Learn how to pass as a woman

Have you been out dressed in public before?

If you have you probably know the fear that comes with taking those first steps out into the world, and the constant anxiety of being read. Passing in public is the holy grail for crossdressers, but too many see it as an impossible challenge far out of reach. It doesn’t have to be.

On Crossdresser Heaven you’ll find many articles on how to crossdress – you’ll learn about the importance of smiling, how you carry yourself and the subtle cues that give your secret away. What you wear can be just as important as your mannerisms and voice. As you browse the site you’ll find advice on how to choose the appropriate clothes, as well as where to find larger size clothes and shoes that will fit you better.

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If anything stands out about our community it is the sisterhood that we share. We learn and grow together – our mistakes and discoveries make it easier for those who follow to blossom. So instead of writing another article on how to crossdress, I want to hear from you:

What works for you? How do you ensure that you pass in public? How do you react if you’re read?

I encourage you to take a moment to share some of the wisdom you’ve acquired in your journey. It might just be the distinction that a new girl needs to get her started.

Advice for how to pass as a woman

From the Crossdresser Heaven community: – scroll down to the comments to see the advice and add your own!

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  1. Debbie 4 years ago

    Debbie here again, thought you might be interested, I was out again last night (the weather was terrible ) however the bar staff and the few customers who were in secrets bar on Scotswood Rd, we’re really friendly. I will be going there again.It felt so right I only wish that I could go anywhere and be myself.give it time and who knows.

  2. Rebecca Williams 4 years ago

    I have been going to a group I Phoenix called Arizona Tgirls. This gives me a chance to go out without people giving me a hard time. It also gives me more confidence to go out. I suggest that if you have a group like this in your area that you join them.

  3. Gracie Garcia 2 years ago

    I was apprehensive the first few time I stepped out dressed. The first time trying something new is like that. Overall I had no problems and people made no comments or pointed fingers. Actually no one paid attention or noticed for the most part. Those that did glanced or smiled approvingly which gave me confidence. Houston and here in San Antonio are very gay friendly but attitudes in Texas are changing and some of my old fears are coming back.

  4. Sarah 2 years ago

    Every time I use the bathroom, my panties get wet when I pull them back up. Any suggestions on how to prevent that?

    • OK I have a question. I’m getting ready to finally step into the world as ambermaria now what would happen if I had to use facilities at the mall. I mean do I use women’s rest room I hope or just go to a 7-11.or some other place .don’t need trouble. Need to know about this.

      • Rose Turner 7 months ago

        Your dressed as a girl so use the ladies room. And don’t attract attention to yourself. Just do your buisness and get out.

    • T.J. Byron 11 months ago

      Do what any would do after #1…use TP until now dribble! ENJOY! T.J.

    • Rose Turner 7 months ago

      Use panty liners, they work fine.

  5. Omg vanesa so lucky for you .I know you were happy also.as,soon as this heat wave is over on long Island my woman friend from work and I are going to Manhattan to do what I need to do get dressed .go out shopping. I’m so tired of dressing alone in my apartment. Even then i really can’t get out much in yard unless my landlord and wife go out. .but to be honest I should tell her. I think.

  6. T.J. Byron 11 months ago

    Do what any would do after #1…use TP until now dribble! ENJOY! T.J.
    When I am En Femme, I ALWAYS use the restrooms I am dressed for…they don’t want to see me in the “Men’s room “.

  7. Jemma Schumpert 3 months ago

    If you have a “real” adult store in your area try there first. By “real” I mean one that is more local and stripper, sex worker, and LGBTQ friendly, not a national chain. I have become friends with the ladies there and they give me advice and honest opinion about my clothing, attitude, and how to better ‘pass’. They are also very open to my situation and it is so wonderful to have that oasis of calm and support. I do try to buy something regularly even if it is just a pin, lube, or some little thing. One of the gals even borrowed my cute little walmart special sport mini! Once I am ready for the full step out, they have suggested that I let them help me get ready.

  8. Frederica Woodbridge 3 months ago

    It’s difficult to unravel my story. My interest in womens’ clothes developed during my teen years. When my parents went out I’d find my mother’s nylons and wear them, or steal them off washing lines together with panties and bras. During my first marriage I’d buy lingerie for my wife and wear that, and as my second marriage continued, I replicated the same behaviour. The difference with the second marriage was my wife was 5 feet 10 inches, and so dresses and shoes fitted. On the odd occasion she found a pair of water balloons, but I remained firmly in the closet, never shared anything, and left her to decide what a pair of water balloons was doing in the house.

    6 years ago, she died from cancer. Before friends cleared out her closet for me I grabbed a few of her sexier dresses, lingerie and nylons and hid them for me. For 4 years after that I was a ‘home dresser’.

    I’m 6 feet tall and evidently pass. My height concerns me. I met a woman with whom I shared my cross dressing interests with and she embraced them, very willingly. One afternoon, she booked a hotel room in a city near us, she did my make-up and we got in her car and drove to the hotel. There I was, calmly sat in the car, and the next minute she’d checked in and I had to get out of the car, dressed in black heels, sheer nude nylons, a black skirt and a white shirt. I’d picked a bra that guaranteed absolutely no danger of any breast form failure. I spoke English with a French accent, and off we went.

    A little later we went to dinner, at a French restaurant. Quick make-up check, changed in to a blue polka dot dress, sheer hold ups, beige shoes and underwear that was going to ensure no bulge or breast form issues. We arrived early, and we sat down for a pre-dinner drink. I had to have a beer. At the dinner table the chef visited our table (he wasn’t French) and I chattered away. After that, back to the hotel to change into a short skirt and off to a club. More nylons, more heels.

    I am no longer with the woman who helped me do this, but without her encouragement this would never have happened. She made it work from start to finish, and I would have been terrified without her support. Having a companion made me feel like I wasn’t as exposed as I could otherwise have been. All evening I was concerned by my height, plus heels, and she was only 5 feet seven inches with heels.

    Despite my concerns about height, there were several comments i would make. I had a lot of body hair to remove, but the idea of nylon on freshly shaved legs is very feminine. It made the effort worth it and helped me pass. My companion’s make up efforts were outstanding, and that’s a detail that is vital. Clearly, I confused a lot of people with the French accent (speaking english) and they concentrated more on understanding me (complete with red lipstick) than the tone of my voice.

    Last but not least. At no stage did i feel completely comfortable, because anyone can ‘clock’ you, but I made a point of flirting with the french accent, making sure make-up was perfect, smiling as much as possible and finally relaxing in a dark night club. Phew.

  9. Danii Doors 2 months ago

    I have been out a couple of times in London and I’ve had a few negative comments and looks, what I now tend to do is get changed at or near the venue I’m going to, any advice on feeling safer

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