I told my fiance I crossdress and this happened…

Girlfriend supports my crossdressing

Hi. I’m Robin. I’ve been crossdressing off and on since my early teens and only recently have I come out about it to a few select friends. I’ve never fully understood my desire to be girly. Part of it, I think, is that women’s clothes always seem to be more vibrant and sexy than anything I’ve ever found in the men’s department. That and that I’ve never felt quite confident as a man.

One of those with whom I recently shared my secret with is my fiance. I was sure that it would be the end of things, yet felt she needed to know. Much to my surprise and delight, she likes this about me and has even begun helping me to perfect my look. While I still have a long way to go so as to be the woman I want to be, it is so much easier now that I’ve got such a warm and caring woman in my life to help me. I’m thinking that this site will also be of great help to me, so thank you for creating it.

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  1. Andrea11 2 weeks ago

    Hi, i have a similar story. I was with my girlfriend for 1.5 years when i told her i would like to try out pantyhose just to see what it feels like. She was surprised about my wish but was ok with it. Note that i tried pantyhose the first time when i was 13 and this was not actually my first time. And after another 2 years with the same gf i wear pantyhose and tights all the time and i am not ashamed of it. But the thing is, when nobody is arround i like to wear pantyhose and short skirt (women panties and bras do not attract me) and the feeling is so liberating. Only thing is, i don’t know how would my gf react if i told her i like to be dressed more like woman. She is tolearnt and somehow supportive but only for pantyhose, not skirts or dresses. She even borrows some stuff from me lol. I have a wish for somebody else to see me dressed like a woman but she wouldn’t like it. And because of that i feel trapped. Not sure about what to do.

  2. Profile photo of Marissa
    Marissa 3 weeks ago

    Glad you came out to your fiance. My girlfriend turns out to be dominant while I am the submissive. I told here that I like to wear womans clothing after 30 days and she has always been supportive. Very few bisexual women can have their man and be a woman too, its a treat. She is helping me through my transition as she see the androgynous side to my figure. Hope everything works out. Cheers!

  3. Profile photo of Cissy D
    Cissy D 4 weeks ago

    You are a very lucky girl to find such a woman. My wife is tolerant of my dressing but not supportive. I am semi retired and spend about two days a week at home being a housewife. Although my wife would prefer I didn’t dress she likes the fact that I like to go shopping, exercise to keep my weight off and much appreciates that the housework is done. Sometimes she shows her appreciation by buying me little things like lip stick or nail polish. You definitely have a keeper there.

  4. Profile photo of Delores Dee
    Delores Dee 1 month ago

    she’s a keeper. I was married to a wonderful woman who I shared my secret with for 38 years. She too was understand and supportive. Because I open up to her it made us grow even closer together. She was my soulmate.

  5. Profile photo of Nikki
    Nikki 2 months ago

    This was a nice and wonderful article. I am glad your future wife is so understanding. Sadly, in my experiences and travels that is not always the case. Many women i have encountered don’t like there men CDing. This makes them uncomfortable and in some ways betrayed. I understand the betrayal feelings. Many women marry men to be with men not a man in women’s cloths, many women would say. I don’t hold it against any gender woman that feels this way. I understand there doubt and confusion. For me, my wife doesn’t know. I dont think she would accept it well. It could be because we are in a stressful time right now in our marriage. I hope one day i can come out to her.

  6. Profile photo of Christine
    Christine 2 months ago

    Thank you ladies for sharing your experiences. I am bi/gender fluid and have been on and off dressing for a number of years (10+). I have always struggled with why I want to dress and struggle more finding acceptance when I dress. Finally I recently started finding on line communities like this one. Ready through each of your experiences (positive and negative) and relating to so much of it I have stopped trying to deny how much I love to be fem.

    One of the take always from these forums is that the longer people waited to accept themselves and share this side of themselves the more regret they had, wishing they would have “come out” about dressing sooner.

    I have taken that to heart, told my fiancé and she is having a really hard time with it. I am feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place because I don’t want to live my life in a closet trying to be feminine in short periods of the couple hours I may find to be alone or for the few days a year she may travel with out me.

    Anyways, I have a councilor who has really helped to nudge me to be honest with myself and my desires. And nudge me to plug into communities like this one, so thank you for making this place exist.

    I am so happy to hear that others have met Female SO who have accepted their dressing and in some cases even helped with makeup, hair, and clothes. I hope to find someone like that myself some day…

    Thanks again ladies for being here and sharing your stories.


    • Profile photo of Sarah Daniels
      Sarah Daniels 2 months ago

      Chrissy be patient with her. It may be that its a lot to take on and quite and adjustment. Take it slow and steady. If she comes round it may take years, or it may only take months. She may appreciate a shopping buddy or maybe she wont. Either way take the moments you can for you and invest the others in her. If it works out you win and if not you have no regrets for having not tried.


      • Profile photo of Christine
        Christine 2 months ago

        Thanks for the words of encouragement/support Sarah.

