Which panty should crossdressers choose?

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I’m excited to present a new voice on Crossdresser Heaven. Tabitha has kindly shared her insights on a subject near and dear to most of us.

One Crossdressers Perspective on Choosing the Perfect Panty

Whether you are transgender, a crossdresser, or simply have a fetish for wanting/needing to wear woman’s panties, you will want to choose the style that is the most comfortable for you to wear, as well as present you in the most attractive light should you choose to show someone what you are wearing under your outer clothes! Many lingerie experts will tell you that there are five basic panty styles: bikini, hipster, boyshort, modern brief, and high leg (or high cut) brief. Below is a brief (pun intended) description of each style, and my (perhaps) irreverent thoughts.

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Bikini style panties are just like the bikini swimwear that you can see at any beach, and on nearly every episode of the old television shows of Baywatch, Hawaii Five-0, etc. Perhaps a mere 1% of all women in the world look really attractive in a bikini panty; and most of those are under the age of 30. For the transgender or crossdresser, unless you have a hormonally enhanced body, it is going to be difficult to attain an attractive look with a bikini panty. Since a bikini panty contains such a small amount of material, your first concern will probably be how to hide or even cover up your male anatomy. Second, if you have even a small amount of tummy fat, your tummy will naturally try to drop over the top of the panty because a bikini panty is meant to be worn low, (similar to low-rise jeans), or below the natural waistline. So, for the 99% of the world’s population, (which definitely includes me), this panty style is probably not for you.


Hipster style panties are similar to bikini panties, but do provide a bit more coverage. Hipsters are also meant to be worn low, but will provide a bit more coverage for your male anatomy. Low rise style seems to be all the rage these days, so this is a good panty choice if you are going to be wearing low-rise outer clothing such as low-rise jeans and shorts. However, those with even a small bit of extra tummy fat will face the same dilemma of a small portion of the tummy wanting to naturally migrate and rest in a place just slightly over the top of the panty. So, for this reason alone, I cannot recommend this style of panty for most of us.


Boyshort panties are aptly named, because they can appear and feel as if you are wearing a pair of shorts, (which means that you probably can’t wear these panties if your outerwear is going to consist of short shorts). Boyshorts offer the greatest coverage for your male anatomy and your legs, and for this reason, are sometimes derisively labeled as ‘granny panties” and/or “vintage panties.” Those who utilize these negative labels often overlook the fact that these panties can be very comfortable as the panty top is meant to sit on the natural waistline. Furthermore, they can contour to a wide variety of body styles providing an overall slimming and smooth look. Finally, if you want to shed the “granny panty” look of a boring white panty, know that today’s lingerie designers offer the boyshort in a number of different patterns and bold, vibrant colors. Boyshorts  are not my favorite style of panty, but I do occasionally wear them when I am not wearing outer short shorts.

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A modern panty is basically a good compromise between a boyshort and a high leg/high cut panty. It contains a little bit less material than a boyshort, (but still enough for full and comfortable coverage of the male anatomy), while still offering a sexy display of your panty and legs due to its slightly diminished curving side, high cut fit. A modern panty will not likely be mistaken for a granny panty, even though it too sits at the natural waistline, because of its side cut and fit. Modern panties are my second recommended choice to wear on a daily basis.

High Leg/High Cut

High leg/high cut panties offer the best of all worlds in my humble opinion. They offer more than adequate coverage for the male anatomy, while also offering a sexy and attractive high cut, side leg view, (hence the panty’s name). However, beware that not every store sales associate is familiar with the high leg style, (or else they are aware, but have been told to push some other panty style onto the unsuspecting customers). I have occasionally had sales associates steer me to the bikini and/or boyshort panties when I requested the location of the high leg panties; and one sales associate even told me that what I really meant was that I was searching for a boyshort panty)! I was a bit aggravated at basically being told that I, as the customer, was wrong; but I have since learned that a lot of sales associates working in lingerie stores/lingerie sections in department stores, have less knowledge of lingerie than me. So, I give my highest recommendation of this panty style to all; as I believe that you will feel comfortable wearing it all day under your outer clothes, and that you will be tempted at the end of the workday to rip off your outer clothes to display your sexy panty and legs to all the world!

