This is a recap of my experience going into Toronto for dinner with friends and then taking in some of the Pride celebrations.

Late last year I was elected President of a Toronto-based CD and TG social and support group, Xpressions. We usually do two events per month, a Pub Night which is in the same private room every month near the “Village” (it used to be called the Gay Village, but it’s now known simply as “The Village” to be more inclusive).

The Pub setting is ideal for new girls, or at least the ones who are not used to going out in public. We then do another more public one for those who are comfortable in large and very public settings.

At the previous Pub Night, I asked what they would like to do on Pride weekend. Most everyone wanted to have dinner at, or at least near Church St (i.e., “The Village”) so they could take in the sights and sounds before and after dinner. I made reservations at a place on Jarvis St, which is a short walk from Church St. Church is a major four-lane city road and is closed off for several blocks each way so that everyone may walk down the street, and trust me all that space is needed for the crowds!

En Femme Style

I’m a newcomer to this scene, and by that, I mean, though I’ve dressed off and on throughout most of my life, I’d never once considered myself part of the LGBTQ+ group until recently. Last year, was the first time, I actually took part in any part of Pride. Now, I wish I had long before.

This year, over a dozen of us enjoyed an early dinner at the Blake House, which is a converted 19th-century mansion. We then walked over to Church and wandered up and down, taking in the sights and sounds. The dinner was pleasant, and it wasn’t so busy and noisy that we couldn’t enjoy our conversation before heading out and getting in our exercise. Those who went earlier talked about how great the atmosphere had been this year. I suppose it’s because last June we still had the specter on Covid hanging over us, which has now faded.

I bought a new dress from a local Canadian retailer (in person and in drab!) a few days earlier with the notion that it would be nice to wear for this occasion. Well, I suppose it was a good choice! I don’t believe that I’ve ever had so many compliments on anything I’ve worn before.
It all started on my trip to the Ladies, which is downstairs, and the stairs are the typically narrow ones often found in a 19th-century building. A gent who was coming upstairs paused on the small landing and with a flourish of his arm let me pass. He then said, “That’s a beautiful dress!” as I continued by. Of course, I smiled and thanked him.

Then on the way back up another gent simply said, “Ladies First,” and commented also about how pretty my dress was. I floated up to Cloud 9 for sure!

Visit Transgender Heaven

Some of you sharp-eyed readers might notice two different shoes in my cover picture. That’s because though the yellow shoes are lovely and go well with my dress, they leave something to be desired when walking many blocks.

It’s worth noting that I’m not fooling anyone. The time and location, then my sleeveless dress, showing somewhat manly shoulders, and with my nails in trans’ colours, as well as is my necklace, I could tell everyone I’m an MtF. Unless you know me, you might think I’m fully trans, but it really doesn’t matter in the moment, does it? Besides, this is all about acceptance no matter where you find yourself and even if you don’t yet know.

The vibe on the street was absolutely fabulous! Very friendly with random people greeting me and gathering freebies from various places. It reminded this old chick of how the CNE used to be! The CNE, or Canadian National Exhibition, started off in the late 19th Century as an agricultural and technology fair. It quickly grew and adapted to keep up with the changing times. Growing up in the late 50’s and 60’s it was a showcase for all sorts of new products, food included, and it seemed anywhere you went booths were giving away free things. It isn’t like that anymore!

While walking through the crowds on Church St. many men and women could be seen wearing outrageous clothes, some that were extremely skimpy, and the odd person, shall I say, in between outfits!

This year, I only saw one fully nude guy, with a sign offering “Naked Hugs.” I did not take him up on his kind offer… At other times, there are more, and the police seem willing to let it go unless things get out of hand. There were several women who were topless. But this is more than just a show of flesh, it is to accept each other for what we are, no matter our style of dress or preferences in partners.

Mostly, everyone seemed to enjoy the warm, early summer weather. Then a gay gent holding his partner’s hand, looks at me and right out of the blue tells me that my dress is beautiful! Wow!

All in all, I got a few more compliments from others, including some women. Enough to give this old chick a swelled head!

Unfortunately, it was all too soon to make the long trip back home, but I’m left with all these sweet memories. I look forward to next year! Maybe I’ll even march in the Trans Parade.

Do you consider yourself part of the LGBTQ+ community?

Have you ever been to any Pride events in your area?

Do you plan, or hope to attend any Pride events in the future?


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Active Member
8 months ago

My wife and I went to our first PP in decades, this year. It was the first time out for me wearing a dress and wig. Pictures posted. I had lots of looks from the crowd, but no compliments. However, last weekend, we went to the expanded Woodbine casino*. Lots of people and good lighting in the new wing made for lots more obvious looking, even stares. The only thing that I did en femme was wear short women’s summer shorts which showed off my great looking hairless legs. Did I say stares? Oh yeah. My wife wanted me to… Read more »

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