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Dear readers,

Today’s crossdressing success story comes from a lovely lady who has discovered her path, and the support she needs to live her authentic truth. Please welcome Alexis Marie!

Alexis Breaks out of Society’s Expectations

Alexis Marie

Alexis Marie

Hi, I’m a 52 year old and have had to struggle with my gender confusion since the age of 5 or 6. I grew up with three sisters and a strict macho father, so I had to pretend to be someone I knew was not the real me.

Stepping Out Secrets

I tried so hard to meet the expectations of the social norm as well as what my family expected. This included plying sports, working at my dad’s electrical business, joining the army, marriage and children.

I completed my tour in the army but the marriage failed due to, in my opinion, that I was not happy.

I had moved out at the age of 18 and started dressing fully – it made sense when I was enfemme as if I was whole and complete.

Of course trying to do or be what others expected never seemed to work out. It was after I met my current wife 19 years ago and was open and honest from the start that I’ve been able to be happy.

Although I must still  work as male, with her support and encouragement I’m happy to say I’m now on hormones 3 months now. I came out to my older sister who has spent time with her sister and refers to me as her sister. She said when I told her she cried, not because she was upset but because she thought of the pain and suffering I must have had to go through not being able to tell anyone.

I plan to take the next steps to transition soon and as my sister and wife always tell me,”If you can’t be happy how can you make others happy? Be who you are!”

Congratulations dear! You look lovely, and your courage is an inspiration for us all!

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Marcy Smith

You are an inspiration to me. I just started HRT one month now hoping for the best mystery inspired me big-time I hope I have that courage thank you for your story


Thank you Alexis for sharing your life story.

Joanna Lamb
Joanna Lamb

Alexis I would like to say how happy I am for you. I know I have to work as the wrong gender too. I have told my nieces and they are supportive and I just told my sister yesterday and she tells me she does not think I am transgender. I guess I should have her talk to my therapist.
Anyway congratulations
And I am truly happy for you.


Kayla C
Managing Ambassador

Thanks for sharing your story.
I am glad you have a supportive wife

Susan S

Thank you for sharing your story, Alexis! I’m very happy for you, and wish you all the success as you achieve the life and dreams you deserve.

Erica Cartman
Active Member

Thanks for sharing this story. I only wish I could get the same support you have gotten but that will not come. so I will remain status quo… I wish you all the happiness in the world… Erica

Rose Turner

WOW ! Really? Does crossdressing lead to transition?
Yikes/1 I’m wondering what my journey will lead to. What are you going to do about your wife?

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