as I was getting in, I saw him in the parking lot. He was looking at me and I flashed him a little smile and waved. He said for me to have a good night and we each went on with our night. I sat for a few seconds reflecting on the event that just took place. WOW!  I have no clue if he suspected I was a crossdresser, if he knew and liked crossdressers, or anything else. But, it actually felt good with being flirted.

So, that was my experience in realizing a guy at the store was flirting with me and my confidence was soaring!

I still fight the war at home. I am fearful that I may end up having to choose between Mirandah and my wife.  I don’t want to be put there.

Perhaps my path will cross this man’s path again someday. If so, I will let you know.

Thank you for allowing me to share this, and I hope it can encourage and inspire somebody.



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Mirandah Landrum

Hi! I am a married MtF CD. Started having an interest around 11 or so because women had so much stuff made exclusively for them to be beautiful and age beautifully and men had nothing for them. That was the beginning. I suppressed it due to various reasons. I have been closeted for many years, dressing but staying at home. Mainly out of fear of being confronted by a bigot or seeing an acquaintence “out there”. As of the last couple of months I have started to run errands late at night and early mornings. I am able to dress on Fri nights and stay dressed all Sat, unless something takes precedent. Still don’t look a lot of people in the eye but don’t hide either. Am called “Ma’am” or “Miss” everytime I am addressed directly.

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  1. Sahi saheli 6 days ago

    I cross-dressing in the early morning put on a bra and panties in and sportswear on.I have natural breasts and good shaped body and when wear lingarie I have good feeling that I am more feminine.And I have long hair which gives me natural look and enjoy being one. Only wish I have bigger breasts to boost my form

  2. Hansa sarivar 7 days ago

    nice Story Sister Miranda . Best of luck

  3. Janine 1 week ago

    Hi mirandah
    I had a similar experience while I was out dressed en.femme wearing a cute little mini skirt and a turtle neck long sleeve top
    I was leaving the mall and walking towards my car when I noticed a girl was sitting on the wall in front of the mall
    When I got close enough so that she could see me, she spoke to me telling me that she liked my skirt and wanted to know where I had found it
    I smiled at her and told her that I found it at Forever 21.and kept on walking away from her.
    When I thought about it I could tell by the way that she spoke to me that she was flirting with me.
    She really thought that I was a genetic girl and it made me feel so feminine and special.
    Thanks for reminding me about this happening.

  4. Leonara 1 week ago

    I love to hear “good feeling” stories. Thank you
    for sharing…good luck to you in your journey

  5. Kala Love 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for sharing Mirandah, that feeling of acceptance for who you are and being seen as a beautiful woman is quite intoxicating.

    sweet love


  6. skippy1965(Cynthia) 2 weeks ago

    Wonderful article Miranda! And thanks for sharing. You are so right that recognition/acknowledgement of femininity while dressed is intoxicating. And that confidence in yourself makes you both happier and more relaxed and others see that and take you for what you appear to be!

  7. Genivieve Bujold 2 weeks ago

    Fun story Miranda, it is affirming to be addressed in feminine terms!!
    So happy for you!

  8. Amanda Patrick 2 weeks ago

    Hi Mirandah,

    Enjoyed your Story. Very glad you got that nice confidence booster. We certainly need it every so often. I am hoping everything works out with your wife. She is some what Supportive and that is always a good starting point. Hang in there and try to stay Positive.

  9. Krista 2 weeks ago

    Hi Mirandah, thanks for sharing your experience. I love it when I get called Ma’am at the checkout in the grocery store. I can’t say that I’ve been flirted with, but like you said, maybe I just don’t know. Hope you can work out everything with your wife at home. All the very best,
    Hugs, Krista

    • Author
      Mirandah Landrum 2 days ago

      Hi, Krista! I am sorry for not getting back to you before now. Thank you for reading and liking my article. Hope it will help you, others, and myself to recognize the positive reactions of those around us. I have had time to reflect more on small interactions with others, and remember one time that I was being checked out by a guy at a gas station. He was ahead of me by a few people, when he passed me, he looked me up and down, and I heard him say either “Wow” or “Mm-hmm”. I don’t recall which. Anyway, I am almost starting another article. Lol!
      Oh! I asked my wife if she wanted to go to the thrift stores yesterday, and she and I(en femme) went shopping for clothes! So fun! Hope it was an indication of things to come! Fingers crossed!


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