What do you do to help your crossdressing?

Your typical male crossdresser will occasionally wear woman’s clothes. Perhaps a single article of clothing, such as pantyhose or a bra. Or perhaps he’ll go all out and get dressed up, even wearing makeup and a wig. Some of us go to the next level in our quest to…

Pass as a genetic woman

I felt I had to write that in large font. In my mind I hear those words echoing like the booming voice of a fake god on a cheesy television show. As if passing is a judgement we must face, a test we must pass or face the crossdressing shame of ridicule.

Okay, enough melodrama for one post. I was thinking about some woman who go further, perhaps permanently or semi-permanently altering their appearance. To put forth a more convincing feminine appearance, or perhaps to feel the luscious covering of feminine silkiness throughout the day.

Personally, I have pierced my ears, and have had laser hair removal on my face and most of my body. I used to wear my hair long, before my wife lovingly convinced me that she preferred to see me as a man every once in a while 🙂 Same story with my nails, though to tell you the truth once they got much longer than a quarter inch it became tough to do everything things as easily. I get my eyebrows waxed on a fairly regular basis in a high arching feminine style, and make sure to moisturize regularly.

That’s a few of the things I do to go ‘above and beyond’. I don’t take hormones, which would probably help my femininity even more. I try to incorporate feminine movement and voice tips, such as those in this crossdressing how to, though I’m not as diligent as I could be.

What permanent or semi-permanent changes have you made to your body, voice or mannerisms to appear more feminine?

Which change were you most apprehensive about?

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  1. jamme mac 2 years ago

    Wearing women’s clothes to me has a multiple affect on me, 1; it just feels good, 2; Yes, there is a sexual factor, enough said! and 3; I am a big male 6″ 250#’s, in society I am supposed to be strong and tough. Wearing woman’s clothes gives me a safe option to shed, that ‘Superman’ image and be the softer being I have in me. I have dated after my divorce (my cross dressing was not the cause, even though my wife knew) and had found only 1 woman who was ‘Ok’ with it but not really (Over the conflicted years I like many have ‘purged’ many times, I have not done this in 20 years, now) she was upset that I had more clothes than she did!, So, that being said, there are many reasons for men to cross dress, good or bad, complicated or not. It seems to boil down to most genetic women still want that ‘Superman’ ideal, yet he’s still there under feminine clothes, maybe born in the wrong body, maybe not. it’s still hard to find a understanding woman.

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