Love in a box

My wife has struggled to accept my transgender nature over the last few years. I know that she tries hard and loves me a lot, but at times she treats Vanessa as an unwelcome interloper in our marriage. As much as this hurts me, I know that my gender confusion causes her just as much pain.

I think the most difficult thing for her to handle is my uncertainty – I don’t know how far along the path to womanhood I need to travel. At times I feel that nothing short of complete transition can still my spirit. Yet just as quickly love for her wells up inside me, and I cling to hope that perhaps just a bit further will leave me satisfied.

At times it feels as if we battle each other almost as much as I war against the confusion raging inside of me. Then in a moment the gray skies clear to let in the sunshine of peace.

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It’s one of these moments of crossdressing acceptance I want to share with you. It came as a complete surprise just a few days ago and still fills me with joy.

Loves Transcends Transgender

A few years ago my wife bought me a beautiful jewelry box for Christmas. It was to hold my growing collection of feminine adornments. A year later I decided to quit crossdressing once and for all. Though I foolishly threw out all my clothes, I (more wisely) gave my jewelry box to my wife.

It didn’t take more than 18 months for me to realize that once again my well intentioned purge would crash against the rocks of my nature. So slowly, as budget would allow, I began replenishing my wardrobe and the accessories to complement my outfits.

Now, there’s nothing quite so tacky as to ask for a gift back. Especially since my wife had made productive use of the jewelry box I gave her. Since my earrings and necklaces were homeless I mentioned to her that I’d need to buy a new jewelry box. As a couple we tend to buy things slowly, so a few weeks passed without me giving this another thought.

Crossdressing Acceptance in a Box

A few days ago as we’re winding down the evening my lovely wife presented me with a wonderful surprise. A homemade jewelry box! Complete with felt lining and a colorful high heel adorning the outside.

I almost cried, but I think I was overcome with the shock of joy that I just hugged her. It was like a crossdressing Christmas in July.

En Femme Discover Woman Within

I know my transgendered nature is hard on my wife. Even amidst the struggle her love for me shone through. I am truly blessed to have someone who cares so much for me. Someone who is willing to wrap her gift in a priceless treasure, and fill my jewelry box with love.

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11 years ago

Isn’t it wonderful when she does stuff like that? My wife is always surprising me with a trinket, clothes, a new pair of shoes, or something. Accepting women like that are a rarety, indeed. Treat her right and you have what most can only dream of.

11 years ago

A very lovely story. Thank you for sharing what your sweet wife did for you.

It’s true what Heather said. Accepting women are rare indeed. And when you are married to one hold on to them for dear life.

Veronica =)

Jessica Sideways
11 years ago

I am glad to hear that your wife is very accepting. I hope that you do not “freak out” and purge your wife’s beautiful handiwork again. -_-

11 years ago

My wife wears jewelry that I’ve given her more than anything else she owns. I always found that interesting, but began to really experience it first hand when she started giving me similar gifts. No matter what it is, I’ll find a way to wear it when I can, simply because I have an emotionally good memory associated with it. You cannot really buy that thing, you have to experience it. Yahoo for your wife for extending herself in that way.

10 years ago

The loveliest Chritmas present my wife could give me is to accept that
i love crossdressing

10 years ago
Reply to  Sharon

Sharon, Hi I’m Ragina. Be patient dear heart, it took almost 15 years for my wife to fully accept my crossdressing completly. Now she is very thrilled by my female half, and that is so much more than any other gift that you could recieve. Love yourself and love your wife more, I will promice you it will pay off in the end.

10 years ago
Reply to  Ragina

Hello Ragina. My wife has known of my crossdressing for many years
but will still not accept it. Unfortunatly with me being a month of
71 time is running out. In the meantime i will enjoy what i am able
to do. Regards Sharon

10 years ago

To this day I remember the first thing my wife bought me… a pair of lacy panties from Victoria Secret. I wore it when the day of our wedding. I did dress in femme,however the gift she gave me made me feel even better on our special day. We “Tg” girls need to be very thankful everyday when we are blessed by God with such a undersatnding,accepting wife. A true gift from God. I’m very happy for all you ladies that have someone that amazing in you life. And for those who donot yet have that person,know that God loves… Read more »

10 years ago

I did not recieve any beautifull ladies jewery nor any pretty skirts. But what i did recieve to me was as much a joy. My wonderfull daughter who accepts me for who i am gave me a new micro-wave. And to me that is a wonderfull thing. For not to long ago we could not even talk. But once we sat down and opened to each other, well it was the most wonderfull time. Maybe next year!

9 years ago

Wow Vanassa that’s me that your describing!!  OMG

4 years ago

I have a wonderful, beautiful wife who accepts me as ‘Melanie’ whenever I get the chance to dress en femme. I would be overjoyed if she would one day surprise me with a gift for my female self…even something as small as a new lipstick or mascara, some sexy lingerie or anything relating to my female self.Our sex life is better than ever, as I like to dress up prior to this, and my wife seems to really enjoy my female self.Would love to go out shopping with her as her female partner, but feel she may be embarassed if… Read more »

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