Hi girls!  I have been a member here for almost 2 years now.   My femme name was the one I picked out 40 years ago when I was into CD for a couple of years, Cassandra Joyce Jayson.  I figured I would go by Sandy here on CDH for 2 reasons. First Sandy rhymes with my drab name Randy and my first wig was blond and I thought looked ‘Sandy’.

On Sept 1 2021 I had a hair appointment for 2pm. After my light lunch was done a little after 11am, I knew I needed to get ready.  First a close shave.  Next moisturizer, primer and foundation.  Finally, powder to set everything.  In between these steps applied 2 or 3 coats of mascara.  Finish my face with Mary Kay’s ‘Sunset’.

I struggled to change my earrings (only studs today) – damn arthritis.  All this took almost 1.5 hours.  It takes a long time for many of us to present as a woman.  It never fails that when I am applying primer or foundation that I find 1 or 2 patches of whiskers that I missed.  Put on my flowery top, shorts with sunflowers on the pockets and 1 inch wedges.

En Femme Style

The appointment was only 20 to 30 minutes away (depending on traffic).  I got there 15 minutes early, so I drove around a little, then walked into the Ulta shop 5 minutes early.

It took her over 2 hours to color my hair. She had to mix up the formula 4 times.  My hair is hard to judge that way; it is fine but there is a lot of it.  After the hair was all covered there was a 25 minute wait to let the chemicals work.  The next step was to wash the hair, to wash the remaining chemicals out.  The pampering of having the hair hand washed by her was great.  The next thing was to trim the hair a little, then dry it and do a little styling with the brush.

I looked at myself in the mirror when she was done.  I had requested to have my hair colored darker than I did a year before (I think it was auburn brown).  I looked, my God the ends of my hair was a DARK brown and the middle (where I part my hair) was a bright red brown. Thoughts went through my head, what am I going to tell my co-workers, neighbors and people at church.  Then I looked again wearing my turquoise glasses, I thought I looked good so if asked and they have a problem, the problem is theirs.  Any way I had plans for the next day that would make my hair a non-event!

When I got home about a half hour latter I walked into the door completely in femme yet with my much darker hair.  Her first comment was “you weirdo, you are a male, you should look and dress as a male.  At that point I started to giggle, but this just made her madder.  But we all know the problem is her’s!!

Visit Transgender Heaven

The next thing she did was to take my picture all femmed out.  A little later she goes over to our daughter and shows the pictures to my daughter and granddaughter.  They already know, the X told them 2 years ago when she first found out.  But I need to think of how I show them and talk about it.

This ends day 1 of my new Cassie adventure.

Thanks to you girls for taking the time to read my article! Please feel free to send in a response to my article or one of my questions posed to you below!

  1. How did you girls come up with your chosen femme name?
  2. Have you ever been to a makeup or hair salon or retail store makeup department for a professional makeover or hair coloring and styling to be done on you? If so, how was your experience – good, bad, or somewhere inbetween?
  3. How many people in your immediate family or former immediate family know about your thrill of cross dressing?


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Cassie Jayson

I am in my mid 60's recently started crossdressing again after almost 35 years of not and been discovered by my X and on some level am scared to death ;; 2021 update;Have had a good time here on CDH , been out several times and told most of family

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Lucinda Hawkns
Active Member
Lucinda Hawkns (@dlgeb275)
1 month ago

Hello  Sandy  first off you look great and 2nd you must be proud to have a pic taken by wife or x wife, then also have members know you are a cross dreser. 1st off my fem name came from a girl i knew in school, 2nd no i have not gone to a salon to have a make over 3rd my wife knows for sure i dress up and knows of my collection of make up and dresses, nylons, perfume and ear rings, bra;s and panties. my wife gave me some of her moms ear rings in which her… Read more »

Caty Ryan
Active Member
Caty Ryan (@ryan-paul)
1 month ago

Hi Cassie To answer your questions. 1/. Cetherine came from a woman who came to our house one night about 40 years ago. She was dropping off her kids for my ex and myself to child mind whilst she nad hubby went to a formal ball. Impeccable hair and make up and a long flowing apricot chiffon gown. She looked stunning. Which I eventually replicated as per my profile photo. More detail in my public photos 2/.I’ve had several professional makeovers over the years and loved every second of them. Three cities in Australia, plus Toronto Canada and a number… Read more »

Kristen Smithly
Kristen Smithly (@kristencd)
1 month ago

Hi Cassie. One time I did have a “professional” makeover done. She was a coworker who worked part time with me, She commented on the color of my panties (waistband was showing) and said I might want to cinch up my belt a little. After that we talked a lot about fashion and stuff. She was breaking into the cosmetology/esthetician field having just finished schooling. She was trying to land a full time position in that area.She asked if she could practice on me, if I would be willing. I of course said “yes!” She did a great job, and… Read more »

Rose Iyer
Rose Iyer
1 month ago

Hello Cassandra (Cassie). I am Rose. Like you I did a few things CD a number of years ago in university. I did not do it in front of people I knew. I was generally “alone” in my university apartment. I have never let my family (parents, younger sister, etc) know. My family is a bit conservative. Typical immigrant family from India. My sister and I were born and raised in Illinois. I am the elder of us two siblings by three years. I became an engineer. Sister is a MD. This whole thing of CD would freak them out.… Read more »

Kendra Beauford
Kendra Beauford
1 month ago

Wow, I love your look, but LOVE your attitude more! I look forward to hearing more of your story…

Anastasia Chase
Anastasia Chase (@anastasia627)
1 month ago

How did you girls come up with your chosen femme name? I have had that name in my mind for many years. Have you ever been to a makeup or hair salon or retail store makeup department for a professional makeover or hair coloring and styling to be done on you? If so, how was your experience – good, bad, or somewhere inbetween? No but have been with my daughter looking for makeup for me and my hooded eyes. How many people in your immediate family or former immediate family know about your thrill of cross dressing? All of them… Read more »

Krissy Richards
Krissy Richards (@krissy1967)
1 month ago

Krissy is very close to my birth name

Kathleen De Mayer
Active Member
Kathleen De Mayer (@kathleen40)
1 month ago

Hello. My name i chose is Kathleen . My family doesn’t know about this side. But my mother told me if i have been born a girl my name would have been Kathy. I always remembered that and so Kathleen was born about a year ago. And ‘ de mayer’ is a family name that is typically Belgian . And for the last question i have never had a make over . Hope to do so next year.

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