You want to talk about a friendship that becomes so strong you can’t help but smile?

It is the friendship that ensues at the most important time of a Crossdresser or Transgender girl’s life. Yes, I am talking about when they feel like they can trust you and tell you that they are a CD or trans.

After all the crying and heartfelt talk about love and the new path you will be on together it will either be great or be a nightmare. I am going to focus on the great path.

Koala Swim

Watching your best friend get dressed up to go shopping for the first time as your girlfriend is one of the best feelings you can imagine. The smile alone lights up an entire room. The happiness in her eyes is beyond imagination. The pep in her step as she walks across the room looking to you for acceptance.

This is only the beginning.  As we leave for our girl’s day out I catch a glimpse of the person she is truly meant to be. This beautiful person who has waited so long to come out and feel free is now on her way to the scariest day of her life, Walking out into the public eye.

As we enter this experience she holds her head up and shoulders back marching through the doors as I stop and think,” Wow, I need to have that confidence when I deal with things.” I am so proud to be there to help my friend figure out how to be the woman she wants to be.

Watching her, I consider all that she must have gone through to get here.  The wanting to tell someone but afraid of rejection. The needing a person to lean on when the outside world is so unforgiving. Then one day for whatever the reason she picked you to be the person she wanted to tell first. She chose to give you the honor of possibly ripping out her heart. That alone is amazing and courageous and beautiful.

The shopping begins with dresses and let me tell you that the light in her eyes in that moment as your eyes meet, well, you have never seen beautiful like this moment. It is a memory you could never forget.  The moment you gain someone you never knew you were missing. The moment you wish time would stand still and you could watch her forever.  This is a day you wouldn’t change for the world, the day you had more fun than imaginable. You get home with so many new clothes and more bags than you ever imagined, and your new friend says, “how about we go out and I can wear this dress. “Having all of this happiness in one room and to witness the fear of rejection gone, replaced with joy and pride is awe inspiring.

En Femme Style

The life of being with someone who is now their full happy self is one like no other. The old empty shell of not being true to yourself for so long is slowly becoming just an old memory. Watching the person you already loved becoming brazen and bold and so full of joy it overflows into your heart.

The people you meet that are going through the same adventure are absolutely amazing, loving, happy, and brave.

They remind me that life is what you make it. Live everyday like it is your last. Be who you are not what someone else wants. Enjoy the time with friends and make lots of memories and laugh and tell stories.  Go on as many adventures as you can and keep the people who love you for you close. Honor everyone and respect all who respect you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

Please feel free to send me your comments to my article.

With much love, Christy


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    patty williams
    Active Member
    patty williams(@pattygurlcd)
    1 month ago

    Hi Christy,thank you for sharing.
    Having a spouse that is my best friend ,but struggling with my femme side your article was a breathe if fresh air.
    Makes me hope we can one day get to your level.
    You give me hope thank you.

    Last edited 1 month ago by patty williams
    Samantha Peders
    Samantha Peders(@samanthat)
    1 month ago

    Your friend is really lucky to have you! My wife doesn’t disapprove of my feminine side but she is worried about what people would think so she insists I hide it from others. Many of my old friends have figured it out long ago. Most of them have yet to meet Samantha though.

    Last edited 1 month ago by Samantha Peders
    Eda Friendly
    1 month ago

    Wonderful person you are, who wants their life partner to be whole…

    Dawn Judson
    Active Member
    Dawn Judson(@beach-girl)
    1 month ago

    OK if I share this with my wife, Christy? This is wonderful!

    Jane Mansfield
    Jane Mansfield(@janeelizabethmansfield60)
    1 month ago

    Inspiring Christy. A true friend is there for alleviates, good, or bad. Your day out with your friend is one to cherish. A memory to lean on, and enjoy
    Jane Stewart

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