Most women don’t forget their first bra.

The first bra is a unique and special experience: in addition to reinforcing the bond between mother and daughter, it marks a transition to adolescence.

More than that, it is one of the first steps for a girl to become a woman: the bra is a garment that only women wear – there is no similar garment for men, boys and… girls under 12 (no) 11 (no) 10 (no) 9 (no) 8 years – yes, they are starting to use earlier and earlier. Perhaps modern life is helping their development.

But how do we have to deal with this memory – or lack of it?

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Most of us didn’t get a bra from our mother (or someone else). We had to run after one, often hidden.

A boy who has the urge to try on a bra and asks his mother for a bra will certainly have his request refused.

In my case, when I was 11 years old, I noticed that girls at school started wearing bras. I was curious about that piece that only girls wore. I have a slightly older sister. One day, at home alone, I went to her room and found a training bra. White, plain – with a little bow between the cups. I wore it and I fell in love. I had to learn to adjust the straps and button it in the back.

Although I don’t have it anymore, I remember it perfectly.

I don’t know if that bra was my sister’s first bra. What I did know is that my first bra wasn’t my first bra. It wasn’t mine, they didn’t give it to me. I just borrowed it on the sly and I should return it to the owner’s drawer.

Despite that, whenever I could I tried on that bra – and others. I remember the first black bra I ever wore, the first pink bra I ever wore, the first padded bra I ever wore, and even the first lace bra I ever wore. All were my sister’s.

Some of her bras I managed to “deflect” for me. She believes to this day that they were donated. I managed to hide them and sometimes I even went to school with them.

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After a while I managed to buy my own bras – but I’ll get to that in a moment.

But many boys had the opportunity to receive a bra.

At events like Halloween, womanless beauty pageants, punishments or other games, boys have already been given a bra to wear. In this chance, some boys fell in love with the bra.

Amazingly, some mothers have already proposed and even given a bra to sons with gynecomastia. This is perhaps the closest recollection of most women’s experiences of the first bra.

Many spend their teenage years wanting to try on a bra – with luck, some manage to try on their sister’s, cousin’s or mother’s bras.

Others have to wait until adulthood to get their own bras.

The first bra I bought for myself was a black lace bralette with hooks and lace straps.

I remember when I bought it and it is one of my favorites and I still have it today. Over time, I built up my collection of bralettes, push-ups, black, white, pink, blue, red…

Our memories are an important part of our life. Our first bra is definitely part of that.

It doesn’t matter if you were presented with a bra, if you borrowed it from your sister or if you bought it yourself: the first bra we never forget!

– Do you remember the first bra you wore?

– Do you remember the first bra you bought?

– Would you like these memories to be different?

I’m looking forward to the answers


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Rose Sapora
3 months ago

Hi! Love the article. I remember the first bra I wore was my sister’s as well. I grew up with five brothers and five sisters. I snuck a bra out once in awhile to feel how they felt on me. I was usually caught by my brothers and beat up for it, but it never stopped me. My first time I was about six and saw a pretty pink and white training bra. I couldn’t resist trying it on when I thought I was alone. I even started trying on the panties they wore. I finally learned how to do… Read more »

Kelly Ann Marie Hutchinson
Active Member

Oh yes I remember my first bra. I was 10 years old and went shopping for school clothes with my mom. I went into a dressing room to try on pants and shirt that my mom had picked out hanging on a hanger was a beautiful light blue underwire bra and matching panties. After trying everything on that my mom had picked out I went back on to put on my clothes I put the panties on first and then the bra and then got dressed I still feel guilty to this day that I stole them. But alas I… Read more »

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