You're not the only one embarrassed by your crossdressing

Life is a wonderful journey of discovery and marriage is a path along this journey. One where you get to learn more about yourself than just about any other time in life. Being transgendered is another path along that journey, one that is often times marred with the shame of crossdressing and the embarrassment of wearing women’s clothes.

I’ve spent most of my life coming to terms with my my desire to wear a bra and stockings, to dress and express myself as a woman. I’ve been through the shame of crossdressing, religious zeal for “righteousness”, purges where I’ve said ‘Never again!’. I’ve also been through times of delight, transgendered indulgence and a feeling of wholeness. Through this experience I’ve learned to accept myself, and most of the time to overcome the shame and embarrassment of being a crossdresser – to live my life regardless of what society thinks.

But I recently made a fairly big mistake. Like a buffoon I overlooked my wife’s feelings – I forgot that she is also embarrassed by my crossdressing. While I’ve had many years to learn to overcome the stares and snickers – my wife is new at this. While I’ve had to overcome my crossdressing shame to live as who I am inside, my wife is doing it out of love for someone else.

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The other day while we were out I was happy to indulge my crossdressing urges. We’d spoken about the plans for the trip before we left, and while we were out it didn’t occur to me that she would feel embarrassed as people watched me learn how to apply makeup.

One thing every husband knows (or should know!) is that when your wife says nothing is wrong, you better believe there is something wrong. It took a while for me to find out just how embarrassed she was, but when I finally did, lets just say that she “let me know in no uncertain terms”.

In my eagerness to shield myself from the stares and snickers of others, I had accidentally shielded myself from the fears and concerns of someone I love dearly. I had focused on my wife’s support and encouragement, and forgotten that she has fears and concerns that are equally as valid.

I think there are two things I would do differently next time. Firstly I would make sure to pay attention to the subtle (and not to subtle) cues my wife sends me about how she’s feeling. A few minutes of crossdressing bliss is not as important as caring about your wife’s feelings – and showing her by doing things differently. Secondly I would ask her if there are certain things she’d rather I do alone. It’s tempting to spend every waking moment with your spouse, but there are certain things that are better experienced separate from each other.

Honey, I’m sorry for not considering your feelings. I love you.

P.S. Don’t make mistakes in crossdressing that could hurt your loved ones. Read My Husband Betty by Helen Boyd, or My Husband Wears My Clothes by Peggy Rudd.

EDITOR NOTE: Crossdresser Heaven has a program exclusively for Significant Others. You’ll be able to discuss issues in private with other SOs. Explore our Significant Other Program and contact JaneS if you are interested or would like further information. We would love to welcome you.

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Thank you for sharing …I see a part of my femme journey here..

Well this is probably one of the biggest fears I have. My first wife never understood and really hurt me in the process (I lost my job, my kids, had to live out of my car, and the other crap associated with the divorce). As time passed I found myself really enjoying my closet dwelling as a CD. When I met my now current wife, I really thought about telling her and came close a few times. It was and still is very hard to do. As close as we are, she has lived such a conservative and sheltered life,… Read more »

This is an old post, but thought I’d reply anyway. I’m the CD in a relationship with a woman very similar to you. Fortunately, I push myself twice as hard as I need to (so I’ve been told) to be the best possible father to my kids and partner to my spouse. I buy lots of nice cloths for myself and always try to keep it fair as I get her as much stuff for her as I can so she can dress up too. Although, just today I did find 6 panties for me and only 2 for her but next… Read more »
Harry CD

Dear Vanessa, Introduce myself, I am 40 years old, 2 years, I dare to appear on the site crossdresser. Since the age of 10 years I’ve liked using women’s clothing. But the family, environment and culture in my country, not support for it. shortly, I am a crossdresser who are stuck for a long time. Now like a bird flying, I am free in cyberspace, and it turns out, I’m not alone. Although I do not dare show my face, sorry for that honestly from the heart most deeply, I would like to use makeup and fake hair, how should… Read more »
Joanne Watters

My best embarrassing time was three years after my wife divorced me for practically living as Joanne, my boyfriend & I went to the mall, I was shopping for a new dress, as we walked along the dress shops holding hands, I just happened to see my ex wife & mother in law sitting at the food court. I asked Bill to just tag along but when we leave their table to give me a hot kiss, Bill agreed. We walked over to their table & I said, Diane ? is that you ? it’s me, Joe, well at least… Read more »

Rozalyne Richards
Active Member

Hi Vanessa I’ve not been on this site for very long but I’m glad I’ve found it there are some very nice people on here who understand where we are coming from and where we would like to be in the future, I’ve not yet come out to my wife it is one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to face up to in my life, i think I’m just scared of what would happen if i was to tell her about the fact I’ve been a cross-dresser nearly all our married life it’s been hard trying to… Read more »

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