For slightly more than a year, I’ve had the privilege to be your Resident Editor. A title that means I’m responsible for the content and publication of the articles that you love to read in our article section found by clicking on the word “Articles” which is found at the top right area of your home page. It also means that I don’t get to put my two-cents’ worth in as much as I once did. I thought it might be a good time to provide some important information regarding the submittal of your articles.

The subjects I’ll touch on will include the following: 1) Our types of columns we offer for authors to be published under, 2) General guidelines for each author to follow with their submissions, 3) Our staff editors, and the help they offer to authors with the writings they submit, 4) Questions you might ask yourself in consideration of the message you want to drive home, and 5) My personal encouragement to you to start writing your articles for our Crossdresser Heaven readers!

You’ll notice that we have four columns that run and update when there are articles to post; General articles, Hodgepodge, Media Review, and Your Weekly Reset. Within those categories, I can find a place for most of your submissions; it’s really the reason I created the Hodgepodge column – to find someplace to fit those that are hard to place elsewhere.

I will always give each submission a fair look, but there are some general guidelines to follow in order to get published.

First; No sexual descriptions, depictions, or in-depth exploration… Think PG when you are writing. It’s okay to reference or use a broad approach when you are conveying something of importance. We get it.

Second; I read through many interesting submissions that have potential, but they fall short because of their length. I make exceptions, but you should do your best to submit at least 500-750 words in your narrative. Once they topple over 1000, I have to start cutting, make it two articles, or let it run. Personally, I don’t like doing two parts unless it’s a series. We have so many contributors that part 2 sometimes is more than a month away.

Third; The article part of our site is not for submitting questions, talking about what we wore to bed, a complete and detailed description of your Christmas outfit, short bursts about what exciting thing just happened, rants on other people’s posts, advertising for personal gain, and other issues that stretch the decency rule.

Fourth; What is accepted is the commonality that is us. When you submit an article for consideration, it is your personal way of contributing to the common good…so to speak. What happened to me that would help another? Who am I and how did I get here—where am I headed? What did I overcome that allowed me to experience more? What trials and tribulations have I been through that my actions could help someone else get through theirs or avoid a bad outcome? What am I good at? – (clothing, makeup, accessories, hair style, shopping, walking in 7″ heels – you get the point.) In simple terms; write an article that is your story, an inspiration that others would benefit by reading, or something helpful or creative.

Fifth; You don’t need to be magic word spinner to get published; it’s why our site has editors to help prepare your article for publication and success. (I could always use another editor…just saying…) Don’t be afraid to put your thoughts down and submit them. Trust me when I say that our staff has helped many of our article writers express the thoughts they have with the words that fit. I want to publish your submission; that is my ultimate goal each time I read them for the first time. If they have promise but fall short, I or my editors will give you some encouragement and suggestions on how to make it publishable.

Sixth; Our column or article categories: – I like to think of the General Articles as the introduction to who you are or what event (milestone) happened that you want others to know, and hopefully benefit by. Hodgepodge is for that collection of ideas that could range from How to, Where to go, What not to do, to personal reflections on things that affect us all. The Media Review is where our world is depicted in television, books, music, theater, poetry, movies, etc. At times, other points fit here, especially when aligned with the mentioned topics. And lastly, Your Weekly Reset is our reflection column. Here is where you can go deep and philosophical, if you choose. Its primary purpose is to be a positive influence and give all of us some much needed guidance and hope.

There you have it! Now…get busy and pen that thought, write your introduction, share your experience, inspire others, share your wisdom and insights, and add a little of yourself to our community!


Sabrina (Brina) MacTavish

Resident Editor



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Sabrina (Brina) MacTavish

Brina is from Iowa, and she is steadily learning how to merge her two halves into one whole. Still closeted after 40 years, she hopes to one-day walk freely and confidently in the open. She spends most of her time working as a self-published novelist under both personas.

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Rochelle Mills
Active Member

Thanks, Brina, for the informative description of your role as editor and the various ways we can contribute through article submissions. I also like how you reaffirm the ethos of this site: focus on what is common among us and helps us better understand our femme selves and how we may change over time. The community benefits greatly from this starting point. We can experience all the tawdry flame wars we like just about anywhere else on the web.

Michelle Liefde
Active Member

Great article, Brina!

Stephanie Aston
Active Member

Hi Brina
Great timing, I was in the middle of drafting an article when I saw yours, it really helped me when checking though everything before I submitted it.
Thank for posting this valuable information and for all your hard work as resident Editor.

Stephanie x

Trusted Member

Hi Brina! Scarlett, your first associate editor here. It seems like I’ve edited a ton of articles since you talked me into coming on board as one of your auditors. I think I had turned you down three times before I finally caved in and agreed to become an editor for you. When you told me I could spend as little time per week as I wanted to spend, that’s what finally sold me on becoming your first associate editor. I didn’t think I would ever have the time to do the job justice and I didn’t want to embarrass… Read more »

Amanda Burton

Thanks, Brin, thank you for a very informative article, its a very constructive site that’s offers an amazing opportunity for a community of likewise individuals, no matter at which levels of dressing they find themselves. Each individual has an equal opportunity to express their feelings, fears, and seek advice and help from those on their dressing journey or those that have reached the journey’s end. A blanket of security & protection provided by the site, and the community upon it builds a platform that is the foundation for the future in understanding, acceptance, freedom, friendship and love. “Judge me not… Read more »

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member

Brina, thanks for the job you do week in and week out. I’ve been here since summer 2015 and probably written more articles than most anyone other than Vanessa lol. You do a great job of finding my typos while leaving the “sense” of what I’m writing intact. I love to write and I hope that at least occasionally my words have made a difference to at least one person. For me i write when the muse strikes me -a thought will pop into my head and not go away until I express it and share it. You have certainly… Read more »

T.J. Byron
Active Member

Bravo! Brina, your usual great job.
Those of us who love to write articles can continue to provide meaningful expression of our life experiences
Looking forward to providing more articles and reading many more.
Later, Y’all !

Active Member

Tough job but someone has to do it and I personally don’t think anyone else is as suited as you are Brina. Thank you for doing all you do, Jackie…..

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