Crossdressing while disco was still alive

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I’m delighted to bring you a story today from a lady who was out and crossdressing in the 70’s. Back (when I’m told) that Disco was still alive.

Karla is 55, and has been crossdressing all her life – even when she was married. She has witnessed many changes in the last 40 years that has made crossdressing much more acceptable. She has seen first hand the progress we’ve made.

Crossdressing in the 70s

The adventures of a young crossdresser in a strange land.


In 1976 I was 20,I was tall and slim, I wore my blonde hair quite long, to the shoulders. There were no internet or mobile phones, or gay bars, or high school counselors. It was absolutely forbidden to go out dressed as a girl on the street of any city. There was no (good or bad) communication whatsoever with our parents or teachers and at school it was only appropriate to conduct oneself as a boy.

Those strange male humans who happen to like to dress as female had to hide, and wait, many weeks sometimes many months, for the little opening during parents travel or that opportunity of being alone for a while, to find our mother’s or sister’s clothes to try on.

I can still feel my heart pounding.

I would shave, put make up on, wear a white mini skirt, stockings, pink silk blouse, shoes (that was the worse part, my sister’s high heel were quite smaller than what my feet actually were ). I did put large socks inside my bra, grab a hand bag, and on top of my feminine clothes I would put a large sweater and large jeans, dark glasses and tennis shoes to be able to climb a car without my neighbors looking at my all dressed up.

I would drive away for a few blocks until finding a lonely place where I could remove my boy sweater, remove my jeans, fix my hair, put on my pumps and earnings on and drive away a girl. Let me tell you, I looked gorgeous, or so I remember. It is SO easy for boys to look good in girls clothes in their 20´s.

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I can still feel my heart pounding.

Is disco still alive?

Is disco still alive?

I would drive by another neighborhood and sometimes be brave enough to get out of the car and walk a little while, I am so happy I dared to do it. Easily, the must enjoyable experience of my youth. I would drive to a nearby cafe where there were boys on the sidewalk looking at girls driving by. Coming back home was not less complicated, doing the inverse process and landing safetly was very hard. Then I had to put all of the stuff back in it’s place and try not to let traces of what had happened remain. One little stain in the white mini-skirt and I was in deep trouble, since nobody else was home.

That, my darlings, in the 70´s, was something as though as climbing to the top of the Everest, because the little tale you just read did not take place in the United States, or in Switzeland, it took place nothing less than in Mexico City. Mexico City in the 70´s was like being perhaps in some place in the Middle East, radical Catholic, conservative, and ultra-macho society. Not a friendly environment for transvestites.

Young crossdressers did not have any information of what was going on inside their brains, and we had nowhere to get it, we did not know we were crossdresser and that it was “normal”.

Now I´m close to be 60. Still a crossdresser. Still happy. I see that things are far easier. I now have a private wardrobe in the fanciest TG-Club in the (same) city. I have about 60 dresses, all of them mine, more than 20 pairs of fancy shoes, all of them MY size, world class make-up, now I need a wig I didn’t need in the old days, but I have eight, each different colors and lenghts, and all of the accesories, jewelry (even real jewelry) , perfume, and everything I need.

And, sometimes, I hit the streets again, my heart pounding. Not as hard, but still pounding.

I have met Tgirls, that simply don’t dare to go out, here they call them :”closet T-Girls”. I think you should not push it, I think if you feeel like doing it go for it, but if you are too shy or to scared don’t do it. It’s in your DNA, don’t fight it.

Warm and best wishes to young crossdressers in 2015 – Be calm, it is not the end of the world, it’s just your brain playing tricks at you.

Mexico City

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Dwight Richardson
Dwight Richardson
7 years ago

Good morning to all the lovely that are dressing and looking beautiful, for me i am trying to do more than baby steps , it has been about a year me and my wife are getting divorced Thats the good thing she is a hater non believer and wants nothing to do with me Thanks now I can dress and put on make up go to the gay bars and Pride Fest and lately I’m going to try the flat2fem program and grow a pair and be proud of my inner lady cuts She Want Out Love Dedi

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