The greatest expression, of the grandest version, of what is emerging through and as you, is the soul’s purpose, your purpose. This is where true freedom lives.

If we ponder what is natural on the planet even for a few minutes, we soon begin to see that nothing is random. Nothing is by accident, yet it perfectly coincides with the idea of creating and expanding life, and it sure looks like every single living thing no matter how small or large, has a reason for being, even each one of us here!

What makes you any different beautiful soul?

I have written about the tiny pine tree seed before. That tiny, black pepper sized spec becomes a massive pine tree and over time a whole forest when the conditions which will allow its expansion are in place. Are you not as natural as a pine tree seed? Did you not begin as a seed as well?


The difference between humans and other living things on our planet is that we get to decide and create.


Other beings depend on nature to provide the best conditions for their expansion; for example, the molly fish in my aquarium will carry fertilized eggs in her body for as long as six months while waiting for the environment and temperature of the tank to be exactly right for giving birth to her live young.  

We humans, however, have been given the incredible ability to create congruent conditions consciously and intentionally for our natural expansion.

Developing and practising the life skills that allow congruent conditions to flourish is the plan. But what are congruent conditions?

Well, I am glad you asked because creating congruent conditions for your own expansion and expression is only dependant on one thing; what is emerging from within you?

What do you imagine the most?

How would you complete this sentence stem?

if I could, if it were possible, I would be. . .

Now describe what would be your amazing life.

For me to create congruent conditions for my expansion, I had to first see what was emerging from within. Then, support its expansion in every way possible.

It all starts with an idea we feel drawn to or pulled toward.


Practice rejecting any ideas and judgements that stifle what is emerging regardless of public opinion, rules and constructs created by other humans. Then, cultivate and grow the simple life skills required to allow and support the emergence to take place.

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Do you require courage to expand? Determination maybe?

 Perhaps the life skill of confidence is what you need to cultivate within.

 They are all just skills; if you can worry or tie your shoe, you can learn the skills. Learning to stop caring what others think has been a big learning curve for me but the greatest life skill I am learning is self love and acceptance.

The life skill of seeing yourself as an amazing, living being. Not in a bragging, boastful “I’m better than” way, but rather in a way that sees just how incredible and amazing you are as a life form on the planet.

Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Only about 0.85% is composed of another five elements: potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. All 11 are necessary for life. That is what we are physically, amazing right?

Who we are, is a choice. This week, take notice of what is emerging through, and as you; choose which life skills you require to create congruent conditions for this emergence, and begin the learning and practicing the skills.

If you do one bit of practice every day, no matter how big or small, one day, you will become the amazing you that today is simply a thought or fantasy.

Everything is possible when you believe and take action to achieve; Thank you for reading Your Weekly Reset and thank you for being exactly who you are! Together, we are changing the world if we each do our part to expand.




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Dropping out of high school I began touring in the Canadian country music scene at age 17; clubs and soft seat venues, drummer/vocalist for 22 years. After 4 suicide attempts and heavy cocaine etc addiction issues, i decided to learn Self-Acceptance as apposed to self-hatred. I became a student of the Universe and an Instructor of Life Skills at a local College while operating a Private Coaching Practice. Currently, I am rebuilding the Life Coaching practice after a couple years of more personal work well under way. I am also creating online opportunities that will serve our world community…and our world in understanding how the learned life skills of Intentionally and Consciously Creating an Amazing Life have filled my life with Passion, Purpose and Prosperity and they can for you as well... Namaste'

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Denise Trainer Lip
3 years ago

I think most everyone lets their ego and intellect direct their actions. But life becomes much sweeter if your actions are governed by your soul until your ego and intellect come into harmony with life.

Kristy Violet
3 years ago

Wow is all I can say … so on point I find this article. Funny enough, it could be about any situation in life, not just our self expression. Another thought came to mind whilst reading … it is in our nature to first seek the fruits of a tree vs planting and growing a tree which over time provides in abundance. All too often my journey has involved trying to be under someone else’s tree, hoping that’s the right place. Upon tasting that fruit it becomes clear it’s not right … a hidden agenda, the facade of acceptance, ulterior… Read more »

Kristy Violet
2 years ago
Reply to  Char

Great stuff, I’ll check that out further! Where do you find all these gems? LoL

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