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I love to keep a journal and I especially like writing about my cross dressing propensities and my alternate desire to dress in an androgynous way whenever possible. Androgynous, for those of you who are not familiar with the term, is an adjective to describe my way of dressing that could be considered not to be distinguishable as to a particular sex – either male or female in appearance. I may dress in women’s clothing and styles but not those which are exclusively feminine.

I’m going to share with you an interesting story I wrote in an old journal of mine back in 2012. After I tell you this story I have often thought about over the years, I want to share a fantasy of mine with you I’ve had for many years. I believe, from chatting with you girls on line and reading some of your articles, most you who are married or have a significant other probably share the very same fantasy with me as well! So please stay tuned throughout this entire article and then please feel free to share your thoughts with me!

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The former 2012 journal entry I recently discovered regarding my story reads like this:

This morning I had one of those wished for or dreamed about experiences happen to me during one of my many trips to Walmart. I was in the produce department stocking up on fresh fruit for our daily, only fruit before noon, diet regimen my wife and I started months ago. When I looked up for just a second, I noticed this gorgeous young Hispanic woman not standing not far from me in full view who looked to be in her late twenties. Her face was gorgeous and her makeup was absolutely flawless! She was a full-figured girl but had all the curves in the right places. She had nice full breasts and a shapely rear end that filled out her jeans perfectly. I noticed from the neck down We Looked Alike!

I could hardly believe my eyes, but we were wearing the almost identical outfit! She was wearing low-rise boot-cut jeans with flapped pockets in back – I was wearing the same jeans! We were both wearing a leopard print top, however, the one she was wearing had a plunging neck line and mine did not. She had on a wide jewel embellished belt with a large jeweled buckle just below her sexy alluring slightly bared midriff – I had on almost the same belt with just a bit smaller buckle and my buckle was off towards the side of my jeans to make my hips look wider. From her ear lobes hung these three-inch diamond hoop earrings – Mine were the same but just a tiny bit smaller in size. She was wearing a pair of four-inch heeled tan leather wedge sandals and so was I. The color of the leather sandals matched the color of the leather in the belt. I had on the same sandals as well. The only difference was the fact hers were decorated with faux diamonds from the arch across the instep of wedges and mine were not. From the neck down, we looked alike in many ways with our common attire. The outfit just looked so much better on her because of those curves she had compared to mine!

Just as I finished admiring her hair, face, shape, and sharp sense of style from top to bottom, she quickly looked over at me! Neither of us reacted, however, I could tell she noticed the close similarity of our outfits. Why do I think she noticed how similar our outfits were and had no reaction? I’m not quite sure. Maybe it was because she knew I was a man wearing the same outfit she was wearing and just didn’t want to strike up a conversation with me. She might have had somewhat of an awkward feeling but didn’t want me to feel the same way by giving me somewhat of an awkward look or reaction. She just simply moved on and went about her business in the produce department before moving on to another isle in the store. I did know in my mind someone as beautiful as she was and dressed in a sexy outfit like that had significant other plans later that evening! She didn’t put herself together like that for a simple trip to Walmart!

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I was truly amazed by seeing her in the almost identical outfit I had selected to put together! I hoped that one day we would see each other again and possibly be able to strike up a conversation about whether she noticed how similar the outfits we were wearing the last time we saw each other in Walmart. I would hope she would speak to me first, however, I would someway feel a need to casually bring it up and see if we could possibly start a conversation regarding women’s clothing, footwear, accessories, and whatever else came up in the conversation. We could actually be like girl friends for just a short while! If I could tell she was uncomfortable talking to me about those things, I would respect her privacy, tell her to have a wonderful day, and then politely go our separate ways.

These days I am very aware of how my cross dressing has defined itself in a far different context than many others who cross dress. While I do enjoy dressing completely in women’s clothing with a wig and jewelry, I do not currently wear makeup and do not see myself ever being seen in public as totally passable in anyway as a woman. I often wear women’s clothing items that alter my look but do not in any way conceal my masculinity. When I am out in public wearing this type clothing, people are not oblivious to this predominantly feminine presentation.

When out in public, I do catch some stares from both men and women. Comments come infrequently, however, I am accepted in public more now than in the far past. Times are changing and people seem to be ever more accepting of cross dressers and anyone from the LGTBQ community these days. The comments I receive are often indicative of certain perspectives and biases. However, believe it or not, most of the comments from both women and men are surprisingly rather complimentary! Some women who have complimented me on my selection of women’s attire may say something like: “those are nice jeans” or “I love your belt, where did you find one like that?” or “I love those shoes” or “I really like that jacket you’re wearing”.  Some men may give me a rather awkward stare or be nice and say something like “I like those heels you’re wearing, I need to get my wife a pair like that” or “those slim boot-cut jeans look nice on you”.

I will always love wearing women’s clothing. I also enjoy wearing shape wear for women. Garments that slenderize my waist and accentuate my hips. I also feel comfortable in all sorts of women’s footwear and I feel like walking in women’s footwear is actually very good for my posture and fitness. If society were just a bit more relaxed, I would dress completely and openly as a woman every single day. I think I have a rather keen sense of style that’s not only pleasing to me, but I hope pleasing to others as well.

