Transgender Facial Feminization Surgery

It’s been two weeks since my facial feminization surgery and I just wanted to drop a quick note to readers of Crossdresser Heaven to let you know that I’m okay. I sincerely appreciate all the good wishes, thoughts and prayers from you dear ladies during this time.

My surgery went well, but the road to recovery is still long. The bruising on my face is subsiding, but I’m still fairly swollen and I’m usually worn out after something as simple as going out to eat for lunch or driving to the grocery store.

I’m trying to write down as much as I’m able, so I can remember the experience and share thoughts and advice with those who are about to embark on this journey, but to be honest right now my energy levels are too low even for such a modest undertaking.

Blessings and thanks, I hope to write again soon.

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  1. Camile 8 years ago

    Glad your feeling better can’t wait to see you new look,Camile

  2. Polly 8 years ago

    Best Wishes   !


    • Vanessa Law 8 years ago

      Thanks sweetie!

    • Charlotte 8 years ago

      Hope your recovery period is as pain free as possible. Just think it will all be worth it and the end result (after all bruses and swelling go down) will be amazing

  3. Vanessa Law 8 years ago

    Thanks sweetie!
    It definitely took a lot of thought and contemplation before deciding to do this. Fear and doubt is normal, and a good part of the process of understanding what is true for you. I’d worry more if you never gave it pause and rushed headlong.

    Blessings dear, I pray your steps follow the path worn through this world for you.

  4. Woodp1954 8 years ago

    It often amazes me how we all dwell on the future and what important things may be coming. It almost consumes us; but when it arrives we ride through it and then in hidesight think how quickly it passed.

    I am sure it is not terriffic at the moment for you; but it will pass quickly and you will be better for it.



  5. Ragina 8 years ago

    Vanessa, Hope you get well soon. I don’t quite know what you have gone through, but I’m sure that it wasn’t much fun at the time. it will, with time be well worth the hassle and pain.  Any way, get better soon and huigs your way.Love and kisses, Ragina

  6. Vanessa Law 8 years ago

    Thanks Ragina

  7. Rashelle Anne Amor 4 years ago

    Wish for you to have a speedy recovery dear!

  8. Claire Renee Howard 3 years ago

    I hope you liked the results. About 18 years ago I had cheek implants and am so happy I did. I always had huge bahs under my eyes that made me look perpetually tired. At age 27 I had tucks made to get rid of the bags. I wasn’t satisfied but the tired remarks stopped so I accepted the results. The doctor said it would last maybe 5 years. He was wrong it lasted 15 years but the comments started to reappear. The next time I sought out a plastic surgeon and followed his advice. Instead of tucks he suggested hard plastic caps over my cheek bones. To my surprise only two people recognized a difference. Other friends thought them nuts till I fested up and told them of my surgery. The best surgery I’d the one people react to but don’t know why.

  9. Stevii Stevens 2 years ago

    I am scheduled to start in March and can’t wait…. It’s been a true struggle what I call the Cinderella Complex. After midnight you are constantly retouching makeup and checking everything to the point of not Being able to just enjoy yourself along with everyone else. I’m excited for you and keep us up on your progress if you can.

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