Dark green vision-blocking curtains covered the window in the living room.

Homemade frosting covered the window on the front door.

I sat in absolute, motionless silence as the repeated, incessant knocking continued, not getting louder, but not stopping either.

I could hear my heart beating as my hand vibrated, yet I didn’t move; I was in full on primary response. The stuff Abe Maslow talks about—fight, flight, freeze…I was frozen in place and that damn knocking continued until finally–silence.

I peered through a small opening in the curtain to see the car drive away and a deep sigh of relief escaped my ruby red lips. I might have peed a little but everything was too tightly puckered for that.

That was me 2001; the terrified, hidden, alone and lonely person. Oh, I had friends, but no one “knew” about Char then.

Goal one: open the curtains–partly. That took a few months to accomplish. I would open them a hand width, then the length of my arm elbow to wrist to allow myself time to adjust. In time, my “I don’t care” mindset grew. Over the course of a few months, the curtains were left wide open all the time.

Goal two: get outside and stay within the boundaries of my own property. Surely I was safe there, and the worst anyone could do would be to say something negative or hurl insults at me; they didn’t. Soon, I was walking around my yard (one small town block) dressed as I pleased. Terrified yes, I was feeling the fear and doing it anyway; it was one more step to freedom and courage, one more step away from feeling like a victim.

Goal three: our local post office is a 1.5 minute walk from my front door. If the wind is right, one good stone’s throw could hit the wall. The goal was to walk there, collect the mail, and return home safely. This was a huge, because there was potential risk of a stranger (one of the “good ole boys”) showing up while I was digging the mail out of the PO Box. I live in a community of 50 people, farmers, welders, and other tough guys all around me. In fact, any one of the local women could take me out with one punch; they’re used to throwing 80 pound bales!

Okay, fast forward to a few years ago, I was asked (by the locals), yes, the very ones described above to run for Mayor of our little town. I did, and I won; I served. We don’t care what you wear they said, just solve the local troubles.

Next goal: drive to the next town, the next city, expand the size of the playpen one tiny bit at a time and one day you’ll look over your shoulder and see just how far you’ve traveled outside of your comfort zone.

Nowadays, I wear the breast prosthesis, pretty tops, skinny jeans, and my beautiful aqua sketcher sneakers. With earrings and hair done, eye shadow and mascara, I travel to other cities and go into shops. Oh yes, there are twinges of the old fear, but certainly not immobilization anymore.

Growing into myself thus far has been the greatest challenge of my life. I’ve come this far by doing two things consistently, being persistent and doing it slowly.

By setting small goals to achieve, such as opening the curtains, answering the door, walking outside, walking to a friend’s house four doors down, or to the post office, and so on I’ve expanded my world and quieted my fears.

I’ve found success by being gentle with my child self and allowing the child to get comfortable with each new step before moving onward to the next step. No rush, no force just gently leading my female child self to freedom, as the adult me learns and practices the life skills needed to take care of her safely.

I wish for you the very same exciting adventure my friends.


n huggles





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Dropping out of high school I began touring in the Canadian country music scene at age 17; clubs and soft seat venues, drummer/vocalist for 22 years. After 4 suicide attempts and heavy cocaine etc addiction issues, i decided to learn Self-Acceptance as apposed to self-hatred. I became a student of the Universe and an Instructor of Life Skills at a local College while operating a Private Coaching Practice. Currently, I am rebuilding the Life Coaching practice after a couple years of more personal work well under way. I am also creating online opportunities that will serve our world community…and our world in understanding how I leaned the life skills of Intentionally and Consciously Creating an Amazing Life filled with Passion, Purpose & Prosperity...

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  1. Toni 7 months ago

    Ty char of your journey , it will help all the closeted sisters we have out there. You are a brave soul for getting out and about and to tell us here.

    • Author
      Char 7 months ago

      Thaaank you Tony, I Am expanding hahaha 🙂
      n huggles

  2. *skippy1965(Cynthia) 7 months ago

    Char great article as always. Your story reminds me of my own fitful starts-bot in counseling and my “milkshake adventure, and my progress since then. Other than the politics part of it, we share many similarities. I look forward to your next article!

