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Dear Readers,

When I first started my transgender journey I didn’t know where to turn, what to do and how to deal with the conflicting emotions inside of me. I struggled for many years – afraid, lonely and scared. I was lucky to come across a loving couple who drove 200 miles to meet with me. To be the first people I ever told my deepest darkest secret: I was a crossdresser. Thanks to that couple I found my own crossdressing community.

They introduced me to other people who become my friends, and who walked with me on my transgender journey. Friends who counseled me when I told my wife to be I was a crossdresser, who held my tears years later when I knew I needed to transition, and who were at my side when I had my surgery.

Looking back, those friends changed my life. They allowed me to be my true self.

Join the Crossdresser Heaven Community and find your friends.

A Crossdressing Community to feel at home

Everyone deserves to find a friend who understands

Have you found a friend you can confide in? Have you found someone to share in your laughter, to model your latest outfit to, someone who will be there for you when times get tough?

I’m excited today to announce the official launch of the Crossdresser Heaven Community.

Here you’ll find a safe, supportive environment to discover your inner woman. You’ll join a complete transgender community. You get a profile you can customize, access to the private Crossdresser Heaven social network, messaging and multiple forums for discussion.

Join the Crossdresser Heaven Community today!

The transgender journey can be long and lonely, join to find a friend to share your burdens and laugh in your joys. I look forward to getting to know you.


“Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.”
-Bill Watterson

  1. Jamie 4 years ago

    Every day I wish I could have been born a female and could have had a true female lesbian girlfriend I have no interest in men only in women that is one reason to be the woman I want to be.Thank you for a great place to be able to be the woman I wanted to be.

  2. JENNIFER 3 years ago

    Hello again,
    Like so many , I’d like to meet a female that is O.K. with a male who enjoys wearing silky lingerie. I don’t even know ‘where” to begin looking for someone like that. I live on the east side of Dallas, Tx, without a car (totaled in 2014) & can’t afford another one, plus the fact that I’m a ‘Closet Lingerie Dresser’, and EXTREMELY SHY. I’m ‘new’ to this site and really ‘dislike’ using computers ( born in 1950 is the Main Reason that I just “LOVE” all the lingerie that the girls/women wore when I ‘hit’ puberty.
    Well, I’ll start at this site, hoping I’ll find that “Special Someone”.

  3. stacey s 3 years ago

    Hello Girls and hope you are all well this day! I, have crossed dressed for most of my life. I have also have had sex with both men and women . I have been married twice and divorced twice not because of my cross dressing either. Neither wives knew about my cross dressing except maybe for Halloween on occasion. Being a little older than most I have found that I enjoy my dressing for certain men and yes I prefer men and O love to dress sexy for them except I have not found the right one as of yet . I have been out a couple of times and enjoyed myself . So , I, love CDH and and the stories here and the experiences that most of you had . If , I , could find another CD my area of the Jersey I, would be over joyed so let me hear from you. Keep the experiences and stories and the faith and maybe you’ll find your partner.
    Stacey S

  4. balasaheb dake 3 years ago

    Good luck to you

  5. Ilona 3 years ago

    I have enjoyed cross-dressing since childhood, but I doubt if my father would have accepted it if he’d known. I used to borrow clothes surreptitiously from my mother or sister and lie in my bed. Unfortunately, by bedroom didn’t have a lock, so other members of my family would come into my room. I couldn’t leave the bed as I was en-femme from the waist down.
    I have been through phases of buying lots of female clothes and then disposing of them to ‘kick the habit’, but a counsellor helped me accept who I am and allowed me to wear a dress during counselling sessions. This made me feel a lot better and helped the therapy.
    I went through a very difficult period in 2013, when an on-going hoarding problem led to council staff helping me clear my flat. I think some of them found some of my clothes and I know that relatives and friends wondered why I had feminine undies and the like. A colleague from work took me to Marks & Spencers and I had a nice, but nervy, time trying on feminine clothes. Initially, the female assistants wouldn’t let me do this, but an older assistant allowed me to use the gents’ changing rooms and my friend checked how I looked and which clothes were more suitable for me.
    I visited Long Tall Sally this year and bought some reasonably priced shoes; it is not easy to find size 13 shoes and some specialist cross-dressing shops overcharge for these. The assistant also chose some clothes for me and checked that a green leather skirt fitted. I was unsure about wearing a dress with a long split, but I think the assistant was right to recommend it, as I would like to wear one again – as long as I can get out of it.
    I have told a few other women about my cross-dressing and none of them have been hostile, although I suspect that some men would make rather vindictive comments if they knew. I hope to be more open to some female friends in the New Year and to go to Brighton and walk en-femme with one of them. After reading about George Michael staying in the closet for many years, I want to be more open about myself, but I am very self-conscious and don’t want to get hurt. Nor do I want to receive verbal or physical abuse if I wear feminine clothes in public. It is still a potential minefield.

  6. Patricia 1 year ago

    I’m a married 59 year old white male who loves to cross dress. No one would understand if they found out especially my wife. I’m in a sexless marriage and very frustrated. I really need advice and a friend.

  7. World Mining 1 year ago

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