Armonía, Part 2

Girl Flower Armonia

Read Part 1 here.

As Manly moved up in age and rank, he became more hardened, putting on the disguise of a masculine male in essence to protect himself, his Meili, and more importantly, his family.  Growing up, Manly had not really understood how to fit in with the predominantly male groups throughout his childhood and professional career.  Throughout the years, Manly became overly hardened with outsiders and had just a few male friends throughout this journey.  Yet, those friends are true friends in all truth of the word.  Though they no longer live near Manly, he can pick up the phone anytime and they would be there.  Unfortunately, they do not know Meili yet — something I hope will change for the positive in the future.  Regardless of Manly’s flaws, I am proud of him and grateful to find a new beginning with Meili.

It was in the year leading up to my son’s college graduation that I realized that my life was about to change in a profound way.  I knew that my time of being a full time father was nearing its end, or was that being a mother knowing there would soon be time for Meili.  I am 53 now and though I sparingly crossdressed since the age of 4 or 5 years old up, this was when Meili started to make her presence known to Manly much more often.  After much consideration, Manly slowly introduce Meili to Lan, my second wife.  With each little step, Meili was becoming more assertive until she didn’t want to go back in the closet unless it was to pick out a dress.  At this time, Manly did not know what was really going on inside.  The process took its course over a year until Manly found the LCSG.  Going forward, however, Manly and Meili were not going to waste any more time discovering who we are.

First as a kid growing into adulthood and then as an adult navigating through career and family, I have been in the spot of not completely fitting in.  Today, I have accepted that nothing is wrong and am jumping in with both feet to understand who I am with the love and support of my wife.  To begin to know myself, Manly would have to step back to allow Meili to find Armonía,  (Armonía is Spanish word for harmony.)  What I did not expect was the natural and spiritual nature of the experience for Meili.  At this time, I am not ready to share any details; I am still trying to understand depth of the experience.  What I do know is that I have been reset as Meili, starting over as a new person, learning new behaviors that match who I truly am inside.

I am Meili and this is the beginning of my journey to find my true self and balance with Manly.  Meili is relearning the wonderful person she is.  Meili is so fortunate to find a wife like Lan who accepts me for me, and reciprocates that love in all its infinite depth.  I can take care of myself with mind, body and spirt as one person. Meili is finding Armonía.

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Hello, at this time I refer to myself as Meili, or you can just call me Mei (May). I am 52 years old and my journey is complex as I am sure it has been for many others in my heels. My crossdressing began at 4 or 5 years of age. I am now 52. My journey recently lead me to a Local Crossdresser Support Group (LCSG) early December 2015. I am feeling more complete as a person then I ever have with the help of LCSG and my Wife who is very supportive.

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Delbra Dawn cordry

i can truely relate to your journey as your sister


It`s a very inteligent article, male and female inner personslities don´t must figth.they must work together.

Active Member

I hope you have success as you continue your quest to integrate the two halves you have described. Hopefully the united whole will be even greater than the sum of its parts!


Hi Meili,
Thanks for sharing Part 2 of your journey. You are indeed very fortunate to have the love and support of your wife. All the very Best!!!
Hugs, Krista


yes I do crisscross in the night time when I stay by myself I always crisscross when I was 9years old I love girls clothes and the make up so I love it


i am so happy for you to finally get to be the true you .my name is rebecca and imthe same age and your story is so similar to mine its amazing .i wish you all the best as i too am reliving my life as rebecca now and loving it .its like another chance at life accept we write our own book .the perfect journey .keep your head up and smile all the way .best wishes rebecca


WOW! I loved this piece. Great work Meili / Manly.


Dear Meili

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story,

You are most fortunate in having an understanding and compassionate wife.

Being more or less the same age as you I can deeply identify with your journey although I’ve lacked the courage to walk every step of the way.

I wish you well and look forward to hearing more from you.

Much love


How lucky is to to have a understanding wife and ho much energy required to adjust to the sarroundings and to be true to yourself and I for myself crossdress in my bed room alone I enjoy the beauty of being a woman.

Girly?tomboy?boy(yes please)
Girly?tomboy?boy(yes please)

I need ur advice, my sister and family aren’t too keen on.. well anything different, I have a desire to crossdress, and I tried testing them saying “I found this on my friends instagram page”
Repost if u don’t care if ur friend is LGBT,
They said (sis n couz) “we do care”,
They would not have friends that are different, what do I do, how can I tell them or survive my desire to crossdress. Ah n I’m a girl by the way(it’s my dream to crossdress)

Vanessa Law

Thank you for sharing your journey hon!

Candace Joelle

Good ending I can’t wait to read what happens when you find harmony.

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