Egyptian Transsexual

Akhenaten, an ancient Egyptian pharaoh had a form that was indeed quite feminine. A physician from Yale University believes that the feminine form is due to a genetic mutation, whereby the pharaoh’s body converted more male hormones to female hormones than needed. At this point of the story I’m becoming quite jealous of the pharaoh (imagine no need for hormones to look delightfully woman).

Despite fathering many children, Akhenaten had wide hips and breasts (two important physical attributes of a woman, for those who are counting).

In the words of Missy Ann – “The scientists have discovered a new tranny.”

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  1. Zopmetuerfurry 11 years ago

    i am gonna show this to my friend, bro

  2. Lynn Jones 11 years ago

    Here’s hoping for gene-therapy! 🙂

  3. Shahy G 2 years ago

    I’am from Cairo, Egypt, There’re lots and lots of stories about the pharaohs but we got this famous Archaeologist ( MR. Zahy Hawwas ) and i heard a lot of different stories from him about the pharaohs some make sense and others not but something came up once about Akhenaten being Transsexual

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