Hello Crossdresser Heaven,

We, the CDH Ambassadors, have undertaken a massive reorganization process to formalize how we do things, who is doing what, and reshuffling the team a bit.  At the forefront of that is the Site Management Group.

Vanessa continues to run the Technical side of things, and I, Codille, will continue to run the Personnel side of the site.  We added JaneS as my Assistant to help handle the member and site issues, and just recently, we added Sue to help me with taking better care of our Ambassadors.  Mackenzie is our new Editor-in-Chief for Articles with the help of veteran Capt. Sally Sparrow.  So continue submitting those articles and keep them busy.

We have released from the Ambassador team and said good-bye to some of our good friends for various reasons.  If you see any of these people and wonder why they aren’t above the moderator line in chat, it could be for a slew of reasons from time restraints to other personal reasons.  Please thank them for stepping up and being an Ambassador.  Those leaving us are Denise (Das Boots), Donna (Dot), Xeri, Paige, Zoe Wood, and SallySim.  They will always be part of the CDH family.

We are trying to bring you, the membership, the best support and experience on the web.  From the comments of gratitude that I and other Ambassadors receive, all I can say is THANK YOU all for being here and bringing real meaning to what we do.  We are striving to be better every day.  I get a lot of Private Messages and sometimes I answer them in an hour and sometimes it may take almost two weeks to reply.  But if you message my Codille Benton account, I will reply.

Thank you for rolling with our GOOD growing pains; CDH is only going to get better.

Codille Benton
Managing Ambassador


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7 years ago

Thank you to all above mentioned. This is one website that i know i will have a long association with. I am still getting used to the no-no subjects, but thats ok, i can go elsewhere to do that. Bronwyn

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
7 years ago

Thanks to all who serve and have served as ambassadors. It is quite a humbling experience and an honor to work with each and everyone of you and I count you all as great friends who have made a great difference in my life. To those who moved on from the tea, I hope you remain as members and stay involved with the site and keep in touch. To those still continuing, I pledge to do my best to work to improve my own performance and strive to serve the site to the best of my ability. Love and hugs… Read more »

Vanessa Law
Active Member
7 years ago

Ladies, thank you for everything you have done to help make Crossdresser Heaven a supportive and welcoming community. Your love and compassion have touched the lives of many. You will always be welcome here as family on Crossdresser Heaven.

Lots of love!

7 years ago

Thank you to all involved in making this place what it is. I know I will always be a part of CDH now it is my second home and it is where all my friends are. May everyone be blessed with happiness like I have been when I found CDH.

Dame Veronica Graunwolf
Active Member

You have laid the foundation to our group……….for that we shall all be eternally greatfull.
Wishing you the best in your other endeavors………………..

Hail to thee all…………I raise my sword in your honor!

Lady Veronica Graunwolf

Veronica Raines
6 years ago

Codille, how do I get in touch with you, regarding a problem?

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