Greetings and warmest wishes to everyone for peace, joy, health, and prosperity over the holidays and into the new year. And all other days. They come and go too quickly to spend them any other way.

For many years now, I have been posting on a guitar player forum. It has been my custom for about a decade now, to take a moment and look back on the year as it winds down, as much as I am willing and able-the great moments, the terrible moments and the wtf moments-all of them woven into the tapestry of who we are.

I thought it would be nice to offer a similar post on CDH-not as a confession corner so much, more like a chance to take stock, acknowledge that things were probably not perfect and maybe to look forward to the new year with a sense of hope.

That said, I generally get the bad news out of the way first. Between covid and my job situation, my days of international travel have ground to a halt. I really miss my family. It’s stressing me-more than a little. In January I got covid. I was out of work for ten days-coughing my head off for six weeks. I was terrified that my singing voice would become damaged. In August, one of the two wallets I carry vanished. It had my bank card in it. I was unable to access my account for two weeks. Among other things, that meant I couldn’t pay rent. I was threatened with eviction.

I have broken ties with no less than five different people for various reasons, one of whom I had just met. One of those reasons has to do with the crossdresser community, and its place in the larger LGBTQIA+ community-one can’t help but notice that there isn’t a “C.” I had mentioned it to Brina, she thought it would be a good topic for an article. My feeling is, it would just risk stopping one argument and starting another…

The good news is the love and support that Triesste has found among friends and audiences alike. I can’t say I’m 100% confident about public transportation. But I’m past the “Vampire Syndrome”-if the occasion calls for it, I can walk down a street at lunchtime. I have exactly one pair of sensible heels-they are a lifeline. Our performance gang has a third independent film in the works-postproduction is almost done. I’ve been told I’m the star-yeah, whatever. Making a movie is always a team project. For me, the real Polaris in the sky-the Northern star-is episode 3 of my own signature event, Triesste & Friends. We are shooting for March 2023. Everyone I contacted wants to perform. We are looking at like, four hours of performances. It’s going to be amazing.

How was your year? Spill the till lovelies!

EnFemme Style

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Lucinda Hawkns
Trusted Member
1 year ago

hello and great post hope for the same for you. and a better year and society will be better with the  LGBTQIA+. it would be nice for society to open up so us cross dressers can come out of the closet and show how pretty we can be since real woman d does not dress like woman, they wear pants and shirt deal which they call blouse. no make up no dresses, so we can dress up like a real female and be happy and show our feminine side.

1 year ago

Hi, hope your filming is fun!! I feel safe enough to go out in my city but also wish that our US citizens would except all people no matter how they choose to dress

Christine Blue
1 year ago

Great year Europe finally opened and I could visit Victoria’s Secret at Bond Street London. Even though I buy online, I love to visit shops too, because every time you buy personally gives outstanding feeling.

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