Welcome everyone to part of my story. Sept 2, today comes the fruition 6 weeks in the planning.  My day starts before 5am.   Then I go about my normal morning routine for the next 2 and half hours.  Then morning tasks including gassing up the car for my little trip.  I got home shortly before 9 am so that I could be home for the delivery of new kitchen cabinets.  By 10 am I needed to get ready for my trip.  I loaded the car with everything for my trip except what I needed to prepare myself plus a set of drab clothes.

I did my makeup routine much as the day before.  Shave, moisturize, primer, foundation, mascara etc.  Today’s lipstick was ‘black raspberry’ from Mary.  This shade is much darker and  more red than the day before.  I thought this shade went so well with my now darker hair.  The last thing to complete my look for the day was a necklace and matching ear rings.  Had a very difficult time with the ear rings, damn arthritis.

It was a little after noon by the time I got going.  Walking to the car completely in femme. Nervous? Yes, but I kept thinking about the rest of the day.  A few blocks down the road I realized I had forgotten something so I circled around the block past the local school.

About 1 hour later, I am driving through another small town where my brother lives with his transgender child in the upstairs.  Now I am 67 and have a hard time thinking of myself as more than a man in a dress.  So it is hard for me to think of my brother’s child as Harmony rather than Ben, even though SHE has been out for over 4 years.  I stopped at the house partly to show off my new hair color and partly to invite her along to her sister’s.  Her sister had invited her along a few weeks earlier.  She refused to go siting her extreme social anxiety.

En Femme Style

Getting going a little after 2 pm, I needed to get moving to get to Waterloo for my hotel reservation.  I got there, checked in, and unloaded my things into my room.  Not one word or comment about how I was dressed or about using my drab ID when I was checking in, seemed business as usual for them.  After unloading things into my room I drove over to my niece’s place in Cedar Falls who I was to meet at 4 pm.  I got there at ten till 4, however, she was not home and her husband answered the door.  Again, he was not phased or surprised how I presented myself.  Only a few minutes passed and my niece was home.

From here my REAL adventure starts.  I had called her about 6 weeks earlier and asked if we could go out together for a mani/ pedicure.

She drove us to one of her favorite nail salons.  I had the mani/pedi while she had a mani.  The Pedi was something in itself.  Feet soaking for at least 15 min, lower leg massage, trim toenails, and application of nail polish.  They applied at least 3 coats of color before the top coat.  Now I look down at my pink toenails a lot!!

Next up were my finger nails.  First they filed my nails, tips and top of the nails.  The next step they put on fake nails, over an inch long.  While they were doing my left hand I couldn’t help but wiggle my right hand fingers, just to stare at the looooong nails.  Next they clipped my nails to about one quarter inch.  Then they put on what almost looked like a putty to make them about 3 times thicker than normal.  Then they applied a base coat and then 3 coats of color.  Color was yellow on the fingers with red letters and red on the thumbs with yellow letters.  The next thing was the letters put on I had requested and finally the top coat.  The letters on my nails are I S U C Y on the fingers and ISU on the thumb.  This was a calculation on my part my college is predicted by some to maybe have the best season in 100 years.  I am hoping that when I get back to work next week, this will give me the courage to leave my nails as they are when in drab.

My guess is no one will even notice my darker hair with my nails like this.

After this my niece drove us back to her house, picked up her husband, and the three of us went out to eat.  It was something else being referred to as she/her or ma’am several times!!

This end day 2 of my new adventures as Cassandra (Cassie).


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Cassie Jayson

I am in my mid 60's recently started crossdressing again after almost 35 years of not and been discovered by my X and on some level am scared to death ;; 2021 update;Have had a good time here on CDH , been out several times and told most of family

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Deborah Sullivan
Trusted Member
2 years ago

Sounds like an exciting and wonderful adventure girl. Keep those nails like that cause few if anyone will notice but you will and it will be a constant reminder of who you are Cassie

Jeanette Johnson
2 years ago

Cassie, wonderful story I wish I had someone out of town to visit a road trip enfem would be a blast. I had my first mani/ pedi before I went on vacation in September it was great, I had no idea what to expect I wish I could have had tips done but couldn’t get away with that. I know it’s wonderful when someone says thank you mam or come back soon ladies I just get goosebumps. I think we are around the same age and I feel that the time for Jeannette is slipping away I just have to… Read more »

Chrissy Smyth
2 years ago

So exciting! I remember my first time out. So nervous. Glad you had fun.

Raquel Smith
Raquel Smith
2 years ago

I’ve accompanied my wife on several pedicure visits in recent years. Each time, the salon proprietor jokingly asking what color I want, in front of my wife, while holding up some bold pink bottle. I’m not out, to anyone who knows me, at least. So I have to decline the polish and just get the soak, massage, and trim. On a lark, I feel like saying, “You know, maybe just one nail with that color” to see how she would react. But I know.

Sounds like you have a loving, supporting network, Cassie. I’m happy to you.

Last edited 2 years ago by Raquel Smith
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