I want to share with all of you, who are relatively new to crossdressing or haven’t met someone with similar interests and gotten help with your dressing, what it’s like to go to a transformation studio.

My first try at crossdressing was when I was 20. A friend of mine said, “You have such a cute face; you would look awesome as a girl.” That intrigued me and made me think about dressing as a woman. I purchased a dress, heels, wig and some makeup. I did my best to dress up, and as I looked in the mirror, I liked what I saw. It started that tingling sensation deep inside my belly…

I did dress up a few more times, but found my significant other and got married. That sensation of when I dressed up went away as I dedicated my time to climbing the corporate ladder of success. After 25 years, going through a divorce and getting involved in the dating scene again, I purchased a lovely suburban home and began living alone. That urge, that tingling sensation of wanting to be en femme came back.

I started to purchase dresses, heels, wigs; all the necessary items to feel feminine once more. Over the past year, I dressed nearly 100 days out of it. I love it, but something was missing. How can I look my best? Someone has to be better at makeup than me. I looked for a professional who specialized in male to female transformations. I admit; I was worried about having someone do the makeover for me, but I was also very excited about the opportunity. I scheduled my makeover with Amnesia Sparkles, AKA Adrian Acosta.

As it grew closer to the actual day of the makeover, it was I all could think about. Even at work, I started day dreaming about how it might actually go. Nervousness overcame me… then excitement…. moments of bliss, and plenty of smiling from ear to ear.

On the day of the makeover, I traveled to the destination, parked, and walked as a dude to Amnesia’s residence. I pressed the bell on the intercom to speak. I hear a voice, “Hello, who is it?” It made me shiver and my hands instantly perspired. I responded in a soft, high pitched tone, “It’s Arial.” There was no response…. just silence. A moment later, Amnesia Sparkles opened the door. That’s when I almost fainted… (LOL)

I didn’t really know where I wanted to go with this transformation. Amnesia began talking about the transformation in a very excited tone. She was so warm and wanted to help with my transformation into a woman. She entertained me with stories about her clients while she did my makeup. I took extra notice as I watched how she used her expertise to contour my facial features, so exact, so caring.

Amnesia provided guidance; offering suggestions for my personality and ways to enhance my current physical look. After my makeover, I posed for numerous photos. Amnesia asked me to pick out some of my favorite music to help put me into a comfortable and fun mood. As some of the music played, I let myself go, feeling ever so much a beautiful woman. WHAT A FEELING…. For the first time in my life, I REALLY felt what being feminine is about and what it truly means to be a woman. I couldn’t stop smiling….What an experience.

For all of you that have never had the opportunity to experience a professional makeover, I strongly encourage you to do so.

Visit a Male to Female professional and be transformed! Amnesia Sparkles provided not only the makeover, but her friendship. I had such a fabulous experience that in the near future, I’m looking forward to another makeover with Amnesia Sparkles. After the transformation, we listened to music, danced up a storm, and laughed so much…

Having the makeover totally relaxed me about my crossdressing. I’m looking forward to my next step; going out in public after my next M to F transformation….

Sisters and girlfriends…Give it a try….. You’ll LOVE IT!!!



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Successful in business.... Recently found cross dressing.... I like it, especially the makeup..... Looking to find others to exchange information and possibly dress up with...

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Arial, thanks for writing this article. I’m happy for you that you got several chances to get those makeovers done, and got such awesome photographs from them. They did a great job, but they also had some good raw material to work with! 🙂

Hopefully there will be other chances in the future sister…

Gaby ♥


getting a professional makeover is still on my bucket list and to be able to stay that way for the day

Sidney Silver

You’re right on the button Arial! I did the same process. After trying to do my own makeup, I went to a professional and wow. What a difference, what a core altering experience. A huge positive change in how I felt about dressing, but a great enhancement. And I was thrilled and so content. Also smiling makes a big difference. It changes a person’s energy. It invites people to smile back. For me, it’s important when I’m dressed in public it is crystal clear I’m trying my very best, and I’m taking what I do seriously. Like I’m respecting my… Read more »

Donna James
Active Member

Looking good.

Fiona-Ann Moss
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Hi Arial, many thanks for sharing this with us, i have no doubt it will give others more confidence to try a make over. I have recently found a place near me that caters for Transsexual and cross dressing make overs including advice and tutorials too. I might just give this a whirl! You are looking as beautiful as ever hun 🙂 , take care!

Fiona xxx

Olivia Faye Marie
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is she the one in Pittsburgh?


You Look Fabulous!! 🙂

Camryn Occasionnel

Very much enjoyed reading your article, Arial. Since I joined CDH, I’ve been dreaming of having a professional makeover, especially after hearing stories like yours and others at CDH who’ve took the plunge and had it done. Most (not all) have had positive and memorable experiences. I’m happy yours was fabulous!

Keep on smiling, you look great!

Davinia Hart

Hi Arial,

Thanks so much for sharing this Honey. So inspiring, and you look fabulous, but as Gaby says you look good to start with. Would love to have a pro makeover of my own one day, just not so easy to find in the UK. But I know for sure one day I will, so it’s something wonderful to look forward to.

Love the dress too! You look gorgeous girlfriend, stay beautiful!

Hugs, Davinia xoxo

Active Member

Thanks for your great story I hope that I will get the chance to do the same thing as well always dreamed about having a professional make over xx

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