Which panty should crossdressers choose?

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I’m excited to present a new voice on Crossdresser Heaven. Tabitha has kindly shared her insights on a subject near and dear to most of us.

One Crossdressers Perspective on Choosing the Perfect Panty

Whether you are transgender, a crossdresser, or simply have a fetish for wanting/needing to wear woman’s panties, you will want to choose the style that is the most comfortable for you to wear, as well as present you in the most attractive light should you choose to show someone what you are wearing under your outer clothes! Many lingerie experts will tell you that there are five basic panty styles: bikini, hipster, boyshort, modern brief, and high leg (or high cut) brief. Below is a brief (pun intended) description of each style, and my (perhaps) irreverent thoughts.


Bikini style panties are just like the bikini swimwear that you can see at any beach, and on nearly every episode of the old television shows of Baywatch, Hawaii Five-0, etc. Perhaps a mere 1% of all women in the world look really attractive in a bikini panty; and most of those are under the age of 30. For the transgender or crossdresser, unless you have a hormonally enhanced body, it is going to be difficult to attain an attractive look with a bikini panty. Since a bikini panty contains such a small amount of material, your first concern will probably be how to hide or even cover up your male anatomy. Second, if you have even a small amount of tummy fat, your tummy will naturally try to drop over the top of the panty because a bikini panty is meant to be worn low, (similar to low-rise jeans), or below the natural waistline. So, for the 99% of the world’s population, (which definitely includes me), this panty style is probably not for you.


Hipster style panties are similar to bikini panties, but do provide a bit more coverage. Hipsters are also meant to be worn low, but will provide a bit more coverage for your male anatomy. Low rise style seems to be all the rage these days, so this is a good panty choice if you are going to be wearing low-rise outer clothing such as low-rise jeans and shorts. However, those with even a small bit of extra tummy fat will face the same dilemma of a small portion of the tummy wanting to naturally migrate and rest in a place just slightly over the top of the panty. So, for this reason alone, I cannot recommend this style of panty for most of us.


Boyshort panties are aptly named, because they can appear and feel as if you are wearing a pair of shorts, (which means that you probably can’t wear these panties if your outerwear is going to consist of short shorts). Boyshorts offer the greatest coverage for your male anatomy and your legs, and for this reason, are sometimes derisively labeled as ‘granny panties” and/or “vintage panties.” Those who utilize these negative labels often overlook the fact that these panties can be very comfortable as the panty top is meant to sit on the natural waistline. Furthermore, they can contour to a wide variety of body styles providing an overall slimming and smooth look. Finally, if you want to shed the “granny panty” look of a boring white panty, know that today’s lingerie designers offer the boyshort in a number of different patterns and bold, vibrant colors. Boyshorts  are not my favorite style of panty, but I do occasionally wear them when I am not wearing outer short shorts.


A modern panty is basically a good compromise between a boyshort and a high leg/high cut panty. It contains a little bit less material than a boyshort, (but still enough for full and comfortable coverage of the male anatomy), while still offering a sexy display of your panty and legs due to its slightly diminished curving side, high cut fit. A modern panty will not likely be mistaken for a granny panty, even though it too sits at the natural waistline, because of its side cut and fit. Modern panties are my second recommended choice to wear on a daily basis.

High Leg/High Cut

High leg/high cut panties offer the best of all worlds in my humble opinion. They offer more than adequate coverage for the male anatomy, while also offering a sexy and attractive high cut, side leg view, (hence the panty’s name). However, beware that not every store sales associate is familiar with the high leg style, (or else they are aware, but have been told to push some other panty style onto the unsuspecting customers). I have occasionally had sales associates steer me to the bikini and/or boyshort panties when I requested the location of the high leg panties; and one sales associate even told me that what I really meant was that I was searching for a boyshort panty)! I was a bit aggravated at basically being told that I, as the customer, was wrong; but I have since learned that a lot of sales associates working in lingerie stores/lingerie sections in department stores, have less knowledge of lingerie than me. So, I give my highest recommendation of this panty style to all; as I believe that you will feel comfortable wearing it all day under your outer clothes, and that you will be tempted at the end of the workday to rip off your outer clothes to display your sexy panty and legs to all the world!

In conclusion, it is important to remember that the above recommendations reflect my particular preferences and experiences. So, if you want to wear bikini panties, and feel good doing so, then by all means you should wear bikini panties. Also, my recommendations are largely based on every day and the all-day wearing of panties. While I don’t wear bikini panties daily to work, I have certainly been known to don a pair for a night out at the bar, or while being a “naughty” bedroom partner! So, please consider my comments in this article, but find out for yourself what works for you by not being afraid to try wearing a variety of styles until you find what style makes you feel the prettiest and most feminine!

