My wife and I very much enjoy culture and arts and regularly attend various performances or visit museum exhibitions. Going to a classical concert, a show, a dance performance, a musical, or a museum is a welcome opportunity to elegantly dress up En femme. Me being a crossdresser, I of course specifically seek out those opportunities to dress, which is why many of my days out and about end at various cultural venues. Dressed for a full day out typically means a more leisurely outfit during the day, coming back home in the late afternoon, changing into a more formal outfit, changing jewelry, redoing make-up, and then heading out for the evening. Living pretty much in the center of town makes this very easy.

In terms of dressing up, one of the best occasions to do so is visiting the opera or a ballet performance. There are distinct differences between opera houses that we have visited in terms of spectator appearance. At some of them, you can wear jeans. You might be one of a few, but no one will be upset about it. The opera and ballet in Munich, the “Bayerische Staatsoper,” founded in 1653, is fantastic and that counts for its performances, for the building it occupies, and for the spectators, in the way they dress and behave themselves.

In November 2022, Franziska attended William Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” as a ballet performance at “Bayerische Staatsoper” in a floor-length black dress with a dark blue bolero, dark blue 8 cm heels and a black clutch handbag. It was a blast! And while Franziska enjoyed a glass of Champagne before the performance, a handsome middle-aged man appeared next to her and with a great smile on his face–said “Sie sehen todschick aus!” (“You look absolutely smashing!”).

The visit to “Bayerische Staatsoper” was part of the program of a 4-day trip to Munich, the second all-En femme trip Franziska had taken in 2022. Please also (re)visit my article “Why I love traveling En femme” ( posted on 23 March 2023.

Following a 3-hour ride on the ICE high-speed train from Frankfurt to Munich, Franziska checked in at a hotel in walking distance to Central Station. After a change of outfit, she headed out to dinner at a fantastic restaurant in a nearby five-star hotel. The program on Friday included some shopping in the city center, lunch at a famous beer house, and the visit to see “Romeo and Juliet” described above. The program on Saturday included a visit to the art museum “Alte Pinakothek,” lunch in “Schwabing,” the center of Munich’s “Schickeria” (loosely translated as “the Munich jet-set”), and a performance of “Dracula” at “Deutsches Theater” in the evening. How to dress for Dracula was the question of the day. As with the last trip to Stuttgart, the four days in Munich–with all outfits and activities–are currently being covered on Franziska’s out and about blog. I will also share some more public pictures here on CDH in the coming weeks.

Which cultural events have you visited En femme?

Did you ever go out to a cultural event like opera or theater together with your wife, while you were crossdressed?

And if so, how did you deal with the potential issue of somebody recognizing your wife, coming over to talk to her, and wondering who you might be?






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Dorothy Brinson
Active Member
7 months ago

Beautiful story Franziska. I have never been out dressed En Femme. My wife does not have issues with my cross dressing. One of the rules is I am not allowed to play the female role out in public. Yes I would love to dress En Femme and go out in public. Then again I at least get to dress up at home and be myself. I am allowed to go out dressed En Femme on Halloween. My costumes always scream Man in a dress. I wear a full beard to help keep my face warm at work since I work… Read more »

Heather Shirly
Heather Shirly
6 months ago

What a wonderful post. You look stunning in that outfit. Very well done in every aspect. I love it. This post is very inspiring. I live in a small town but frequently travel to cities for work. Next trip i take I am going to look into going to a ballot show as you did/do.

Thank you for this post.

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