I’m going to share with you my story about my day at a TJ Maxx store. Just keep in mind I’m no writer and I’m just a man telling his story.
On August 31, 2023, I blew 10 bucks at a TJ Maxx store. I was there looking for a birthday gift for my granddaughter-in-law. I walked over to where they had dresses. You know, just to look at the clearance selection. I saw this dress that just screamed ” Buy Me Now” and it was only ten bucks.

So, I went to the fitting room, and it fit perfectly. I’m sitting there in front of the mirror doing the swaying and spinning around thing you do when you wear a dress. Here I am, just falling in love with this simple dress. I don’t believe that I have ever wanted a dress this bad before, and I was going through I had to have it kinda thing.

So, I took it up front and paid for it. But this time, I did something I had never done before. I asked them if I could go back to the fitting room and put the dress on and wear it out of the store.

I bet they all wanted to take a picture as this big hairy, bearded man walked out of the store wearing a satin casual dress, carrying his purse and shopping bag.

Crossdresser Superstore

I finally felt real freedom. I had done something I wanted to do, like forever. Get this, I had no fear whatsoever. I just did it like I was meant to wear it. Talk about how cool is that! To not have any fear whatsoever, and I did it without the help of any alcoholic beverage. Like my first time in public as a CD in the 1980s. (Talk about how times have changed)

And I did this without having to be girly or anything. I was the real masculine, androgynous, crossdressing me. I was myself, the real me. I can’t even put my joy into words about how this really made me feel.

I spent the rest of my day in that dress. I went to three cities doing my running around and doing my errands. People all day asked me if I’d lost a bet or dare. Some even wanted their picture taken with me. It made me feel a little famous. I loved all this positive attention I was getting.

I haven’t felt this happy and free in a long time. It proved today that you don’t need to look female to enjoy wearing a dress and be outdoors in public view.

I’m so freaking stoked that I finally made it to this point in my life. I just had to come to Crossdresser Heaven and scream out this accomplishment of mine.


Venus (My Wife) loves the dress too and she has threatened to steal it from me.



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Ster Eleo
7 months ago

And your wife! Thanks for including her in the story. Many of us who are married face that public rejection that you have (feared) for so long right in our own homes from the person that loves us the most. To me, I see two successes in your story. Thank you for sharing.

Amy Myers
Noble Member
7 months ago

That’s fabulous! Awesome to that your wife loves the dress! Such a simple thing isn’t it, but oh so rewarding, just being yourself.

Alli Katz
Active Member
7 months ago

I love this story Hippie. You’re clearly right out there on the don’t-give-a-stuff-about what-anyone-thinks scale. I love that you didn’t try to hide your masculine self. See dress. Will wear. Why not?!

I do think there’s an aestnetic juxtaposition between physical masculinity and the design of modern feminine clothes. But heck. It’s your life! Well done you!

Lara Muir
Active Member
7 months ago

Awesome story Hippie! Two huge wins, enjoying yourself out there without any fear, and your wife liking your dress so much that she wants to wear it too. How great to be so accepted!

Active Member
4 months ago

Well, that was weird. Hippie shows up and I got two notifications of two new replies. I looked for replies dated in December.
Nope. It’s as if the two posts just materialised now. 😁

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