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  1. Lisa 3 years ago

    I think that was a great overall view of the panty world, Panties are more than likely the first feminine clothing a boy tries on or experiments with, so it’s a obsessive task to find the right one, I am in my mid 50’s now and through the years tried many and got rid of many that did not fit or feel like I thought they would, I think Tabitha is right that each of us has their own idea of the perfect brief, Mine goes by fit, feel and fabric, by fit to me would be having everything tucked inside and have some support, feel would be how I feel in them, if I feel my feminine side of me in them, and fabric is always anybodies choice, my favorites are satin, nylon and some of the fabric I don’t see too many times now is the Antron Nylon, so I could go on but I would bore you so have a great night everyone, Lisa

  2. Charlie 3 years ago

    I love the high leg cut myself and yes the fabric is important also. When I buy as sexy nighty or corset a lot of times they come with a thong. I usually shop for panties that match unless of coarse my BF likes it instead. The high cuts feel more natural for me and yes its easier to hide myself. Love the articles

  3. Elle 3 years ago

    Good article, have experienced all she describes here. Hi- cut is the way to go for me.

  4. Michelle H 3 years ago

    This article is very good for helping (especially new people) to the various styles of panties. I am a little confused about the reference Boyshorts being labeled “Granny panties”. I was under he impression that full brief panties are what is being referred as granny panties because they are made for us older and slightly bigger in the butt women. If I’m wrong please let me know.

    • Jillian 2 years ago

      Hi Michelle!! I have to disagree with you concerning full brief panties only for older and larger women. I would refer you to Pinterest web site. You would be surprised of how many young women speak highly on the high-brief and full brief pantie. Lots of nice photo’s showing different young and older women wearing these panties. Also, I have read letters/comments from “Her Room” web site, from mothers saying that is the kind of pantie they buy for their young daughters, no thongs, no G-strings for young girls say from 10 to 15 years old. So happily full brief panties seem to be the choice of a lot of women and girls.


  5. Candy 3 years ago

    Hi love to wear bikini panties.

  6. John Maureen Spedding 3 years ago

    Wonderful article, very informative. I have found that the hipster or modern style work for me but that, as usual, there may be some variation in fit depending on manufacturer.

    99 percent of the time I only wear panties. Men’s underwear is not for me to put it bluntly. Yuk!! Iwill wear anything that I like from a color, decorative or style point of view that fits within reason. Thank God for women!!!!!!!


  7. Teresa 3 years ago

    I love the pink high leg/highcut panties

  8. emily 3 years ago

    Believe Michelle H is correct.

  9. jennifer lynn roberts 3 years ago

    I actually enjoyed reading this list it gave me some ideas on what kind of panties out there I can wear but there also needs to be a list of what kinds of bras and styles are out there and what kinds of bras we cross dressers and sisters can wear for that really sexy look and fell

  10. lynnekent 3 years ago

    An interesting topic ! my personal preference are High Leg Panties, I buy mine from
    M & S (UK) – the have a grest selection – most UK GG women but their Lingerie from Marks & Spencer,

    Love + Hugzz
    Lynne xxx

  11. Very Theresa 3 years ago

    The only ones I can wear are briefs. They weren’t even mentioned here.

  12. roxiefox 3 years ago

    An excellent review and well worth reading and sharing!

  13. Melanie 3 years ago

    Briefs are my choice as well. They fit high enough on the waist to be comfortable, have room for your male bits up front and when you get them in nylon are smooth, silky and very feminine. And “no” I don’t consider them granny panties!

    • Jillian 2 years ago

      Melanie, I agree with you 110%. For me all the reasons you quoted concerning the full brief pantie are exactly what I would say. I don’t know if anyone would agree, and I would really like to know. As a nine year old curious little boy, I remember looking in my mother’s and aunts lingerie drawer, and seeing nothing but full brief nylon panties, white and pastel colors. My very first time wearing panties was during that time, and the pantie was a nylon full brief. Ever since that first time, I’ve worn nothing but that style and brand (Vanity Fair) pantie. My question , because my first time, and they were my mother’s panties, would that have anything to do with why now I have always worn that style of pantie, with no interest in any other? Comments!!


  14. Terri 3 years ago

    I too prefer briefs with elastic in the legs. Perfect fir for me. Everything stays in place. 🙂

  15. zoe wood 3 years ago

    I started with a thong but soon turned to a high leg pantie. I love very pretty feminine ones, lots of frills silkyl

  16. kendra w 3 years ago

    I have ben wearing high leg panties for about 10 years now and I love it

  17. Larissa 3 years ago

    I am a hopeless connoisseur of silk panties, high cut and boyshort are my favorite. My pink nylon panties have a little lace inset on the side of the leg and a pink bow in front and look so sexy.

