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On Saturday Night, I went to my first Drag Show. (I previously mentioned getting tickets to the show in a post.)

I had been dreaming every day about what to wear to the show. I browsed the store many times looking at dresses. My finances eventually kept me from buying anything new for the event. I was able to settle on an outfit from what I had on hand.

I also invited a friend and her wife to join us. This was going to be the first Drag show for all of us.  It was a night that would hold many firsts. I arranged to have dinner with my friends before the show. I thought it would be better to have my friends meet us at the house and then all of us drive together.

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That was a step too far. My wife felt that she couldn’t go through with it. It turned into a long emotional conversation. As she saw it, she stated that she would leave me as soon as our daughter’s school was paid for. This led me to ask some serious questions. She thought that I wanted a different wife, one that was younger and would accept all of me. She felt that leaving was to let me have my freedom. She loved me and would stay with me if she truly thought it was what I wanted. After much talk I was able to explain that she was the one I wanted to be with; there has never been or will be anyone else for me. We agreed that we are happy together. She decided that she’d go to the show.

I got ready.

Matching Bra and panty with built in garter, thigh high stockings, tan, long sleeve body suite top, knit black and gold skirt, 3 ½ inch heels, full make-up, my natural hair parted to the side. My wife wore jeans, a sweater, and a pair of blunt stones.

We headed to the restaurant for dinner. When we walk in, the place is full. My friend and her wife have a table. It is in the middle of the dining room. There are tables on all sides of us. My friend stands and greets us, giving hugs as we introduce our wives. She is wearing a beautiful black dress with a white striped pattern on the skirt. Black stockings, and block heels. Her wife is in jeans and a nice blouse. This is her first time in a dress in public.

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We chat and order drinks and food. A person in the restaurant recognizes my wife and comes over to the table, chatting for a bit. No one else in the restaurant pays any attention to us. It was going great.

We drive separately to the venue. Being that this is my hometown, I know the way well and get there quickly. My friend from out of town takes longer. While waiting in the lobby, one of the performers is taking pictures with fans. Other couples are taking pictures in the lobby, we watch as what feels like half the town walks through to the venue. When my friend and their wife arrive, we are guided to our table. The table is already full, so we end up at another that is at one end of the hall. We can’t see the stage and can only see the top third of the performers. Thankfully, when they walk out into the audience, they use the space in front of our table to perform for a bit.

Note: take lots of cash in small bills for tipping the performers during the show.

The performances were ok. The sound system wasn’t the greatest. The drinks were flowing, and the energy level was high. Everyone was having a great time. The show started at eight with six performers each doing three songs, and was hosted by the MC. The show wrapped up around 10:30.

During the evening, my wife went to the washroom and ran into the Girl Guide leader our daughter has been working with for the past 10 years. We know her well. They chatted for a bit. On returning to the table, my wife seemed shaken. I told her that it would be okay if she saw me, and that I wasn’t worried.

Later, after my friend went to the restroom, my wife gave me a questioning look.

Once the show ended, people gathered around the performers for photos. We met in the lobby to hug and say goodbye and drove home. As we headed to bed, she asked what bathroom my friend and I used.  I said, “The ladies.” She commented, “But you are men.” My response was that as we were presenting as women, we use the ladies. It turns out this was another first for my friend, as she’d always used the gender-neutral washroom previously. My wife realized this was the first time we’d gone out with another couple in our entire life. We don’t have couple friends, we have family friends, individual friends, but no couple friends.

So, it was a great night of firsts for all of us.

My wife realized the world was not as bad as she thought. My friend realized that dresses are awesome. I learned that I need to talk to my wife more. We all had fun.

I hope you enjoyed my tale of the day of my first drag show.

Love and hugs Paula

En Femme Style

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    Ally Syn
    8 months ago

    Way to go girl. Sounds like you managed to stay on top form to bring home a win – yay. I do love a happy ending.

    Amy Myers
    Noble Member
    8 months ago

    Great news Paula! Glad it went so well after a bit of a rocky start, and drag shows are a lot of fun. Some friends got me to go to one last year and it was great, but you are right that some performances are better than others. However as a amateur musician I know what it takes to get up on stage in front of people and how nerves can mess you up! Congrats to your friend too! I too always use the Ladies when out dressed, and for Heaven’s sake I’m not going into the Men’s fully dressed… Read more »

    Lucinda Hawkns
    Trusted Member
    8 months ago

    wow well hope your wife will understand the cross-dressing world. We do look good in a dress and nylons just as much as they do. we like to dress up for it relaxes us and helps with depression, panic attacks and we know what real women go through to look pretty, the cost of clothing and time to dress up and put on make-up. i love the feel of a bra and panties with pad, the dress and nylons i love nylons on my legs. my wife knows i dress up and will not help with make up or let… Read more »

    Lucinda Hawkns
    Trusted Member
    8 months ago
    Reply to  Paula Here

    i know what you mean wish wife’s would let us dress up and show them how pretty we can be, but not to show that we are prettier than they are, that is not the point, its the clothing and feel and look of looking like a female plus it does relax us. they can watch a t.v show that has cross dressrs in the show and not think of it but when it comes to us dressing up its a different story. its not like we want to be lesbians or something like that, we just want to show… Read more »

    Loni Eiler
    8 months ago

    First off….let me say you look great….good choices. Now, for the story, I lioved everything you shared…even the tough part about the discussion with your wife…….as difficult as I assume it was it appears to have a reasonable ending. I hope you and your wife continue to grow the relationship and I also hope your friend continues to enjoy herself too. I am trying to kindle some friends in our local drag community in hopes of bringing Loni outof the closet….we shall see. Agsin thanl you for sharing

    Mandi Smith
    Active Member
    8 months ago

    Paula, I really appreciate your honesty. Especially concerning why, we ‘feel’ we have to do this. I took my dog for a walk around the neighborhood today as Mandi. I saw a few people, but none of them saw a ‘man’ walking ‘his’ dog.

    Tonya Johnson
    Active Member
    8 months ago

    Paula congratulations on all your first you experienced. I love going to drag shows dressed as Tonya. And yes, I too always use the Ladies’ restroom when I’m out dressed en femme. I can’t see myself using the men’s restroom while presenting as a women.

    ❤️ Tonya

    Chloé Dawn
    8 months ago

    What beautiful story have feeling this just the beginning of a deeper and richer love between you and your wife

    Cyndi Snow
    Cyndi Snow
    8 months ago

    Lace top thigh hi..stay up or hold up

    Black and navy for color

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