What is Crossdresser Heaven to Me?

What Crossdresser Heaven Means to Me

When I first joined CDH (Crossdresser Heaven) I looked at the site and the community as another tool. I repair restaurant equipment for a living, and my wrenches, my screwdrivers, meters etc… are the tools of my trade. As a fire fighter, my truck and hoses the water etc… are the tools of that part of my life. What I have realized is that CDH, I  intended to use as a crutch, hence calling it a tool, has become much more. What I’ve discovered since joining the community is that CDH is a home. I’ve been blessed in making really good friends here in the community. Developing great relationships, found an emotional outlet.

The Support offered by our family here is simply amazing, true concern, for our well being.  Because of the wonderful people I’ve met here, I have looked deeper into myself, opened up about my past. Willingly discuss with others all the problems that a lass like me would have! I have made some very good friends, had many a great talk, shared a few too many tears!

The advice I have been given by you wonderful ladies is priceless. We are truly blessed to have such a strong community, with so many supportive ladies!

CDH, is truly a slice of heaven, & I’m proud to call it a home!

Ed: Thank you Cookie for your kind words – to everyone on Crossdresser Heaven, comment and let us know what Crossdresser Heaven means to you, we’d love to hear how it’s changed your life.



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Cookie JessicaLynn (Irish)

Cookie, JessicaLynn referred to as Irish. I'm finally comfortable with who I am. Born in Wales , raised in Ireland . Living in the states with my 3 dogs & 3 cats. She Dress regularly . Live, Love, Laugh.

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  1. Marie Sweets 3 months ago

    Hi Cookie, and Girls, What CDH means to me, is having a place where I can share my thoughts and experiences as a CD. I was looking for somewhere where I can also support other ‘girls’. I am comfortable just dressing at home in girl mode, when I get home from work. I have been doing so on a daily basis, for the last 2 years.

  2. Gisela Claudine 9 months ago

    Thanks Cookie. I really enjoyed reading your beautiful article. It preserves its validity today. In just a week as a member, Crossdresser Heaven is meaning a lot to me. Here I have found the right place to explore my feminity while I receive great advises, friendship, respect and support. I already call it home. It’s The beginning of a journey. Even though I am happy as I am right now I’ve been fantasizing about being a woman for a long long time. During my life, I have learned that the most important thing is to care about beeing myself. Crossdresser Heaven is making a difference in my life. It’s the first time I’ve talked openly and without fears about my female feelings. I like my male part but I can deny the girl inside me. I want to express my feminity and I am having a great time doing it in our community. No one knows with certainty what the future holds.
    With love and respect, cinnamon kisses,

  3. Dame Veronica Graunwolf 12 months ago

    Dear Cookie…….such a lovely story……my heart sings for you. Love and hugs.

    Lady Veronica Graunwolf

  4. rhonda 12 months ago

    I’ve been a member just a few days and I feel the love of family , I’ve been a little hyper lately when I come to CDH it calms me down only love of the sisters here can do that Love you all Rhonda

  5. Pinkie 2 years ago

    CDH is the Home I never had, I have been 8 days now and the love and support I have found here has open my mind and set me free. Free to finally fulfill my life long dream of being the woman I know I am. Thank you so very CDH and all the ladies here for showing me the home I always needed and wanted. Stephenie.

  6. Patty Michelle 2 years ago


    I love the way you describe CDH. This is a wonderful group of people who truly care about each other.

    I find that the articles, tips and the chat (especially the chat), make me feel a bond with others as to who I am. I love that others provide insight, guidance and sometimes, just a plain old hug when needed. So many wonderfully unique individuals with common love of their feminine side. It’s the support I need.



  7. Rosaliy Lynne 2 years ago

    CDH is a great place to relax and chat with friends, new and old. I amnot here as often, perhaps, as I should be but I enjoy the stories, the chat, and being able to offer support and suggestions as needed.

    To all my sisters here at CDH, thank you.

  8. Sarah Anne 2 years ago

    What is Crossdresser Heaven to Me? I find it a great place to meet new friends and to hear there stories. To comfort those that are having issues and to celebrate those that are finding triumphs. It is a place to hang out and chat and learn new things, yes an old dog can learn some new tricks. I find it a retreat in today’s world of hook up sites and other CD porn. it is truly a Crossdresser Heaven to Me.

    Sarah Anne

    • Author

      As both the Author, and an ambassador for the community, I’m very happy you’ve joined us. Your comments show me, that the vision of what CDH is, has become a reality. Also it shows me that the team of Ambassadors is doing a great job of keeping up with that vision.

      Cookie. {{{}}}

  9. Samantha G..... 2 years ago


    I think so many of us feel the same way. You just put it into words
    better than I can. So glad you are here and a friend as well.


  10. Codille Benton 2 years ago


    You have been a blessing to me since they day we met and a blessing to the community as you like you said are willing to discuss problems of a lass like you wouldn’t have before being here.

    You beat me to the title of this article because over the last 2 weeks I have really been thinking the same thoughts… What does CDH mean to me, in short friends, family and support. Thanks for being part of that family!


  11. Jennifergordon 2 years ago

    It’s all good with me! Luv all the girls for sure. Stay soft and pretty!

  12. Sallysim 2 years ago

    Cookie, that’s a wonderful article , I feel exactly the same, being here at CDH has really given me the confidence I needed, I’m very proud of Sally. Thank you Cookie

    • Author

      One thing I’ve always done is speak from the heart!!!
      I love each & everyone of you in my extended family….
      You’re all great, or to swipe a line, fabtastic!!!

      Cookie 🙂

  13. Jennifergordon 2 years ago

    I just want to be me!

  14. Jennifergordon 2 years ago

    You are really special cookie! I have found that this journey is long and difficult at times. You are a true inspiration to me for sure. I am of Irish heritage myself. My father called us “black Irish”. I need to know more about my heritage for sure. I continue to try and understand myself and why I do what I do. Thank you girl!

  15. Jamies time 2 years ago

    I luv this site it has shown me that there are many other women finding out about who we are.I am happy to meet other girls to share stories with on our great life of who we are and proud of it .I am always looking for more friends.

    • Author

      We are truly blessed to have this little “Peace of Heaven!”. I find it very nice nit to have to peruse through pages of smut in order to get some sound advice!


  16. Lea 2 years ago

    Cookie – We truly are blessed by having a place to go to, and to hear the successes (and failures) of others just like us! I’m new to CDH, one of the key differences I’ve liked about CDH is being able to read genuine posts, and see such supportive comments, all of which makes CDH feel like a community.

    P.S. Nice profile pic., I like your tagline, “Live, Love, and Laugh”.

  17. Stephanie Q 2 years ago


    You were one of the first Ambassadors I chatted with when I joined. I’ve come a long way on CDH and you have been instrumental in getting me there!

    Thanks again,


    • Author

      I’m very happy I was able to help….do what an Ambassador is supposed to do….I had someone, that made me feel just as welcome when I became a member, and tried to emmulate her approach…
      You’re quite an asset to the community!!

  18. Jesse Nicole(Smokey) 2 years ago

    Thank you Cookie! You are a wonderful gal and proud to call you my friend!

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