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And now on to my fantasy I mentioned in the opening of this article. And as a mentioned, based on my readings here and other places, you might share the same fantasy as well with your loving wife or significant other!

I am happily married to my beautiful wife Joanne. She is much smaller in stature than the mystery women I saw that day in Walmart. However, she’s just as curvy as that girl was and would look fabulous in the same outfit that beautiful lady was wearing in Walmart. However, Joanne is a bit more conservative in her dress than the mystery woman was. But if Joanne put on that same outfit, she would be a total knockout and I would love to see her in an outfit like the one I saw on the mystery lady that day in Walmart.

Even though my wife would probably feel a bit awkward in such a revealing outfit, my fantasy would be for both my wife and I to wear that very same outfit while going out on a date together one night. I could see us going to dinner and then out shopping together while enjoying each other’s company and outfits. At the conclusion of our date we would return home and make passionate love to one another while working around our clothing to end such a wonderful evening together while We Looked Alike!

Thank you so very much for reading my article. Now share with me if you have had that very same fantasy with your wife or significant other!  And what outfit would you choose for the two of you to wear out on your special date that night?



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While I am a septuagenarian, I have tried to stay fit and trim with regular exercise and moderate eating. I haven’t done much full dressing for a few years because of the need to maintain facial hair and insufficient opportunities. If my wife was more comfortable with my androgyny, I would likely dress that way most of the time.

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Active Member
5 years ago

Great article! Thanks for sharing. I also dress in women’s clothes every day. I am fortunate to be able to wear jeans and sneakers to work, both of which are always from the ladies department of the store. As you say, most people don’t give a second look, and others don’t know the difference. I have also for the last couple years, been wearing light makeup everyday. My coworker noticed some time ago which opened the door for me to tell her about me. Shortly afterwards, she brought me a bag of clothes she didn’t wear anymore to see if… Read more »

5 years ago

Ah yes that is a good fantasy, one of my favorites. Nice article, I am about a month in on CDH and have stuck mainly to the general discussion forum and decided I need to branch out on the site a little more. I’m glad I did. So, anyway, I may stumble through this as I’ve never typed it up or thought about it in great detail before, but my version of my wife and I dressed alike would be more on the lines of getting dolled up to go to a play and wine bar or upscale bar type… Read more »

5 years ago

You write well my friend.

You’re a sept.

I googled that.

OMG! – I’m a Sexagenarian! Figuratively and literally (multi-layered puns intended)

Peace and happy dressing,
‘blossoming CD at home, coming-of-age under-dresser at large’ – Ha!

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
5 years ago

Falecia-what a lovely story! I am fortunate enough to be able to dress at home whenever I want and to get out fairly often in full Cyn mode. I even cut the grass this past weekend in a cami, bra,forms and short shorts. The times when I can’t be in full Cyn mode, I still “stealth dress” where all the clothes I am wearing are women’s -just not always obviously so(ladies polo shirts and skinny jeans and ladies penny lovers or tennis shoes). Because my hair is my own and I always have at least stud earrings, I often get… Read more »

Paula Rae Jones
5 years ago

It was nice, for me, to read something from another androgynous dresser. After reading many other stories here I’ve often thought that, oops, I don’t seem to quite fit in here because I don’t harbor any desire to pose as a woman. I just like to wear what I want to wear which, on most days, includes both “male" and “female" clothing. I’m not trying to look like anyone in particular, just having fun. You mentioned your encounter at the grocery store, standing beside a woman wearing essentially the same outfit as yourself — something I would find very amusing… Read more »

Paula Rae Jones
5 years ago

Hello again, I apologize for making an unfounded assumption in saying that used clothing stores don’t sell under garments. Truth is, I’ve never seen any in them — but I haven’t really looked for them either. I’ve never known anyone who would (admit to) buy(ing) previously worn underclothes so I made a faulty assumption. (I had an aunt who couldn’t imagine buying any clothing whatsoever at a used clothing store — but I didn’t like her much anyway and smiled to myself when I wore Goodwill jeans every day during a week’s vacation we [my mother and I] once spent… Read more »

Bettylou Cox
Bettylou Cox
4 years ago

Very interesting, Falecia,
I noticed that the photo with this story is very much like my daily wear: black ladies’ tee and jeans – except I wear ballet flats instead of heels. The “look alike" shopping fantasy is also one of mine. We do, in fact, own matching tops and slacks (except hers are pull-ups), which we did wear once to church. Now that I’m doing makeup, the fantasy may soon come true.

T.J. Byron
4 years ago

Enjoyed your article very much, thank you for " unloading" the journey you’ very been on these last few decades.
I am going on 74, & dressed since the late 1960s. I have never had any problems in public,& , like you, love going out to eat and shop with girlfriends of all ages.I also mentor and teach young folks to " Break Down the Front Door"! It’s fun to watch the caterpillars become butterflies!
Love to chat with you…keep in touch.

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