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As a young girl I was exposed to the gay community and having been raised to accept people for who or what they were, gender criticism was never condoned in our home. I particularly got on very well with a cousin of mine who was gay and loved him dearly, as I do to this day. From a very young age he showed signs of this in his mannerisms, in his speech and in the way he walked. Crossdressing was never really talked about so I was very naive to it.

A while back, I had met someone who was interested in crossdressing. He raised the topic with me and I agreed to take some pics of him dressed. This I found extremely exciting even though this was completely new to me.

Then, four years ago I met my current partner. Thoughts of having a new chance at life and doing things differently emerged. Life threw us some challenges which was at best very testing. Being far from each other and numerous hours spent on Skype, thoughts of ideas to keep the relationship exciting came to the fore. One night I suggested he try on a pair of my knickers. He really liked the feel of the material against his skin. Now, when I suggested this I never imagined that this would progress to outside our bedroom. Nevertheless, the person that he is, this could not be contained to just our bedroom. He voiced the fact that if he was going to do this, it had to be done right. We talked about this for quite a while. It was then that I developed doubts of what I had started. I expressed my fears and together we decided that for this to work and for both of us to be happy, certain guidelines had to be in place. We spoke about our kids, extended family & friends. It was decided that we would keep this only between ourselves and have fun with it.

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Soon he was wearing my negliges to bed. He loved the feel of satin & lace in particular. Wow, was this kinky! I am fortunate in that he has never done anything that would make me feel uncomfortable and I have promised to always support him and be by his side. We have had encounters shopping for clothing, where he has had fittings in the ladies fitting rooms. We visited a wig shop in the city to purchase him a wig. The sales ladies were very accomodating, making us feel at ease.

Having acquired the basics, she was ready to emerge. Initially we were clumsy but soon with perseverance and determination, she blossomed. Two years later we finally got the look we both were happy with. My darling was a beautiful woman, a classy lady with whom i intended having lots of girly dates. I was comfortable with her. We began talking about taking her outside, she was dying to just get out there even if it was just the two of us.

Our first outing was for a walk at night. I was absolutely all over the place to the extent that I started having tummy cramps. All I wanted was to go back home. She was composed and relaxed all this time. Needless to say the second time round and all the other times were nothing like the first, thankfully. My darling has evolved into a very classy lady. She has acquired a beautiful wardrobe of clothing, underwear, lingerie, outfits, shoes, bathing costumes, makeup, jewellery for every season and occasion. I am extremely proud to take her out and show her off to the world.

To all the spouses or partners of crossdressers out there, the whole experience does not need to be as daunting or scary as you might think. It is very important to talk it through, honesty & openness paramount. Do everything or most things together. Get involved by helping her get the right look. Enjoy the shopping sprees, there are lots of advantages in doing this. I am well aware that all our circumstances are different but sometimes we make things more complicated than they really are. Good luck with your journeys, if you’re having fun then you’re doing it right.

I have the best girlfriend ever who cares & loves me dearly and me her. I’d have it no other way.


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    I am the partner of a crossdresser. Together we share this journey filled with lots of love, laughter and a sense of accomplishment. Living our lives, growing old gracefully together.

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    janedon' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
    7 years ago

    Hmmm–a few observations from me/our experience–
    Trying to keep things “Secret" from family & friends can be a Big mistake—
    Sort of like keeping it secret from your spouse—
    People feel left out & not trusted-weather it’s friends or family-
    &—there Will be a few who react negative—However most won’t & they can most often help “Most" of the negative nellies adjust their thinking-
    Janedon Lndon Ontario

    Jennifer Schmidt
    Jennifer Schmidt
    6 years ago

    My wife and daughter think it’s gross they caught me dressed one day and told me she would divorce me if she ever caught me again and there was to be no discussion on the matter so I went back to hidding all my pretty things and heels gosh I love felling beautiful but don’t get to dress much because she is home all the time any segistions

    Alicia C
    Active Member
    4 years ago

    only the one you don’t want. find some one new. some fights aren’t worth it, life is short.

    Kendra Woods
    Active Member
    4 years ago


    What a great article and hats off to you for being a supporting partner. I have had the honor of meeting several cisgender women recently that are open-minded and very supporting of my fem side. Now to find one where there is a romantic spark 😉

    Warmest regards,


    Stephanie Kennedy
    Active Member
    4 years ago

    You are such very special woman. I loved your story. I liked the way you handled it . You did it slow and took your time accepting the new woman you fell in love with. I hope for all of the woman who have discovered that they too have a partner that has secret desires to dress and express there feminate side can learn they can have a good friend, wounderful lover and can share so many other fun things to do together. Luv Stephanie ❤️

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