  7. Profile photo of Stefanie
    Stefanie 2 months ago

    Just told my wife she has been supportive
    We ll see in the long tun what happens

  8. Profile photo of Paul Coyle
    Paul Coyle 2 months ago

    My wife loves when im Kylie our housemaid. She has just purchased a beautiful see through frenchmaids dress for me to do my chores in . My beautiful wife buys all my underwear ,make up ,shoes, wigs dresses ect.ect. I love my life since i came out to my wife. I am much more relaxed in body and mind when kylie is here.

  9. Profile photo of Sarah Daniels
    Sarah Daniels 2 months ago

    Isnt it funny how initially our SO’s often support and are interested enough to participate in our dressing, but after a short while they freak out and say they dont like it anymore.

    I wonder if they either see us as somehow diminished or is it their own persona that they are worried about (“I love my husband, he wears a dress and looks like a woman so does that make me a lesbian?” sort of thing). Does the idea that they love a part time woman scare them? Or is it just the coming to terms with their multi faceted partner that scares them?

    • Profile photo of Sarah Daniels
      Sarah Daniels 2 months ago

      I wonder with time do they start to accept it or does the idea push them away from acceptance?

    • Profile photo of susieque
      susieque 2 months ago

      Hi Sarah! I have had a similar experience. I told my wife of my crossdressing shortly after we started dating. She was very supportive and even bought me a skirt and blouse as a wedding gift, We had a girls day out on our honeymoon, but being young and fearful, I limited our outing to driving around and private places. We have been married for 30+ years, but she has been unsupportive for the last 20 or so years. so I am more in the closet than before we met because now my dressing is limited to sheer support hose and shaved legs with an occasional mani/pedi. She doesn’t have a problem with my wearing pantyhose or thigh-his because I have a doctors perscription to help take the stress on what is left of my heart (in 2007 I had the widow maker heart attack and survived. take care and good luck!! Susie

  10. Profile photo of Sasha
    Sasha 3 months ago

    I am so fortunate to have a wife who has accepted & embraced the ‘other woman’ in our lives .We have been together 31 yrs now . I told her within our first year together . Rather than freaking out , she completely encouraged & inspired Sasha to be all that she can be .
    Over the years she has bought make up , clothes , wigs , shoes , accessories etc .
    Sasha exists in the physical world because I have met my soulmate who accepts all that I am .
    Love to all

  11. Profile photo of Wanda Shirkey
    Wanda Shirkey 3 months ago

    I really envy you. My wife knows but she just tolerates it. Doesn’t have any issues seeing me in panties but that is about it. She knows I dress (don’t really have much men’s clothes) but doesn’t go out and buy me anything. My dream is for us to go out shopping together and buying lingerie and other women’s clothes.

  12. Profile photo of Kareneliz
    Kareneliz 3 months ago

    I dress fully now in makeup and love the woman I see in the mirror. My wife helps me with makeup tips and accepts me as Karen that is part of me. But its been a long journey with challenges . My advice to those who havent been honest is to come forward and tell. It is better than trying to deny it or hide it which is too stressful and not fair to the one needing to express their femmine self.

  13. Profile photo of
    Kim Cummings 3 months ago

    Sometimes I get feeling so naughty and I will put on my pantyhose and high heels and some make up, lip gloss and drive around at night with dark windows and get kinky. I get excited about this prospect of my own feminine looking self.

    • roni 2 months ago

      I know what you mean I told my wife long ago and we worked out the problem similar to what you have done

  14. Profile photo of
    Kim Cummings 3 months ago

    It’s always so exciting and wonderful to feel like a beautiful woman who is not ashamed to be myself. The alluring desire to be feminine looking and experience the sensuous feeling that comes with the new me is a very erotic and exciting way to express my feelings.

  15. Profile photo of Marci
    Marci 3 months ago

    You are so fortunate as am I. My lady buys me bras and panties and loves to go shopping with me for dresses and shoes. We both benefit as dressing up makes me feel sexy and we have the best hottest sex when I’m Marci – she’a my best friend!

  16. Sunseearry 3 months ago

    You are the luckiest and very much loved. She is exceptional !

  17. Profile photo of Jessica
    Jessica 3 months ago

    Such a wonderful fiancé u have! All the best for the developing bright future darling 🙂
    Jess xx

  18. Profile photo of Tammy Girl
    Tammy Girl 4 months ago

    Very nice you are lucky

  19. Profile photo of Brittany Asher
    Brittany Asher 4 months ago

    I forgot to say I am Brittany Asher. I messed up signing up and haven’t figured out how to fix it yet.

    • RUBYDE 2 months ago

      its verry nice.that wives help us and except us mine did not so i went out and visited lady Dominatrixs. many over the years it is fantastic.so if ur old lady dont dig it.go out and find the right one…no need to say anything.i prefer it this way things get pritty wild with a dom…thanks good luck to all


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