Crossdressing or transsexuality can manifest itself in childhood or adolescence.

Many boys who become trans girls already identify with the opposite sex before puberty. Of course, this identification deepens with the onset of puberty. In fact, most boys who experience an episode of gender dysphoria end up satisfied with their biological sex when they reach adolescence and adulthood.

Although I have no interest in switching sex, I tried on a bra at 12 when I saw girls at school starting to wear one.

In a poll of men who wear bras, they were asked at what age they first wore a bra (transsexuality, crossdressing/underdressing or even gynecomastia).

Herbal_breast_enlargement_naturedaycom (1)

Here are the results:

6 years or younger: 2%

7 to 9 years: 8%

10 to 12: 29%

13 to 15: 24%

16 to 17: 4%

18 to 24: 11%

25 to 49: 5%

50 or elder: 8% (The majority of older men who adhered to the bra did so because of gynecomastia caused by medications and medical treatments)

Most cases are concentrated in the range between 10 and 15 years, that is, the stage of puberty – where sexual characteristics begin to develop.

Today, there are some lingerie (panties and bras) designed for the male body. But some men who love bras wonder what it would be like if there were training bra… for boys!

On Pinterest there are some ad montages of old training bras packaging with male models…

What if some manufacturer decided to manufacture training bras for boys?

I believe this product would suit trans girls who are still waiting for the transition process, crossdresser boys and boys who like to wear bras. The minimum age for the use of the product would be 9 or 10 years old.

Maybe it would be a chance to break taboos and prejudices.

If I conceived a line of training bras for boys, I would develop three products:

  1. A bralette bra, seamless, no clasps and no adjusters. It must be such that it is unnoticeable.
  2. A seamless bralette bra, but with clasps and adjusters. A more suitable model for those who want to familiarize themselves with the bra, learning how to adjust the straps and how to button and unbutton the bra.
  3. A bra that is almost the same as the second one, but with a small pad to simulate small breasts for those who have not started hormonal treatment or who have not yet developed breasts.

It would also launch models of panties (matching or not), suited to the male anatomy.

I think actions like this could help young trans and crossdressers. Most of them discover themselves in their teens and are often in a difficult situation.

This subject is still taboo and needs to be discussed with ideas and affirmative action.

Boys who have gynecomastia and cannot be operated on may also benefit. Why have the pain and embarrassment of jiggling if he can wear a bra that gives him comfort?

That way, the taboo ends and everyone feels better as they are.


Thank you for taking the time to read my article and please feel free to send in comments to my article or an answer to one or more of the questions below:

*Did you try panties or training bra on as a teenager?

*Would you buy panties or training bra designed for boys if that had existed in your teenage years?

*Do you think there is a market or demand for this?

Sincerely, Marie




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Lexi Beal
2 years ago

6 encouraged by a 8 yr old neighbors cute grand daughter and had a quyasi bi hbby and wife play buddy for the next 5 r 6 years unknow to anyone but he and i almst daily i played his wife

Marian Andersen
Active Member
2 years ago

Interesting article, several valid issues. I think you have a good idea that might catch on with these more accepting times. And yes, I would have liked to purchased such items as a pre-teen/teen, just wonder though if I would have had the courage to do so back then. Had to be satisfied with my mom’s “big girl" bras and panties. Oh! the thrill!!

Active Member
2 years ago

In my second or third year becoming a teenager I shoplifted many things, makeup, panties, nail polish etc. Things a boy wouldn’t approach the checkout or clerk with. One of those things was training bra’s which I started wearing most of the time around 14 or 15. My sister even caught me wearing one one day. I was like a deer in headlights when she came into my room and seen me in a bra and panties getting dressed. Up to that point no one knew. I chose a training bra because they were small and pretty much unnoticed. By… Read more »

Jamie De'curry
2 years ago

I first crossdressed when I saw my older sisters developing and I desperately wanted that. I grew up with only sisters. so i dressed in private and wore things under my regular clothing for years just because I knew my parents would not accept me as I wanted to be. My father was/is very none accepting and vocal about his none support of things like that. I would have loved to have some of these options that you mention at that age. I might be an entirely different person today if the world was accepting enough to have these options… Read more »

Megan Suravlas
1 month ago

I think a parent dressing a child at a young age or not right.Let the child grow up a bit.I was about 12 when I began thinking about it.Let kids be kids

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