    • Author
      Char 7 months ago

      Hahaha well you’ve saved yourself an extra helping of dram by staying out of the political arena dear haha Good Choice! haha But honestly, that segment of my journey was very cathartic for me and I wouldn’t change a single thing …

      n Huggles for you dear, one day I may come to visit n share some stories hehe
      Char xox

  3. Morgan Staar 7 months ago

    great article brought back a memory. I was home from school when mom as at work so I went fully enfemme; skirt ,blouse, heels, an all morning make up job. I was just sitting down to fix myself lunch when the doorbell rang…PANIC!!….it rang and rang..imagination running wild..what if its a break in, or worse, a Jehovah’s Witness. hope they didn’t look thru the window to see that I was home and they weren’t going to give up until I answered the door..They eventually left and I ran upstairs to my room

    • Author
      Char 7 months ago

      hahaha oh the panic in the heart hey? haha I hated those moments of sitting motionless, silent, waiting haha and I knew (mostly) who was knocking because they had a distinct knock, even the witnesses have a funny, “don’t want to be intrusive but we are obligated” kind of knock hahaha
      I did open it one day, that’s another article haha; I’m sure I looked like Mimi from the drew Carrie show that day hahaha
      Thaaank you so much for your feedback my friend, I truly Am honored 🙂
      n hugges Morgan
      Keep On Girl…

  4. Alicia C 7 months ago

    thanks for that story of learning to trust people. my first time freely in public for any length of time was a couple months ago. it was scary and thrilling all at once. within the first minute when I walked down the hallway from the room, I realized I had to own it and be it. 2 minutes late standing in a crowed room of strangers and nothing bad happened. I got read by a few, and others including a group of men right in front me may of noticed, but didn’t care in the least. I almost wanted them to ask me a question…

    • Author
      Char 7 months ago

      hahaha Yeah it’s such an interesting experience hey? To be out there, free, scared, courageous and determined all in one moment.
      trusting me, trusting you…
      I love the phrase, “the fear is real but the why is a lie” Hmmmm that’s another article too hahaha Thaank you Alicia, I love your hair style in this pic girl 🙂 might have to steal it hehehe 😉
      n huggles for you dear, thanks for being you!!

  5. Amy Myers 7 months ago

    Great article. It helps to illustrate that our biggest fear, comes from within.
    You are so much further along the road than I.
    Thank you!

    • Author
      Char 7 months ago

      One small step for man, one giant leap for wo-man hehe it’s not the destination Amy, it’s the journey. celebrate every inch you gain and know that everything you need to “get there” is within. We can bend a branch into a full circle and never break it, if we do it slowly, gently and consistently… You Got This!!

      n huggles Amy, what step will you take this month? hehe

      • Amy Myers 7 months ago

        Char, I’m planning to go to the April pub night, and if I can I will shave my beard, and perhaps one of the other girls could do a bit of makeup for me.
        That would one huge step for me.

      • Author
        Char 7 months ago

        You Got This Amy!!!
        Practice living Independently of the good opinion of others, where and when ever it is safe to do so…I wouldn’t go to a biker bar dressed up n hop[e to live, but a pub crawl with some other girls sounds like an absolute blast!
        I’ve gone to a few in a city near me up here and it’s so exhilarating and emancipating to be out in public places authentically and in safety.

        Take a few deep slow breaths, remind the scared little kid inside that You will take care of her. Take her out safely, let her have some really fun comfort zone stretching experiences and feeeel the freedom, grow the confidence and pleeeeases post a couple pics mmmmK?

        Keep On Amy, you’re stronger than you might believe. . .

        n huggles girl

  6. Lorie Peace 7 months ago

    Thank you, Char, this is a great lesson for me. I read your article twice, and it’s just as inspiring the second time. In looking back at my journey, I can see the steps I took to get where I am, even though it doesn’t appear that I’ve gotten very far. Recently I went dancing with one of my gurlfriends from the support group, which was a surprise to Both of us! It taught me to push the edge, but only when I’m ready. If I push too far, I’ll get blowback from self-judgment, and maybe go into hiding. I like the idea of having steps and milestones that I can put out in front of me so that I can get used to the idea before I actually do it. It allows me to “practice” the step before I take it.