  18. Linda 3 years ago

    I have a variety of styles and colors. I wear what coordinates with the dress I chose for the day. Most have a touch of lace and pretty little bows. I find thongs uncomfortable and full cover “Granny Pantie” plain and not feminine.

  19. F 3 years ago

    Nice article. Yes I have them all. But boy leg with black lace infiltrate on sides are great. And high cut. Are soooo. Smooth. Cheers. Fiona

  20. Wendy 3 years ago

    You are so right. For me the high cut show your legs off nicely and provide sufficient support for that extra bit of appendage we have to carry around. I have been wearing them for almost 15 years and find them the most comfortable style.
    Love – Wendy

  21. Jamie 3 years ago

    Love my hi leg panties they make me feel very fem,boy shorts with jeans tho

  22. Diana Whitney 3 years ago

    Personally, I love thong panties and have worn only thongs for years now. I find them to be both comfortable and sexy. I do not care about concealment. I just let my bulge show.

  23. Leeann 3 years ago

    Victoria Secrets cotton panties really fit comfortably. Covers everything great.

  24. Kendra Volt 3 years ago

    Interesting Article

  25. male-Roger. Payne,feminine-RACHEL AMANDA. ROGERS 3 years ago

    Always worn hi-cut,high leg tight fitting,to hold mconseal tiny cock and one tes,completely out of sight from everyone.

  26. Joann 3 years ago

    It is hard to find any cloths to fit when you are 300 lb

  27. Dolly 3 years ago

    I am just beginning my crossdressing journey so I found this article to be extremely helpful. Thank you. Dolly

  28. Susi Blondell 3 years ago

    I wear all kind of panties under my male clothes. But what I most like and enjoy wearing is the g-strig. It arouses me every second of my day. I buy them at Victoria’s

  29. Destiny Michaels 2 years ago

    I will admit, some picture example would have been useful. I own a boyshort panty or two, but they certainly don’t look like how your description makes them sound! I suppose it’s possible that the store labeled them wrong, but my “boyshorts” probably provide the least coverage.

  30. Lima 2 years ago

    Thanks for the article. Its been hellpfull since i dont own any boy short yet. But ill buy some tomorrow.
    I use mostlly thong ang g string.

  31. James Crossdress 2 years ago

    Thanks for the information. I have worn 4 of the 5. The only one I haven’t worn is boy shorts. Never bought any, or felt the need. That’s why I have bought the other 4. I want to feel like a woman, and wear the sexy panties to help with that. Of the 4, I like the hip huggers best. You feel sexy in them, and you can wear them out and nobody knows you have them on.

  32. Adena 2 years ago

    I really enjoy boy short panties the most I think when I can actually find the right size and that fit really good. I did recently buy a bikini thong and its like 3X which is not that bad for me, I am a very big boned girl so I need large large clothes, lol.

    I also enjoy High Leg and High Cut Panties as well. I have a variety of panties that I wear daily that I enjoy.

  33. Jillian 2 years ago

    The only pantie I have worn since I began wearing panties at age nine (mother’s) are nylon full brief panties. I prefer Vanity Fair, all shades, but love pastels.


  34. christeen 2 years ago

    it is not the style it s what is functional and the right fit to your anatomy what works for me may not work for some one else so to start you have to experiment a little to figure your style it might be a thong or granny panties

  35. Jillian 2 years ago

    I enjoyed the information concerning different styles of panties very much. I’m 26 years of age and from my past comments on this subject, have worn panties almost my entire life. As I became older, my desire to become a women has of course increased. I have found that wearing panties is the center of my feelings concerning my femininity. I wonder why this is so, why not skirts, blouses, slips, bras. Perhaps this is just me, but I don’t think so. There are so many comments not just on this web site, but on many others dealing with the subject of transgender and cross dressing, about panties. I find when I wear panties, which is pretty much all the time, that I can feel my feminine feelings rising to the surface. I am reminded when fully dressed in my male clothing except for my panties, that through-out the day, my feelings of being feminine never leave me because of knowing I am wearing panties. The fit, the smoothness, and when I walk or move around, my panties seem to hug me. Just to prove to myself it is as I thought, I dressed fully, skirt, blouse, etc..all except I put on male underwear. I stayed dressed that way, and never once was I reminded that my feelings about myself were feminine. I removed my male underwear, put on panties and my feminine feelings came back strongly.

    I live by myself, so I can design my bedroom pretty much as I want, and as you might imagine, it is feminine in nature. I take care that my lingerie is sorted, panties and bras in one drawer, slips, garter belts, and other items of lingerie in another. I have placed little sac’s of sachet in each drawer .What I guess I’m trying to say is, I dress fully, but I cannot deny panties is the one item of fem clothing that really enhance my femininity. Does anyone feel this way? Comments.


