Transgender weird the first few times

In our society we have a knee jerk reaction against anything that is different from the established norms. The first thought that crosses our mind is that we are “superior” and they are “different”, “wrong”, “unnatural”. It’s the five second journey from ‘what is that?’ to ‘eeewwww’ that happens because the unexpected is so different.

This article entitled ‘Transphobia runs deep‘ raises an interesting point – perhaps it is the mere unfamiliarity that is the stumbling block for people. Today you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know what it means to be a homosexual. Homosexuality has taken the leap from ‘eeewwww’ to ‘I know what that is and my opinion is <insert opinion that has been thought about for more than five seconds>’. While people may strongly disagree with homosexuality for many reasons, they are not experiencing surprised disgust.

I don’t think we’ve reached this threshold yet with the transgendered. People still struggle with what it means to be transgendered, and some of the most common question asked of crossdressers is ‘Are you gay?’ But

Transphobia can be beaten

And it starts with familiarity. It starts with letting transgender become part of the societal psyche – with transgendered people being seen as people and not Jerry Springer freak shows. The wonderful thing about Thomas, the pregnant man is that he embeds the concept of transgender in our psyche. He may not be the “perfect representative for the transgender community”, but just by being open about who he is Thomas has done us a great service.

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Lynn Jones

Brown fishnets are much more flattering than black. It must be true, I read it on the Internet 😀 On a more serious note I think Jo(e) Public hasn’t quite made up its mind over transgenderism. Sometimes we’re a bit of a ‘comedy turn’, others get freaked out by it while the rest just don’t give a hoot. There’s a chap at work who’ll give a shudder if it comes up in conversation. I tell you, the things people will tell you when they’ve no idea! 🙂 On a more positive note, my sister works in retail and she has… Read more »
Leah Gray aka creativeblogger

Hi again Vanessa

I just had an article on crossdressing deleted from an article site as it might be too much for the community. Telling them of my lovely pal who sometimes wore a skirt too much for the community????

Meanwhile, I wondered if you could take a peep at my latest post and tell if I am on track with my thought process:

Trying to understand the whole issue so the unenlightened can become less intolerant.



ps. If mens undies were a tad less dull women might get a kick out of wearing them! Some do I am sure.

I’m 2 years post-op. I live in Illinois and was born in Illinois and have been married to a woman for over 20 years. According to state law if I had my surgery out of the country I could not have had the sex designation on my birth certificate changed if the doctor was not recognized in this country as a certified physician. My surgery was in Colorado so, all well and good, so I had my birth certificate changed. My records were also changed to female with the SSA and also at work, or so I thought. Noticing a… Read more »
Joanna Phipps

I went RLE, well bout 90% back in June of this year and began my HRT in August (kind basackwards but I survived). I know I was nervous as heck the first several times but what cured the nervousness was accompanying my wife to a statewide techers conference and doing it en femme, the initial plan was not for me to stay with her. However she is mobility challenged and could not have walked to the meeting room from her hotel room so I stayed and played chauffeur. In a situation like that you learn fast or die of embarassment.… Read more »

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