Well, July was quite a month!

On July 8th, as mentioned in my previous article, the Tokyo Closet Ball held our tenth anniversary show.

The audience was relatively small but wildly enthusiastic. Tributes came from former members in Canada and Belgium. We had our version of the “Snatch Game”, from Ru Paul’s Drag Race. For those unfamiliar, the idea is to choose a character, living or deceased, and answer a series of questions as that character. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ru Paul’s version, and it was my first-time taking part in our version. When I was first approached with the idea, and asked who I wanted to portray, it took some thought, but in the end, I realized there was only one answer-Marjorie Taylor-Green, the Republican senator. It was too good an opportunity to pass up. Apparently, my instinct paid off-I ended up winning the game! All in all, it was a magical evening.

On July 30th, we had the premiere of our long-delayed third independent film. It’s taken us five years to arrive at this point, partly because of the corona. I think some of us were wondering if it was ever going to happen. I was especially keen to see how this project turned out because, among other things, I got to portray a female character but a very different one from Triesste personality-wise. Several cast members contributed original music. I believe there may be a soundtrack out at some point. In my case, one producer wrote the lyrics and a friend in Sweden did the music. I did some minor tweaks on the lyrics and performed it, but the real centerpiece is the music video we produced for it. Personally, I think the video is good enough to work as a standalone piece. They also used the song for closing credits. We are planning another screening in the fall.

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Now that it’s August, the schools where I usually work are on holiday. I have no regular work-meaning no regular salary either. It’s extremely hot and humid and energy costs took a jump at the beginning of summer. I’ve seen at least three cases of older people getting overcome by the heat; they carried away the first one on a stretcher even though he had bottled water with him. I’m trying to keep myself busy. This week I’ll record an audition tape for a Japanese animation film, with voices in English. My working situation has prompted me to consider some big changes. I don’t know yet what that would mean for Triesste.

I will definitely have a girls’ night with a few of my BFFs before returning to work. Closet Ball is tentatively planning a show in September, and episode #4 of my event, “Triesste & Friends” is in the plans for October or November. If those big changes I mentioned happen, it will have a major impact on my performing life. Too early to say now, mostly it’s in the talking stage. After this long, Triesste is so much a part of who I am-or the other way around. Sometimes, I’m not sure that there’s any way I could stop her. Things will work out, (one way or another.)

On a related but separate note, one of my BFFs came backstage at the show on the 8th and handed me a gorgeous flapper dress. It looks a little bit like the white dress from my previous article, with a sequined bodice and gauzy skirt. But the top is totally sheer. We talked about it, but in my opinion, there’s no other choice. To rock this dress, I need boobs. I mean, for real. They don’t have to be big boobs, but they have to be real. Then I’ll find a photographer. I’ve identified a couple of solutions. If things go well, one of those photos might accompany a future article-tastefully, of course.

For now, I hope everyone is having fun and staying cool. Take care and be well, see ya next time.


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