    • Bethany Doney 2 years ago

      I’m with you Jillian although I have to say I like all types of panties except G’s and thongs I love there feel against my skin love the lace on the legs and love a little bow in the front I like soft colours and I guess that baby pink powder blue and aqua along with lilac are my favourite colours don’t get me wrong I like black, red and nude as well I tend to choose a colour that suits my mood that day this the makes me feel real sexy even though I’m not the best looking woman in the world LOL I do have all my lingerie sorted in my draw I always hand wash my lingerie and rinse in cold water with a nice fabric softener the come out smelling real nice

    • joannegordon 2 years ago

      Yes jillian the panties are very powerful. No more ugly male for this girl.

  36. Sophie 2 years ago

    I have to say that I disagree with about boy shorts; whenever I’ve tried them out they don’t hold me in well at all – probably due to generally thinner crotch areas and weaker elastic. I myself otherwise like a wide variety of panties and have recently grown into high leg types. Thongs are generally my favorite. It’s my experience that good fitting panties have good snug elastic on both the legs and the waistband to keep everything in place.

  37. Jaye Dee 2 years ago

    I’ve tried the “boy shorts” and they are ok but for me I perfer the Vanity Fair full coverage style. They have light control and fit me very well. I also have bought and have used the Rago high waist style. This decreases my waistline a bit and gives the illusion of larger hips.

  38. Steve quiriconi 2 years ago

    I love panties and is all I own…. I own a variety from hipsters to g-strings. I would never go back

  39. JENNIFER 2 years ago

    I always prefer wear Classic, High-Waist Nylon Full Brief Panties, like girls & women wore in the 1950’s, when I was born.

  40. Acsde 2 years ago

    I enjoyed to wear dresses other than t shirt to feel as a woman.

  41. Patty Phose 2 years ago

    High Leg/High Cut worn over sheer to waist pantyhose.

  42. Bethany Doney 2 years ago

    I love this site so many good comments

  43. Michelle 2 years ago

    I like the full brief style and also high cut. I have some vintage Hanna, Dixie Belle panties which are very comfortable. I have also recently bought some microfibre panties and they are extremely soft but don’t hold my tuck very well.

  44. Noah Andrews 1 year ago

    Since I never go out dressed externally, I like to feel my panties on my skin and be aware that I am wearing them under a suit or jeans (not uncomfortable though). Recently, I have really been into cheekinis, especially ruched. The front provides enough coverate and some have wide enough gussets for everyone to feel supported and the back cuts across my cheeks nice and tight so I can feel it when I move and the ruching adds a touch of a wedgie without discomfort. If I wore tight slacks and didn’t have a wallet in the back pocket, I’m sure I would be showing some VPL, but so comfortable and make me feel beautiful all day long as every time I walk I am reminded of wearing them.

    • PaulaPlaytex 2 weeks ago


  45. Sonia Reynolds 10 months ago

    As I mainly, who’m I kidding, Only wear panties to please myself, I have been very happy with a full high waisted style. I do however like the feel and look of the high cut leg.
    I have started to explore the many styles of ladies panties and undergarments in general with s view to making my own. I shall keep all those of you who may be interested in how I get on, with regular updates. Not to mention ask you for your advice from time to time. x

  46. Veronica Raines 5 months ago

    Very good information, and well explained.

  47. Stephanny 4 months ago

    I had to laugh because in my life I took my hormone treatment for nearly twenty five years and now I can wear thong panties with ease. Just because I have very little to have to hide anymore and I love being able to wear all my daisy duke shorts that drive the boys wild!

  48. Lindsey Re 4 months ago

    For me its not panties exactly but a high cut bikini bottom, i like how it feels along with the top

  49. Helen Dale 4 months ago

    What about brazilian briefs? (We call them knickers in the UK). They’re my favourite knickers. Does anyone else wear them?

  50. Christafaye Turner 4 weeks ago

    Me im a crossdressing male i love cheeky panties and boyshort panties and right along with the same color cami im a flamboyant feminine male that is bisexual and when im dressed in the panties and bra and cami’s and i love how i fill thanks

  51. Christafaye Turner 3 weeks ago

    I love the boy shorts panties and the cheeky panties and the cami with the shelf bra in them and padded bra’s and eye liner i might be a so called redneck but down deep im a feminine flamboyant sissy boy that loves to feel girly and wants to experience the gurly side inside me i would love to have a gurly night where the girls dress me up and make me fill like the girl i should have been……

  52. PaulaPlaytex 3 weeks ago

    I am a “BIG GIRL”, size 14 panties and 11X Girdle. Bras are my most important girl item to wear !!! I wear a 46B/C/D Cup Bra depending on my “GIRL MOOD”. You can tell by my name that Playtex Bras are my favorite !!!

  53. Katrina Mist 1 day ago

    Hi… is there a size chart that translates my male size to a female size?

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