I’m 49 years young and live in India.

As you might be aware, we do not really have very conducive atmosphere for CDs, TGs, LGBT, etc., although there are significant related narratives associated with the rich, ancient culture and heritage we have. And this is the present situation when Information Technology has broken many barriers and made thinking a lot more broader. The situation is just a bit better at bigger cities but as soon as you travel down to smaller places and country side, the situation goes, well hmm…. Well, all that said, its not all negative – there are festivals for TG’s almost all over the huge country at different times in different places where they are viewed normally or even a bit respectfully. There is a big region in northeast where this is considered a part of life, there is huge group of people who would rather not care about your preferences and will treat people at par, some TGs have really made it a success in their life, etc.

I read a few things (maybe not too good ones) when I was quite young. Somehow, since then I had this feeling to experiment getting into a woman’s dress and all. When I was around fifteen (that would mean early 1980’s), I had an opportunity to lay my hands on a bra, or should I say lay it on my chest . It was an electrifying experience and so pleasurable to me that I decided to do it again (and then again) as and when I could. Gradually I could add a discarded lipstick as my first makeup, a panty, a discarded cloth as wrap around dress, etc. I practically stopped when I was eighteen and had to get to hostel for my college. From then on till I settled down into my life after my marriage, this was just a fleeting thought. But then it survived somehow and I started again after a gap of slightly more than 10 years.

When I look back now, having done that when I did, and now I know there were a host of others who started off much earlier to me, and where I did (I have lived in small towns, almost country side practically all my life), I find it a bit overwhelming. Until around turn of the century, the Internet was not really much of an option for us. So the only information I had of our kind was one off article in a magazine that gave some name to it which I forgot soon (later I could recall the term as crossdressing). I would think I am the only one in this world with this kind of weird habit. But then I liked it enough to explore things and build on things. Living at a smallish place did not help either – I traveled almost a thousand miles to try to put hands on my first wig, just to find that the place was shut off since some time then.

Whatever, I survived.

Amazing, isn’t it.

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4 years ago

I think that most of us have had that same sense of wonder when we discover that we are not quite as unique as we think we are – that there really are more of ‘us’ just living ordinary lives.

Those who live in smaller communities tend to face greater problems but they can be overcome, as you’ve shown.

I’m glad you found our little place of happiness, filled with we ‘one of a kind’ individuals. Thank you for sharing your story.

4 years ago
Reply to  JaneS

Jane, thanks a lot for your encouraging words and understanding. As one gets to understand that mental or psychological things are much more defining than physical things, it comes as a sigh of relief to be amongst a group of gorgeous ladies who understand 🙂

Dionysus (Captain Di) The Corsair
Managing Editor
4 years ago

I love your story and its quiet beauty, Su. Just as I did the first time I read it and I am glad you submitted it. Every perspective is unique and every experience at least a little bit different. I’m glad you found us and hope to hear more about your adventures in the near future!

4 years ago

Sally, I must give a lot of credit to you and your team for whatever came out. You triggered a thought process and what came out was what I wrote. I m sure being unique persons we would all have some unique experiences but the commonality in that will define the trend. And I do sincerely hope the trends helps us all.

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
skippy1965 Cynthia (@skippy1965)
4 years ago

Su,Thank you for your lovely story and we are SO glad you found our community. Now you will never be truly alone again as we are here to love and support you in being the person you want to be. No condemnation or ridicule-just a listening ear, friendly advice and someone to keep you company! I’m not certain if I will be online when you are due to the geographic differences (I am in Richmond,VA on the east coast of the US) but hope we can get to know you better. Come visit the public chat room!


4 years ago

Cyn, I just loved what you said. And thanks a ton for that. Hope to be in touch with you and other beautiful souls here 🙂

Kayla Jameson
Kayla Jameson (@kayla53)
4 years ago

Thank you for sharing your story. It’s nice to discover that you’re not the only one.

4 years ago
Reply to  Kayla Jameson

Thanks a lot. For sure it was such a nice experience to note that you are not some kind of ET 😉

4 years ago

Su dear your article is encourging for other cds they also can open their mind from my experience the one who has tasted the taste of crossdressing he can not go back he tries to throw away the things after some time again the urge of crossdreing starts hunting i do not know about other but i feel my self some kind of peculer relief i get which is not there in other sort of adiction even sex

4 years ago
Reply to  muskan

Very true Muskan. Often I have mentioned to CD’s who are on the verge of or have purged that CDing is like smoking – once a CD always a CD 🙂

Dot (Donna B)
Dot (Donna B) (@donna213)
4 years ago

Hi Su. I loved your story and how you shared your soul. You have found many similar souls and friends. Stay good. Hope to meet you in chat.


4 years ago
Reply to  Dot (Donna B)

Thanks a lot Donna. Have been a bit away from here for sometime, but do hope to catch up with you soon. Thanks again

Lisa Jay
4 years ago

Su mu u really a sweet woman i m also indian i would be happy if u talk to me

4 years ago
Reply to  Lisa Jay

Hi Lisa, So nice to know about you. Certainly I would love to connect with you and share our experiences 🙂

4 years ago

Hi, I am from India, 59 years old and enjoyed your post.

3 years ago

You are not alone.

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