On last Sunday (1/29/2023), I had the chance to get out cross dressed as Kirra.
I was not sure where to go, but I wanted to get out during the afternoon.

After trying to find the best place to go (already get to shopping centers the previous weekends), I remember that usually cross dressers like to go out at night to limit the risk of meeting someone or been recognized, and so are usually called “creatures of the dark”. And so I had my plan!
Going to the cinema 🎥🍿 and catchup on a movie I missed.

So I checked the theatres around my place and found a time for “AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER” at 15:00 in the afternoon. 👍
At 12:30, I started to prepare myself (shaving🪒, makeup💄, dressing, …). It took me almost 2 hours to get ready!! Ok, mostly because I spent more than 30 minutes to decide how to dress 👗as it was a hot day outside.

Anyway, I finished to be ready just in time to get out and catch my bus.
Using the public transport 🚌 as Kirra is not a problem for me as nobody uses public transport on the weekends. So it’s usually a safe ride.


I was on time at the theatre and I was able to book my seat from a vending machine. Then I enjoyed 3 hours in the comfortable seat watching the movie. Actually, I was surprised that the film was that long, I was expecting to spend only 2 hours and 30 minutes in the theater. But it was cool to be there as Kirra.

The session ended around 18:15, and I was lucky enough to get a bus to ride back to my place at this time.

Once back home, I stayed dressed as Kirra until late in the evening.

I’ve already been a couple of time in public as Kirra during the day, and it’s always pleasant.
But I think this experience was even better. As once the movie is started, you don’t have to worry about been seen by the others, or thinking about your passing or make-up. You can simply enjoy the movie as you are.

So I wanted to share my experience to maybe help some of you to get public with low risk.

So here are my tips:

  1. Prepare your session for the right film at the right time:
    • Monday and Thursday are usually the less busy days, but any other days in the afternoon should be fine.
    • Avoid school and public holidays.
    • If you are afraid to get caught by your neighbors check for late sessions, but ensure you have appropriate transport 😉
    • Check for movies which have been released for 1 month. Most people should have already watched it, and then it should have less people in the room.
    • Check the size of the theatre, you don’t want to go to a session in a 30 seat theater. Bigger is better!
    • While checking the size, check how many seats have already been booked (at least 2 hours before the session), and check where you should be able to sit without being too close from others.
  2. Buy your ticket:
    • Movie Theatres usually don’t have cashiers anymore; you can buy your tickets online or at a vending machine limiting the interactions with people.
    • Buy your ticket at the last moment (no more than the last 10-15 minutes before the session). This will allow you to find the best seat for you.
    • Avoid middle seats. Try to be seated on the aisles.
  3. Wear the adapted outfit:
    •  A moderate outfit is better to get yourself to be part of the crowd so don’t wear something too extravagant.
    • Even if it’s a hot day outside, remember that theaters have air conditioning and it’s really cold inside. The longer the movie, the colder you will be at the end. Don’t be like me and be way too cold while trying to enjoy the movie.
    • You can bring a cardigan or a scarf that you can put on your legs to reduce the cold feeling.
    • Wear a mask if you are not comfortable with your passing. And if so, don’t over to the make-up on your eyes. Adjust based on the time and day of your movie time.
  4. Enjoy been cross dressed in public with low risk!

I hope this may help some of you to get out in public cross dressed as you want!

Thanks for reading.
Feel free to share your own tips on being cross dressed in public.

Thank you for taking time to read my article and I look forward to seeing your responses!

Sincerely, Kirra 



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    Trusted Member
    1 year ago

    Love all the tips!

    Diana Clnu
    1 year ago

    Hi Kirra…..thanks for writting that…. of course I love all these articles especailly “first time"…..they are funny…heart warming….interesting….and very usual as was your article.

    Keni Selby
    1 year ago

    Yes very good tips and I applaud your bravery at going out the first time as Kirra. Mind you you are very cute and so I have to believe that the reason folks would be scrutinizing you would be because you are very pretty girl.

    Linda Quinn
    8 months ago

    love your story Kirra i wish i was so brave to do that but ive never been out as linda in the day only a few times at night in the car drove around for a while but thats it
    but i dont even know how to put make up on still after all these yrs

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