It is comforting to know that we are not alone in our desire, this need to feel or present as feminine.  Whether it is occasionally, regularly, fully, or partially. For some, their fem persona is the opposite of their male persona. For others such as myself, the only difference is in what I am willing to talk about. I am a shy, introverted male, and I’m still a shy introvert wearing a cute dress.

Many of you are like me and have searched the internet for advice and success stories. One of the more frustrating parts; we will find stories that support every desired outcome. You will find the ones with a very supportive spouse, family, and friends. You will find many more with angry, hurt, and confused spouse, family, and friends.

I have told a few people in my life.  One friend (female) who I actually saw. One female friend who is just an online acquaintance. They were both positive about it. The one even gave me several articles of clothing. When my wardrobe outgrew the bags it was in, I told my mom. Mostly because she had used my spare room for storage, and I did not want her stumbling on my collection. It went about as expected. She wasn’t happy about it, but it hasn’t changed our relationship.

Exceptional Voice

I have told some women whom I wanted to date. The first one was a long-distance relationship. She saw some pictures. She also seemed supportive. Another I told on our first meeting. It turned out her uncle is a CD. We never met again. The last person I dated I told before we met in person. I did my best to let her decide when she wanted to see any pictures or ask any questions.

It went fairly well. One night she did my makeup. A few weeks later we went to see “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”  It was all good, or so I thought. I’m probably like a lot of you in that my desire bounces back and forth between strong and weak. Sometimes, I can go months without dressing. Sometimes, it’s all weekend long as time permits. After the outing, I was in a strong desire mood, and I think pushed it too far. I don’t think that was the only reason for the relationship ending, but it did not help anything.

A few months ago, I had some phone dates with a woman since Covid-19 had everything shut down. I told her and it was a flat-out deal breaker for her. When, if, and how to tell is a difficult decision. What we want today can be completely different than what we want even a month from now, much less years or decades from now. Of course, there are the other factors of being able to pass, our attitude, and to what degree we strive to achieve.

One of the main keys is to first know ourselves. Why we do this. What we hope to get out of it. The other thing is trying to put ourselves in another’s shoes. The chances are she is attracted to masculinity, just as we are to femininity. She is not going to be happy to see her man all dolled up. There might also be and insecurity that she isn’t the pretty one.

How would you feel if you came home and the beautiful woman you fell in love with had her head shaved, a beard, and was doing everything possible to appear masculine? There’s nothing wrong with that either, but we need to be honest with ourselves and consider how it would feel. Would we be turned off?  Would we feel hurt that she kept that hidden? Would we be concerned that she wanted to change everything about her life? There is no right, wrong, or even consistent answers.

First, we need to truly know ourselves. Second, we need to seek to be around others that we can fit with. If you are already paired with someone, you must decide which you want more and what are you willing to give up getting it. The only thing that seems consistent is that building a relationship on lies or hopes that she will change do not often work out well. All we can do is hope for the best and seek our perfect fit.


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    I am a closet cd and OK with that. In some ways I want to tell everyone in my life, but then I have to think of how they would ever benefit from the knowledge. As of October 2020 I have had a few solo outings. They went fairly well. No one said anything, though I did get some interesting looks. Not sure if the mask requirements at the time helped or hurt the experience. In some ways it was good because it helped with anonymity. It hurt because I could not get a feel for their real reactions. I would like to do it more often.

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    Jamie Taal
    Active Member
    11 months ago

    Shannon, well said. I told my wife after being married 20 years out of guilt, fear of being caught and the hopeful desire to dress more. She took it “well” and we are still together. She has a general “don’t ask don’t tell policy” and I’m generally ok with that. It could have been much worse. I too remind myself frequently about your point that what if I came home to my beautiful wife all masculine and such what would I think and how would I accept it. I wouldn’t like it too much. In the recent past I would… Read more »

    Rozalyne Richards
    Active Member
    11 months ago

    Hi Shannon thanks for sharing your story with us x I’m a mature closeted cross-dresser I’ve been one on and off all my life, my biggest regret is that i never told my wife before we got married, i just wish i had the courage to tell her from the start, I’m still in the closet to her as I’m so afraid of the consequences of what she will do, we have been married for 48 years now and I’m sure she will think I’ve betrayed her by not telling her the truth, I’m not proud of myself for keeping… Read more »

    Rikki Edwards
    Active Member
    11 months ago

    Hi Shannon, Some very insightful thoughts you have put down. I am 61 and have been a closet CD since I first discovered the joy of wearing womens clothes. I did not tell my first wife until after we were married, and that did not go over well…Rikki was banished to the back of the closet until ultimately we divorced. I was up front with my current wife, told her when we became serious..she is not totally comfortable with seeing me dressed, but she if ok knowing that I must have my moments. The one thing I can say about… Read more »

    Angela Kearney
    Active Member
    11 months ago

    Shannon, wonderful article. I told my now wife on our first date. She accepts Angela as a part of the human she chose to spend the rest of her life with. Sometimes she is more accepting than others, but she knows she is part of me and that provides me with a clear foundation of truth in which to build our lives together. I think we all need to be honest with ourselves and the people who we value on our journey of discovery of our true selves. There is so much in this world which is fake, plastic, and… Read more »

    Active Member
    11 months ago

    Shannon…. That is an Awesome article. Well said!!! You are very brave telling your dates that you enjoy dressing up. However, if out in the open, you would be able to be ‘Shannon’ more often. It must be euphoric to have a GG apply your makeup… or at least, help. I would love for my SO to do my makeup for me… I’m 56 and have been married (to a GG) for 28 years. Although separated now, my SO doesn’t know that I dress up (fully). Just recently I’ve told her that I enjoy wearing panties for the comfort. Of… Read more »

    Janice Doe
    11 months ago

    Shannon thanks for sharing your experiences. I told my wife years ago and she absolutely hated the idea that I like to cross dress. I believe she knows I still dress from time to time and is okay with it as long as I do not talk about it with her nor bring up the subject. We have been married 38 years now and I have learned to dress when I can and make the most of that time I get to spend as Janice. I also thank you for adding the perspective about her dressing as a man. It… Read more »

    Marlie Shyly
    11 months ago

    Shannon, you have made many good points in your article. It’s not an easy thing to come out to new people, but there is a lot to be lost coming out after the relationship has begun. I am in that position and I wish I had been truthful in the beginning. As it stands, my wife has “caught” me a couple of times. Finding clothes or websites. When I try to talk about it, an argument ensues. I’m not willing to give up my family to be alone and miserable. I spent too much time like that. So Marlie lives… Read more »

    Active Member
    11 months ago

    Shannon thank you for posting your story. I am 71 and will be married 49 years next month. I told my wife after 10 years of marriage. She had found something which I could have explained away but I was tired of lying. I tried to stop for a few years and almost committed suicide. The keyword in my life is Balance. I have a large family and love them all. I get out enfemme 2 or 3 times a month. My wife wants nothing to do with my femme side. I love going out enfemme. I have many TG/CD/TS… Read more »

    Vanity Fair
    9 months ago

    I loved your article and can totally relate. I will never tell my wife that I crossdress, it would crush her and destroy our marriage. I will be contented to dress up in private and be girly when I have the opportunity. I do want to dress more, not less, and would love to dress with another crossdresser. I don’t consider myself to be a Cheater, or Gay, but if the opportunity to have girlie time with another crossdresser arose, I’m not sure I could restrain myself. Your very very pretty.

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