What do you do to help your crossdressing?

Your typical male crossdresser will occasionally wear woman's clothes. Perhaps a single article of clothing, such as pantyhose or a bra. Or perhaps he'll go all out and get dressed up, even wearing makeup and a wig. Some of us go to the next level in our quest to...

Pass as a genetic woman

I felt I had to write that in large font. In my mind I hear those words echoing like the booming voice of a fake god on a cheesy television show. As if passing is a judgement we must face, a test we must pass or face the crossdressing shame of ridicule.

Okay, enough melodrama for one post. I was thinking about some woman who go further, perhaps permanently or semi-permanently altering their appearance. To put forth a more convincing feminine appearance, or perhaps to feel the luscious covering of feminine silkiness throughout the day.

Personally, I have pierced my ears, and have had laser hair removal on my face and most of my body. I used to wear my hair long, before my wife lovingly convinced me that she preferred to see me as a man every once in a while :) Same story with my nails, though to tell you the truth once they got much longer than a quarter inch it became tough to do everything things as easily. I get my eyebrows waxed on a fairly regular basis in a high arching feminine style, and make sure to moisturize regularly.

That's a few of the things I do to go 'above and beyond'. I don't take hormones, which would probably help my femininity even more. I try to incorporate feminine movement and voice tips, such as those in this crossdressing how to, though I'm not as diligent as I could be.

What permanent or semi-permanent changes have you made to your body, voice or mannerisms to appear more feminine?

Which change were you most apprehensive about?


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  1. Rita 30 December, 2011 at 04:38 Reply

    Hi, I have an addiction to wear women’s clothes for as long as I can remember, I am now in my 30’s and married. Here is a brief description of my life, apologies if it is a little too details but it’s as it happened.
    I started off wearing my sister and mums clothes to fulfil my fantasies. Always ending up ejaculating into a nylon stocking, then stripping off after ejaculating because I felt ashamed and disgusted!
    Then When I went to college I moved away from home and started to buy my own stilettos, nylons, skirts etc especially pencil skirts, again each time ending up cuming and the same shame to follow.
    Later when I got a job I moved again but this time as luck would have it I moved into a house with 4 female house mates.
    At work I was in an office with 7 women so now I was always in the company of wemen all of the time. This also took its toll as it drove me further into my feminine side. To the point I began going for late night secret walks to near by estates all dressed up in heel skirts ect but not tarty just classy look. At the start I wore make up and a wig but later I got more brave I left the wig at home. Then arrived back at the house and climaxed, but in this case I developed a full on fetish ejaculate into each of my house mates shoes and and boots only stilettos in each case :-(. Between the four of then the had 157 pairs of stilettos boots, shoes and sandals. I am totally ashamed to say that I actually deposited into both lefts and rights of each in the time frame of just under 6 months.. I used to get do turned on when I would see them going out at night wearing the shoes the I came into, yea sick and perverted and I am so ashamed of that!
    I was dress size 14-16 and the four of them were 10-12 so I lost weight so I could wear their clothes, then I began to wear their clothes for my late night walks. On my return I would again get relief followed by the shame, disgust , regret and sorrow. Unfortunately as time went on the anti climax feeling began to last for shorter periods of time.
    Then I decided there maybe a way to ditch this addiction, I decided if I was to cum it had to be during my late nights walks and I had to be a minimum of 1/2mmile from the house. So my next walk I popped one of the girls stilettos into my handbag and headed off. At the turning point of my walk almost a mile from the house I found a nice quiet corner I descretly took out the shoe and began I was sooooo turned on just a few strokes I experienced the most intense orgasm ever my legs went weak my head went so light.
    Then the reality hit me s@&t I was so far from the house and dressed like this!! I began the walk of shame I was do disgusted! After that each time I had to cum this is what I made myself do, needless to say in the next year and a half I didnt cum very often.
    I returned home but 6 weeks before then i dedicated a night to each of the girls clothes tried on loads of different outfits, shoes, skirts, nylons, lingire, tops the works, but I took loads of photos with their own cameras, even photos of me depositing in their shoes. I also to a photo of a note the basically said I was sooo sorry for invading their privacy, and that this is what I have done with their stuff over the past two years, and that my fate is in their hands to do what they wish with these photos as i had invaded their privacy.
    Then left the cameras back where I got them, at the end of the 6 weeks I heard nothing so I deleted the photos, but if they ever deleted one of their own photos by mistake and use recovery software the will also find mine.
    I miss wearing their clothes I really do need help!

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