3 Transgender Makeup Secrets you won't learn at home!

A few days ago I did something I’ve never done before – I visited the makeup counter in our local mall for a makeup consultation. For many women getting a feminine makeup makeover is just another relaxing stop on a shopping trip. As many of my readers know, when a man gets a crossdressing makeup consultation different emotions are at play. Fear, anxiety and a good dose of self conscious doubt.


Transgender Makeup Secrets

Some of those emotions came into play when I first sat down (in guy mode) and began talking with my consultant. Normally it’s my wife who notices when people are looking at us, as my powers of observation seem limited to what’s directly in front of me. It was a small makeup store, and even I noticed that the whole room got quite and looked at me. Yikes! I might as well have worn a sign over my head:

Crossdresser Makeup Application in Progress

Then ten seconds later everyone went about the business of making themselves look fabulous. Perhaps they made a few comments about the transvestite sitting next to them, but noone said anything to me.

Don’t let the weight of society’s unease scare you off. If you go through with it you can learn, in person  these three

Transgender Makeup Secrets

I’m about to share with you now.

Before I go further it’s worth mentioning that there are many valuable resources on the Internet that can help you become proficient in makeup application – Thanks to regular reader and commenter Lynn who shared videojug.com as a great place to get makeup tips. Amazon is also a great place to find high quality mineral makeup at a reasonable price. This mineral makeup starter kit is perfect for crossdressers – you get two colors of foundation, brushes, finisher and bronzer (perfect for that sunkissed look!) as well as a load of other free goodies.

The first makeup secret I learnt is: Start applying foundation from the outside of your cheeks in. This allows you to control your coverage better, and helps you avoid dumping all your foundation on your cheek bones.

For the longest time I had started both my foundation and bronzer on my cheek bones. Usually I ended up struggling to cover an overly enthusiastic application – after all, I was trying for the “less clown, more well made up women look”.

The next crossdresser makeup tip is: apply bronzer as if you’re drawing a three on your face. Starting at your forehead, paint the brush down the side of your face and in to your cheeks, then curl down again to your jawline. If you’ve already got a well defined and muscular jawline you may not want to accentuate it futher, so just do the top half of the three.

Over the last few months I’ve become partial to lipgloss. It gives me a more fresh, young look, and it’s easier to apply than lipstick. The makeup consultant convinced me to give lipstick another try – especially for the subtle day time look. Her makeup tip is to apply lipstick with a small brush (slightly smaller than your concealer brush). This allows you to put the lipstick on more precisely – avoiding the need for lip liner.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these transgender makeup tips, please take a look around to learn some more crossdressing secrets.

P.S. Discover more makeup secrets and truly look your best!

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  1. I can read about this all day!! With luck , you have an RSS feed I’m able to sign up for. I’ve truly
    been browsing around the internet regarding articles with reference to crossdresser makeup.

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  2. kittybelle103108 says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. My child is just now beginning the work on applying makeup and choosing clothes, and I’m with her every step of the way. The one place I’ve hit a stumbling block is helping her with her makeup, because I was never a “girly girl” during MY teen years (she’s 19), and even now, in my 40’s, I rarely wear makeup. It’s tough enough to find tips about applying the right COLORS of makeup (since her coloring is different from mine), let alone finding the right ways to apply the makeup for her. I really want to take her to a store with a makeup counter for a consultation, but I also live in a rather conservative part of the country, so that makes it slightly more daunting. I feel better knowing there are others out there going through the same apprehension that she and I both have. Thank you again!!

  3. LeeLee says:

    Thanks for all of this information and thanks for taking the plunge at the makeup counter. It helps to know that such a step is not fatal! I really do appreciate all of the time you give to this blog and the encouragement you provide.

    Makeup secrets are learned as girls grow up. Trial and error over years refines the technique as do visits such as you have made for makeovers. CD’s don’t have that long term learning so everything like the books you’ve recommended and the tips you share are so very useful.

    Again, thanks for all you share!!

  4. Weirded Out says:


    I am a woman and for the record I wasn’t taught any tips or secrets on how to apply make-up nor was I encouraged to wear make so please don’t generalize and say that all girls know how to apply make-up or do their hair etc etc..

  5. Shakira says:

    Hi, i was on the queerboot 2009 in berlin. Great party.
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    It was the Michael Jackson performer called Melly or so.
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    I think the queerboot2009 vids are easy to find on the net.
    I´ve searched on the internet and i have found this bra i think.
    It is called transwonder (.de) and it´s a special bra for TG.
    Perhaps this might another good tip for all of us.
    Look at http://www.transwonder.de
    Regards Shakira

  6. Heather says:

    I wanted to comment on your foundation tip. It is very possible that if you are “struggling to cover an overly enthusiastic application” you may be either using the wrong shade or style of foundation for your skin. I cannot count the number of cross dressers who walk out the door wearing the wrong shade of foundation (usually too dark for their complexion). You actually want to choose a shade that is one or 2 notches lighter than your natural skin tone. I find that I need 2 shades of foundation, one for summer when I have a bit of a tan and one for winter when I do not. Also, many make the mistake of trying to cover beard shadow or other blemishes with foundation when its purpose is actually to even out skin tone. Cover stick is for covering stuff up.

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