Crossdresser lingerie desires

Do you remember the first time that you heard the call from feminine lingerie? The imagining and anticipation mixed with fear and trepidation? In this week’s crossdressing success story Alice shares her first crossdressing encounter with lingerie.

If you have a real life success story you’d like to share, please take a moment  to submit your crossdressing story. I’ll share it with the other readers of Crossdresser Heaven.

Alice’s Crossdressing Success Story – A Lingerie Desire

Alice's Crossdressing Lingerie Desire

Alice’s Crossdressing Lingerie Desire

I remember when I was about 8 or 9 finding out my feelings about wanting to be a lady. I remember my first touch of lingerie. I went over to a friend’s house early in the  morning. In those days we usually called out the name then went inside. Well I went inside and found out nooone was home.

Now I will admit there mother was kind of a single sexy lady back then. Anyhow I went inside and entered the living room. Lying on the floor was a pair of panties with soft nylons attached to them. I guess they were like panty hose but better. Next to them was a beautiful bra and slip. I reached down, touched them and immediately knew I wanted them so I grabbed them and ran home with them tucked in my pants.

I went into my basement examined them, tried them on and from then on I was hooked. I would take any chance I had to to get more lingerie off clothes lines, laundry baskets etc. Today I am a full crossdresser, have more lingerie and dresses than a gal needs and love them all – Now if only I could find a girlfriend to share things with oh well sweet things to all.

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9 years ago

I love hearing from people out there who enjoy feminine clothes as much as I. My preference is to underdress every single day. I wear a longline panty girdle most everyday. I also wear and cherish black support hose. On many occasions I have worn a bra and once or twice added nipple clips. Boots are a favorite, high one specially. Probably I have said too much but the lure of fetish clothes is too much.
Elizabeth Grant
2 years ago
Reply to  Lacey

PS I love that outfit, can you send it to me;-)nope, you didn’t say too much, maybe not enough;-). Currently trying to find mid thigh black high heel boots;-). Friend me please
Susan Veronica
9 years ago

I hope you're going to be lucky with finding that girlfriend, I assume a gg that is, and be happy.

sassy47 (@crissy)
4 years ago

Well it all started about 8 my aunt came to visit she left her suit case open the second I saw her panties& matching teddy I knew I was so drawn to them this fem side took over I put them on it just felt so rite then my aunt caught me terrified she calmed me down I was very lucky she helped me with my look and being comfortable who I am a cross dresser and love it
Elizabeth Grant
2 years ago

Very interesting. My first time was, when house was empty, I would put on my sister’s ballet outfit, leotard and tights. Then my mother’s pantyhose and make-up. Now I’m transgender and loving it. Can’t get enough thongs and leggings. Love being a woman finally.
Elizabeth Grant
2 years ago

PS I love that outfit, can you send it to me;-)

Peggy Ann Culpepper
Peggy Ann Culpepper
2 years ago

I very vividly remember wearing the first pair of painties even though i was exposed to crossdressing by my moms young sisters when i was around 5. They would tease me about being dressed in their clothes and crying when i could not have a new dress like one of them had. Sorry bout straying like that. It was at 10 that i actually remember the first time, on my own. I had to stay with an auny that had 3 girls and one boy all in ages from 5 to 7 years of me. ON my first day there… Read more »

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