This past February, I wanted to try something new and up my crossdressing to another stage, but with any crossdressing session that I get to have, I need to be careful and wait for my house to go to sleep. It’s my secret from my family and I want to keep it that way.

I waited till about 11pm when everyone was in bed or will not bother me. First, I got all dolled up in full makeup to go with the outfit I’d picked out. I went with a shadowy eye look, also a new first for me, which I found by following a YouTube video. I added a fair amount of blush to bring out my cheek bones and applied some red lipstick. It helps to take the focus off my masculine features and bring out my female appearance. I think with the right light and angle, I can be very convincing.

Once my makeup was sorted, I got dressed in my black tights and black and red 4inch stiletto heels, a short tight black pencil skirt, and my favorite top that shows some cleavage. In pictures, I can make it look quite convincing that I have real breasts. I wear a short, light brown curly-haired wig over my own real hair, which is longer. The styling of the wig is better at bringing out my inner-female.

On this night, I wanted to go a bit further and try something new. After some advice and tips from others on Crossdresser Heaven, which helped a lot, I went online and ordered some nail glue and false nails—not too long; I wanted to see how it felt to have longer nails. I decided to buy them in a dark-red, which went great with my makeup and many of my outfits. I think that red and dark colors go well with my complexion, too. It was the first time and I was very excited, also scared, but I didn’t let that stop me. I enjoyed every second of putting them on and wearing them.

The feeling of having long nails made me feel more feminine; I’m so glad I gave it a go. I stayed done up all night and into the early morning hours. I chatted with other ladies on this site till nearly 5 am. It was fun learning to type with long nails and also tapping on the side. It made me smile and giggle; a reminder of how much I enjoy doing these things and feeling feminine.

I searched out and joined Crossdresser Heaven because I was struggling with issues and thoughts about my life and crossdressing. I came to this site for help, advice, and a safe place to be me, which is exactly what I found. I’m so glad to have found this place as it’s helped me so much.

My night was also a bit scary. I felt so comfortable, and my mind was so calm that I actually fell asleep all done up. The sleeping part was good; I needed sleep. It’s hard to calm my head, but when I awoke, everyone in the house was up and moving about, less than a meter away. I was lucky that no one came in, normally they can be quite intrusive, but they didn’t. I managed to change and remove my makeup before anyone caught me. As scary as it was, it was also fun and exhilarating. This is a picture from that night.


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Bethany Fox

Hi my names michael Iv been crossdressing for about 2yrs very slowly doing more over the time. Sometimes i hate it and hate myself for it but cant help myself and othertimes i wont to do more new things or try new things.. and i dont really know what to do.. iv come out to a few trusted peaple .. havent told my mum but have majur saspitions she knows kinda or strait out but has never asked about... i worry she will hate me or disown me so im a little lost..

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Brie Anne
Brie Anne

Looking great, girlfriend!!

patty williams

Hi Bethany,
I’m really glad you had such a good time and you look very nice.
My wife knows of my cross dressing and I dress sometimes when she’s up.but sometime its fun to wait till after every ones asleep and go to the basement and try on cloths and shoes.
I would love so much to try those nails all day.
Than you so much for sharing I really enjoyed.

Active Member

Congrats Bethany on venturing outside your comfort zone a bit. The more you do it the easier it gets. Take it from someone who started out terrified to leave my room and now has flown cross country in full Cyn mode! Thanks for sharing your story -I know it will encourage others to do things they had only dreamed of before too.

Becca English

Beth you look great 🙂


you look great. you should not hide it instead show it off

Olivia Faye Marie
Active Member

Hey bethany, congrats girl.

Jessica Rabbit

Wow, you look amazing girl. Its a shame that your not ready to share Bethany with the wider world, but maybe in time. I’m shy about it myself but am beginning to realise that most people aren’t as bothered about it as I once thought.
Jessica x

Khloe Kouture

You look terrific. Congrats on your experience.

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