    • Author
      Char 7 months ago

      YES!! Exactly Lorie; you got it!
      Set a goal to achieve, take one step no matter how big or small every week and one day you’ll look back and say “Whollayyyy Crap!, look what I have achieved!”
      Grow your confidence, self trust, certainty and stay power…
      There’s a phrase, woooo and another article coming, illigitimous, nil carborundum… it’s Latin. hehe I’ll write that article today, watch for it Lorie and thank you so much for your comments; I Am Grateful 🙂
      n always huggles for you dear

  7. Charlotte Bristol 7 months ago

    Hi Char,
    Very good advice, Thanks.
    I’ve cross dressed all my life, but only started buying my own things last year, when our last child moved out. I’m very lucky, my wife is very supportive and it’s improved our relationship so much, we go clothes shopping most Saturdays, and she’s just helped me get my ears pierced (I hate to think what they say in the office but I’ve reached the age where I don’t really care).
    I dress at home often and go to a local sauna weekly, just to have somewhere to go dressed. I put jeans and a fleece over my femme wear.
    I used to do my makeup at home but the lighter nights now in the evenings in the UK make me very nervous as often sitting in traffic jams, I feel very visible. My wife doesn’t want our neighbours to see me. I wish I was as brave as you.
    I’m trying to find a similar friend so we can travel to the next town, get changed in a cafe toilet (hmm, ladies or gents?) and then do some shopping en femme. I think that’s the next step for me. Hopefully that will give me some confidence.
    Any ladies in Bristol UK want to go shopping?
    Take care all.

    • Author
      Char 7 months ago

      Awe how fun hey that you get to go shopping with your best friend hehe My wife too is Amazing really, she has purchased a few clothes items for me and several pair of cute Sketcher running shoes. They’re pretty colours and soooo soft haha.
      I’ll post some pics in the near future to show off a few of the out fits she has purchased for me.
      This has been the toughest, most rigorous thing I have done in my life Charlotte; becoming me…lol I think I’m going to use that for the title of my next book haha I wouldn’t say I’m brave dear, but I have heard a phrase i really like…Courage, is not the absence of fear but the ability to make yourself take action in spite of it…I think I am growing two things most on this journey, courage for sure, and the size of my play ground haha.
      Today in fact , I came out to a new couple I met once before. I had been in poofy insulated winter coveralls (Canada) before and today I arrived at their door in a snug T with the twins proudly presenting, I was wearing a fuzzy old wool had (again, winter in canada) before and today, a cute ball cap, pony tucked through the back, side bangs, eye liner, mascara, skinny jeans hahaha As always, it was not “easy”, but it was “easier!” and the first few times were near mobilizing me with fear. I have learned the life skill of taking Char for walks a little bit further from home and showing her that she “is” safe with me and I will take care of her. The more she trusts me the more we relax as one and walk (appearing) confidently through the fear 🙂
      The traffic stops, omg, that was sooo hard at first and then I just kept saying to little scared Char, that, they dont know me, I don’t know them, and even if we did see someone we know, so what? What, (honestly) is the worst thing that can happen? (in my case) people may laugh, point, say something, but really, I never take Char to places where she’s in danger of being hurt; I love her too much to do that.
      What’s a sauna for you Hun? over here, its just a steam room peple sit in pretty much necked haha.
      I have found that patience is a big learn, haha I have given my wife as much time as she needs to grow into acceptance and now on to support and buying things for me. She has told me, if this is how it is, then I’m going to look respectful and confident haha and of course, the right clothes help a lot. I am playing with the idea of breasts now days. I wear prosthetic ones of course, but I’ve been using soaps and creams etc to plump up my own some. I still crawl into bed as a feminine husband, well, in a minnie mouse fluffy plaid sleep shirt haha But I expand a tiny bit, and practice until it becomes comfortable, then I push a wee stretch more and practice…From closed curtains to walking open;y in lots of public areas now; sooo cool Charlotte 🙂
      If you were here I would be “all in” on going shopping with you hahaha I have a few friends over here who I can visit, so I do, and for the stretch, I stop and shop for a while on my own, just to be seen…It’s win/win, I help them see I’m not a predator and when they treat me respectfully, which is 99.99% of he time, my confidence, courage and humility grow in leaps and bounds love.
      I high five you, and I walk right beside you every step of the way Dear…
      You Got This!

      n always huggles for you

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