In conclusion, it is important to remember that the above recommendations reflect my particular preferences and experiences. So, if you want to wear bikini panties, and feel good doing so, then by all means you should wear bikini panties. Also, my recommendations are largely based on every day and the all-day wearing of panties. While I don’t wear bikini panties daily to work, I have certainly been known to don a pair for a night out at the bar, or while being a “naughty” bedroom partner! So, please consider my comments in this article, but find out for yourself what works for you by not being afraid to try wearing a variety of styles until you find what style makes you feel the prettiest and most feminine!

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tabitha baytux
1 year ago

I love wear panties modern is the one I wear the most but I have wear all of the other one on the list thong are great but not for every date wear and if you do not want other to see your panties .

Brandy Loveslace
1 year ago

I like the hipsters most of all. They fit me juuuust right 🙂
Was this ever a poll question? If not it should be…
I have them all by the way lol
I like this topic and appreciate your explanations!



Peggy Ann Culpepper
Peggy Ann Culpepper (@georgiadog)
1 year ago

Hello all, just a note from an old Granny Tranny, Been wearing Panties for over 70 years, finally able to dress and be ME, the Woman Inside full time when at home and continue to underdress full time when out and I’m still wearing the Regular Cut i’ll call them Vanity Fair Panty , some plain and some with lace on sides. They feel so good and comfortable that I normally will wear them under My Nylon Nightgown. I know all of you out there are smiling or laughing at old Tranny, But I like to Remind Anyone That Asks—… Read more »

Robert Marsini
Robert Marsini (@robinjenn)
2 hours ago

Peggy Ann, thank you I love Vanity Fsir panties myself. I prefer the high cut & shave so when I wear them I look cleaner & not like a hairy ape, tucking is easier, look more feminine too. I had no sisters but my mom wore “granny panties, I liked them to masturbate in catching my discharge so she never would know I J.O in them, thanks you sexy granny tranny.

Megan Dickson
1 year ago

Hey needing a teacher i can meet up with need to learn to be and look more feminist.

Fiona Adams
Fiona Adams (@pleatedskirt)
1 year ago

very informative nice thank you.Depending where one lives the names vary hear we have string slip tanga ..such names
bikini is nice i have several pairs the fat issue is to me time to slim and exercise with a public rowing machine a few weeks of daily exercise see the bikini looking better
Thanks again for great post

Daniel (@herb477)
1 year ago

I love g strings and one piece swimwear

Nathalie Silk
Nathalie Silk (@pantyboy1542)
11 months ago

Hmmm…what an intriguing question…Personally I have had success with all styles….but it seems to depend on the brand. I have over 200 pairs now and BY FAR my favs are called Wacoal “Salutes” They are from Japan and I am fortunate to have a female Japanese friend to help me select styles, colors and combinations…Not only do they fit well, they are of extremely high quality, wash well and can be matched with the same family of bras, cammies and sleepwear. Check them out on line and let me know what you think!!

Tammy William
11 months ago

Thank you.This information is really helpful .I will be shopping for the first time this weekend and I will now have an idea what I will be looking at.

Emily Lace
Emily Lace (@nylonlace)
6 months ago

High-cut nylon panties with a little lace trim for my feminine side is my panty of preference. I wear briefs and bikinis on occasion but always gravitate back to the high-cuts. I just find them the most comfortable, and as Vanessa pointed out, they are the best for coverage.

Tania Alejandra Piña Gonzalez
1 month ago

I loved the article, my thing is not too big, so I can hide it very easy. I have bikini panties, modern panties, hipster panties, g-string and t-string panties. I love so mucho the string panties, but I think I need more butt, maybe I’ll try some exercise to gain some butt, anyway I love dress that panties.

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