A crossdressers Christmas list

Christmas songs are in the air, as the cool wind dances through the trees. A blanket of white covers the mountains and trees with a shivery frosting. Gingerbread and carols and shopping for gifts – Even those of us who have gone many turns around the sun find our eyes sparkling with anticipation. Ahh – yes, the Christmas season is upon us in Seattle.

For loved ones and wives shopping for their transgendered girl offers a wonderful array of gift options, and perhaps those who crossdress would find room in their Christmas shopping for a little Christmas gift. So with bouts of ‘Ho Ho Ho’, I’ll share with you

My Crossdressing Christmas List

A little black dress to wear to the party,

Transgender Heaven - Gender Journey

A necklace of diamonds that shine and are sparkly,

A book for my mind,

A few pounds from my body,

I think would be a good way to start, my crossdressing Christmas.

But if I could have anything for Christmas I think I’d choose to pass as a women whereever I went. With breasts of my own or even for rent. Locks on long golden hair to tickle my shoulders. And this Christmas has become a bounty of crossdressing fun!
It would delight my heart to receive a pair of high heels. Dress boots are my favorite for fall and winter weather, just make sure they’re not too small – I’m a 12 wide you see.

The list of fabulous gifts you could buy your man who would be a women goes on. Each present unwrapped will bring untold joy. Not just in the gift that’s received, but the thought and the love and the acceptance it brings.

While Christmas is coming I think there’s still time – to write to Santa and tell him what you’d like. Comment here and let us know what would make your Christmas magical this year.

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Lynn Jones

Nice post! 🙂

It wasn’t for Christmas, but a few years ago the ever lovely Mrs Jones bought me a ladies watch while we were out shopping. Financially speaking it wasn’t much, but emotionally it meant a huge amount to me. I still have it and whenever I wear it, I think of her wonderful smile as she handed it over.


My hair is longer, chest is growing so Ill have to go for the acceptance idea. This to me is the toughest part. Leslee

Monica Smith

All I want for Christmas is my two front Breast, my two front Breast, lol, but yes, a gift of implants would make my Christmas dream come true!!

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